Flag of Afghanistanan Rank: 5
Score: 78/100
2013 Rank: 3
Leader: President Hamid Karzai
Government: Islamic republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 35.6 million (thousands of Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism/Tribal antagonism

Christian Persecution in AfghanistanThe situation in the country remains unstable, and Islamic extremist groups continue to gain power. Christianity is still considered a ‘Western’ religion, and is seen as hostile to Afghan culture, society and Islam. Those who leave Islam are treated as apostates, and face huge pressures from family, society and local authorities. In September 2013, an Afghan MP called for the execution of converts to Christianity. There is no public church, even for ex-pats. Christian converts keep their faith secret, since any connection with Christianity is dangerous.


  • All Afghan Christians come from a Muslim background, and are at risk if their faith is discovered. Ask God to protect and encourage them.
  • The Taliban continues to threaten and attack Afghan citizens. Pray that their influence will diminish.
  • That the withdrawal of international forces in 2014 will not lead to a return to civil war.

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  • sam fox

    Thou oh Lord are a shield around me, your my glory, you’re the lifter of my head. Keep fighting for the one who is most worthy.

  • Karen Hosier

    Lord Jesus, bring encouragement, comfort and the reality of your presence to the believers in this country. Fill their spirits with your love and enable them to continue on.

  • Janice Kam

    Protect them father! ‘God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble… He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth; he breaks the bow and shatters the spear, he burns the shields with fire’(Ps 46:1,9)

  • Carla

    Lord Jesus, help them to be strong and courageous. Help them not to be terrified or discouraged. Remind them, by Your Holy Spirit within them, that you are with them wherever they go. (from Joshua 1:9)

  • Inderias Gill

    May God bless them and strengthen their faith, May the Holy spirit guide them to stay in love of God and may the Holy blood of our Lord Jesus protect them from enemies & worries so that they may live peaceful happy life.

  • Mary

    Lord Jesus, we pray for YOUR glory to be evident as you show yourself strong on behalf of those who trust in You. May Isaiah 54:17 be true for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan …
    no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.
    This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
    and this is their vindication from me,”
    declares the Lord.

  • Phillip

    LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, we know that You are above all, sovereign over all the earth. I lift up my brothers & sisters in Afghanistan to You in prayer. Strengthen them to be strong in You to be Your witnesses where there is so much darkness in the Land and open the hearts of those who persecute them. It is Your desire for all men to know You and in Your word that Your salvation will be extended to the end of the earth by faith in JESUS. Your word will be accomplished and endures forever. Help us to be faithful in standing alongside of our persecuted brothers & sisters. For Your praise, glory and honor. In JESUS name we pray, Amen

  • Caleb Miller

    Lord, oh God most high, keep the believers there strong and joyful. I pray that your Word would spread there and flourish. I pray that nothing would shake their faith. Let peace and stability abound there. In your name I pray, amen.

  • disqus_R0KKng9kEV

    Father God, I ask that you hold out your hands to all who are beings persecuted for believing in you and your Son, Jesus Christ, to protect them, keep them safe and may they know that you are with them, as are we who stand with them in prayer. Amen.

  • Royceanne Faggins

    Heavenly Father, I asked that you would give our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from Afghanistan continued strength and courage in their faith. May their bold witness in Christ soften the hearts around them that persecute them. Even through their suffering may they have a sense of peace that comes from the presence of God that is always around them. I ask these things through your son, Jesus. Amen

  • Victoria WAGNER

    Father God, Thank You for Your children who live in Afghanistan and who are bold in sharing Your Word. I pray for their safety and for a way to escape if need be. I also ask that peace and stability will prevail as international troops withdraw in 2013-14,that You, Father God would thwart Taliban attempts to target NGOs and relief organizations and that Christian radio and TV programs will strengthen isolated believers and bring the Gospel to this closed country. A house divided against itself cannot stand so I pray for Your Holy Spirit to sweep the land and spare the lives of believers and bring many lost sheep into Your pen where eternal life awaits. I praise You Lord and thank You for answering our prayers, in Jesus’ Name who is above all and is our foundation. AMEN.

  • Misty Sundbeck Gallahan

    Lord, I thank You for Your church and the believers in Afghanistan. I ask that peace and stability would come as troops are withdrawn from the country in the near future. I also ask that You would thwart attempts from the Taliban to undermine vital ministries in this country. I ask that You would use the opportunities for technology such as radio and TV to reach isolated believers and also more people will come to believe because of them. Lord, I ask that You would open up more opportunities for the Gospel to be spread in this country and give more freedom for Christians to worship together. I ask that You comfort and strengthen the believers of this country who have to be isolated due to lack of freedom to fellowship as Christians. Lord, let an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit fall across this land! Thank You for what you have done, what You are doing, and what You will do for the country of Afghanistan! In the Precious and Powerful Name of Jesus, Amen!!!!!!!

  • Brother Bruce O’Neill

    During the month of March about 80 Inmate Intercessors will be praying for our Christian brethren in Afghanistan.

  • M.E.

    Dear Lord, we loose blessings to repentance for salvation, that all generational curses, heritage,culture,family traditions, spiritual strongholds assigned against this country, land, its people, government, factions, be severed from them, that those spirits be sent to the feet of Jesus of Nazareth bound for judment, their assignments cancelled and cannot return, in the name of Jesus we loose ministering angels to set divine interventions through signs, visions, wonders/ dreams that will usher in protection to the people to see the light/ salvation of Jesus, shatter all spiritual darkness, fear,strongholds. Your angels will war against the evil strongholds and sever them, as you cause all things to triumph in Chris Jesus, freeing this nation to salvation, peace, restoration of broken hearts/souls, releasing of Your abundant living waters to overflowing in this barren wilderness, spiritual, physical, emotional protection,financial provision to all coming to Christ and/or in Christ. Wrap them/their families w/hedge of protection as Jesus followers, provide spiritual encouragement, fellowship. May we hear radical testimonies from the highest levels of government.We speak peace, safety in the time of troop withdrawal now/in the future no lives will be lost, safety/provision, medical aid those sharing the Gospel, You will make a way where there is no way, provide safe refuge/shelter under Your wings, as You battle/win the victory of souls captured/saved from the North,South,East,West, surrounding territories/boundaries in Jesus name we pray, and a raining down upon the land of the Peace that passes all understanding, and His grace to light the way, an ending of all killing and healing spoken over this blood stained land, no more innocent blood shed.Thank You Lord for hearing and answesring our prayers according to Your will and purposes, amen.

  • Jaclyn

    Father, thank you for giving us another day to walk on Your Earth. For designing us, making us alive, and for knowing all our intricate inner workings, both the darkness of our old selves, and the light of that new self, bright with heavenshine, renewed by Your Spirit, may we always be grateful.

    There is a heavy darkness, hanging like a fog, over Afghanistan. We know only a small shard of the story. The danger would be too great for our family there if the full tale was told. But You know every gruesome detail, and You grieve.

    You grieve better than those of us with hard hearts and overstuffed schedules. We have become slow hearers, lazy gazers, and have passed over our suffering family in Afghanistan. We love our comfort more than You, and more than the family You’ve gathered. Please forgive me and my family here in the USA for this offensive indifference.

    Now, please let Your glory shine brilliantly in Afghanistan, in whatever way you choose. I in my simple-thinking mind request comfort for Christians in pain and loneliness. Yet I know, because of the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus, that my family in Afghanistan may desire more that we pray strength, peace and love for them. You told us to consider trials joyful, a chance to know Jesus and share in his sufferings. I would not ask my family be robbed of that honor, that gift, any more than I would ask it be requested on my behalf. Instead, let your glory shine, whether it be in comfort or pain. Let my family in Afghanistan know You, and protect them from all evil. Give them the satisfaction of knowing their good works are not in vain.

    Also, please extend your hand of mercy to unbelieving people in Afghanistan. I know You would desire everyone to come to know You, but again, I do not know your ways. Please plant your seeds of Truth deep in the hearts of Afghanistan leaders and families. Let them know there is a God who lives.

    Please provide for my family in every way, help us all to be grateful, and to forgive. We can never forgive beyond the forgiveness God, the infinitely rich, good King, granted us.

    This world is Yours. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. The flowers deep in this winter earth sing your name, as does my soul while you cultivate in me true Spiritual fruit.

    Let You grace extend and abound everywhere, especially Afghanistan, tonight. On the authority of Jesus I’ve scribbled my prayer~ Amen.

  • Noela

    Lord protect your children and show the persecutors that you are Lord.

  • Pastor Anna

    Dear Lord, I speak peace and stability into the Nation of Afghanistan and into the families of this Nation. Lord in the name of Jesus, I bind the forces of darkness assigned to come against the intercessors of this land, I bind the spirit that is set up to steal their zeal and fervency for pray. I speak into their lives, endurance, committment and faithfulness that they will take their positions on the walls and never come down. I call forth christian radio and tv programs that will strengthen the believers, causing their faith in God to be renewed once again. I speak life, peace, prosperity and open doors for the Christian body to take the Gospel throughout their Nation, converting many, in Jesus mighty name, amen!!

  • Amy

    Lord, I pray this morning for the nation of Afghanistan. I pray that You would maintain peace and stability in that region, especially now that international troops are starting to withdraw. Please allow for order to be maintained for the safety and protection of the people there. I pray especially for the believers in the region who are facing extreme pressure. I pray that You would protect them and give them divine wisdom in when to speak, when to meet, what to say, etc. I also ask that You would protect them from isolation – whether that is connecting them with other believers or sending angels to be their companions. They just need other people.
    I also pray right now against the rise of the Taliban. I pray that this group would not gain power over the country and would ESPECIALLY not gain power over any type of NGO or relief organization that is helping the people. Please continue to allow needed supplies to reach those who are in need despite whatever political turmoil is going on.
    Finally, I pray for the Christian radio and TV programs that are accessible in this nation. I ask that they would be used mightily by You to bring conviction of sin, to draw people to Yourself, to comfort and encourage believers – especially those who are isolated – and to grow them in their faith. I pray that those programs would NOT be shut down no matter what others try to do.

    Please also help Said Musa and the man from the video. They are in need of intervention from you – they are in need of comfort and wisdom and divine help in acclimating to their circumstances. Please help, Lord.

    I also pray for CM and NM in Afghanistan who are spreading Your message there – protect them and give them special wisdom in every decision that they need to make. Keep them strong in You and help others to pray and support them by Your leading. Help them to reach even more people this year for You in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Angela Wong

    if God allows Mohammad to srart Islam, God must have His will. No need for worry. If God allows Islam to expand their religious territory into Christian one by force.Let it be, anyway, we nowaday Christians will not fight back by force but just pray and flee.

  • Lydia

    Lord, please keep my father in Your hands as he prepares to go into Afghanistan as a military chaplain and bring light to such a dark place. I know that this is Your will, but please help me to understand this more clearly. Help me to not be selfish and to be willing to share my dad with those who need his wisdom and loving heart more than I do. In Your holy name I pray, Amen.

  • Bryson

    Lord of all creation, I ask you to heal this land. Please strengthen the believers in this nation that they would trust in the strength that your spirit provides them with daily. Please help them to encourage one another daily that they might have the strongest of fellowships to battle the enemy and reach souls for you. That their light would shine bright in the darkness. Jesus, thank you for your love for me and for the Afghan people. In our rebellion, you have loved us the same. Please send people to this country and help them to trust in your call and provision. I love you Jesus. I want these people to know your love and be restored to the relationship with God that the cross won for them. In your holy and beautiful name. Amen!

  • Berecha

    Lord, I also pray for Christians in Afghanistan. I ask you to send angles around them and protect them. Please send the Spirit so that they will be able to stand strong in Jesus and to proclaim the gospel with boldness. God, I also pray that you will open the eyes of Muslim people and let them know how much you love them. I pray this in your name Amen.

  • Ernest Zenone

    Lord, I pray that thy Word may have free course and be glorified throughout Afghanistan. Please raise up a stable government that will grant freedom of worship and assembly for your people. Grant the release of those who are imprisoned. May the gospel reach many Muslims in this land through Christian radio and TV programs. Protect Bibles and Christian literature that can enter from exposure to those who seek to stop this distribution. May this land come under the rule of Christ and I pray for the complete defeat of Islam in this country. I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  • Jenn

    Father, Afghanistan is a hurting nation. More than anything, the Afghan people need You. Strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters working there already. Remind them that it’s worth the pain, and that they’re not alone. When they feel weak, be their strength. When they feel frustrated, be their constant hope. Thank you for the church of Afghan believers that is growing in New Delhi, India. But I pray that you would build up a mighty church in Afghanistan itself. Lord, unite the believers there to form one effective body of believers, acting out of love and compassion.

  • Phillip Peters

    Most graious ang loving Heavenly Father we come before you to pray for these persecuted brothers and sisters to ake you for your headge of protection over them. To make them strong and corageous knowing that you words said that if any of us want to live Godly in Christ Jesus we will suffer persecution, i praise these men and woman for there. stand knowing that your love concords everything, Father encourage them to know thst Jedus said that you will never leave them nor forsakre them, I pray for their persecutors also that their eyes will be open to the truth that they will see Jesus throuhg them. Father let these persecuted christians know that they are loved and being prayed for, all this I ask in Jesus name.

  • Lori Deen

    Lord, you are the source of all peace. May those who feel alone know your peace in the midst of pain and fear. I pray for the leaders of this nation to see truth. May all believers cling to the truth that God is in control and He will win! May they feel the presence of their Father each day as they are on their journey and He sees them and knows them individually. He loves them so much !!!

  • Paul Montoya

    “But the salvation of the righteous is of the LORD :HE is their strength in time of trouble. And the LORD shall help them, and deliver them : HE shall deliver them from the wicked, And save them, because they trust in HIM.” Psalm 37:39&40. Father, in JESUS Holy, Mighty, and Loving Name, may Your words in this Psalm be our prayer for our brother’s and sister’s in Afghanistan. May these words come to life and our prayers be answered. Save Your people in Afghanistan now LORD. Nevertheless, let Thy will be done, and not man’s. Comfort my brethren with Your Holy Spirit and give them inner joy and Your Peace that passes all understanding. In JESUS Name, Amen

  • Jason

    Thank you God for this disqus Facebook interface I pray that you would draw more people to this so that more people pray and so that your healing would flow all the more to these hurting war torn christians in Afghanistan and around the world.

  • Ashley Herrera

    Father thank you for my brother and sisters in Christ in Afghanistan. I pray that their underground church will grow stronger and their trust Lord. I pray that new believers abd exsisting believers find each other abd support. I ask that you please keep them and their families safe. Father thank you for sending your only Son Jesus to fire fir us and our sons. Help us grow in our faith, in Jesus Holy name I pray, Amen.

  • Andrew

    Papa, I pray that the Aghan believers would know and be comforted by Your great love for them thru any hardships. I pray they would know, see, and hear you more and more clearly every day. I pray that you would send people to this country to encourage and teach the believers. And I pray for unity amongst the believers in this find others’ that they can fellowship with! Thank you Papa that you hear and care and have a swift answer!

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of Afghanistan. I am thankful that I can support my Afghani brothers and sisters in prayer and for the opportunity to partner with You in doing great things in this nation.
    I pray for all of the believers right now in Afghanistan who are forced to hide their faith and serve You in secret. I know that so many are isolated and do not have community. I pray that somehow You are able to unite the underground church and help them to grow and help them to connect believers with one another so that there can be fellowship and accountability. I pray that You would bring at least one person into every believer’s life that s/he can trust and have community with, in Jesus’ name.
    I pray for Your protection over every believer, especially those whose families are hostile towards them and want to kill them. Your plans are perfect and You know what Your will is for each believer – some to be martyred and some to be miraculously spared. But I pray your protection over each one – and I pray Your peace so that they are not living in constant, tangible fear – but in trust in You and Your ways. I pray that You would soften the hearts of the family members of those being saved so that they would lessen the persecution… and even be open to hearing the gospel themselves when they see the work that it has done in the lives of the saved.
    I also pray for the political/religious situation in Afghanistan that will happen when the American troops pull out in 2014. First I pray for stability in the nation and that rebel troops would not take over and take power. I pray that You would help a stable government to form and that that government would respect freedom of religion within Afghanistan. I ask that You would intervene so that religious freedom may continue, and that You would turn the heart of the king in Your hand so that Your plan for Afghanistan will continue to go forward.
    I pray that You would continue to use Christian radio and the internet to spread the gospel in Afghanistan. Thank You for all of the people who have either come to know You or at least had their curiosity piqued through the existence of media and Christian materials on the internet, etc. I pray that You would continue to fund these resources and that You would continue to use them to reach many.
    I pray especially this morning for the families of martyrs. I can’t imagine what that’s like. But I know that Your grace can be sufficient for each day, and I pray that You would absolutely pour out Your grace on those families… on those children… on those widows… that You would provide in amazing ways for them and comfort them in a way that only You can comfort. Please provide all of their needs that used to be met by their husbands – only You are able to do that and only You are able to keep these women and these families strong so that Your work does not suffer.
    Finally, I pray in Jesus’ name against the work of the Taliban, and I pray specifically that their influence would diminish. I pray that they would be disbanded and that their leaders and influencers would hear the gospel of Christ and become Saul-to-Pauls. I ask for Your strength and power to move against the Taliban and the evil that they are trying to achieve.
    Lastly, I pray for my friends C&N who are missionaries in Afghanistan. I pray for Your continued strength and provision for them as they serve You in extremely difficult conditions. I pray that relationships would continue to develop and that You would continue to raise their son and help them to raise him with wisdom and grace and anointing. I pray for every financial resource to be provided for them. I pray for an anointing on every word that is spoken during house meetings or one-on-one conversation between them and the locals. And I also pray that You would send someone [or someones!] to help them in the work and labor that they do in Afghanistan. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name, amen!

  • daleetaylor

    Lord Jesus I am not worthy to be called your child but your amazing grace has saved a wretch like me. It is because of your love that anyone is saved. I worship You and love You because you first loved me. PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME JESUS

  • Family4Christ

    Praying for Afghanistan today 10/20/2014

  • Human

    I’m a Muslim Afghan. I am so fed up with the religious discrimination against Christian minority in my country.
    The solution, however, is NOT campaigning against Muslims, trust me. That would be just illogical if you realize that It mainly comes from a bunch of turban-headed extremists.

    We should rather try to devise longer term plans by educating human rights advocates/lawyers to work for freedom of religion in Islamic countries. That way, we won’t have to hear discrimination stories every once in a while.As a native, that is the only solution I can see.

    May God protect all the victim minorities around the world. Amen!