Flag of Azerbaijan Rank:
Score: /100
2013 Rank: 38
Leader: President Ilham Aliyev
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 9.4 million (126,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: n/a

Christian Persecution in AzerbaijanThe majority of the population is Muslim and Christianity is associated with the country’s arch-enemy, Armenia. Azerbaijan is officially a secular state and the government is negative towards any kind of religion. The Committee on Religious Affairs controls almost everything. It is illegal for churches to meet if they are not registered, yet registration is almost impossible. In 2012, there were raids on persecuted Christian homes and churches. The Greater Grace Protestant Church was even liquidated in April 2012 with no formal justification.


  • For Muslim converts in rural areas who face the most pressure; Islamic influence is growing in Azerbaijan
  • For the many Christians who are unable to find or keep jobs and are watched closely by the secret services
  • For pastors and church leaders being monitored by the authorities.

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  • Dianna King

    I pray God’s will be done and that the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will abound in the hearts of all believers of the word. Amen

  • Lovely

    Abba I pray for this nation touch these your children help them to open their eyes and ears to see you and hear your call talk to the rulers in j n we pray amen .

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of Azerbaijan. I pray this morning especially for those who face intense pressure as a result of their conversion and their decision to follow You. I pray for MBBs who live in rural areas who may not have access to the resources of a city and who are more isolated than most… Lord, only You are able to provide their needs. They don’t have anyone but You some of the time and they are desperately in need of Your presence and Your comfort and Your provisions and direction. You see the growing influence of Islam, and I pray that even despite this You would still make paths straight for Your children. You alone know all of their needs and I simply pray that You would provide for each one.

    I pray for all believers who are being watched and followed and under surveillance. This is no way to live, but it is the way that they are being forced to live. They desperately need divine wisdom and guidance, along with Your provision. So many of them cannot find/keep jobs and they need for You to intervene in their financial situations. You promised to provide for our every need, and I claim that promise over every believer who has to operate in secret. I also pray specifically for pastors and church leaders who are in the spotlight more than ever. Please give them special grace today to be able to endure this difficulty, to provide for their families, to lead their congregations and provide spiritual leadership for them and to make wise decisions concerning their churches and their own lives. Do something great in Azerbaijan, Lord! In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Ernest Zenone

    Father, I ask for you to raise up a stable government in Azerbaijan that will allow complete freedom for your people to worship and share the gospel. May you save the authorities in the secret service so that instead of suppressing your people, they come to faith in Christ! May you provide secret means to distribute Bibles and Christian literature to your people in this land. Defeat Islam and grant that the love of Jesus will be evident in your people to the Muslim people and authorities in Azerbaijan. I pray in Jesus Name. Amen