Flag of Bahrain Rank: 41
Score: 48/100
2013 Rank: 35
Leader: King Sheikh Hamad
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Main Religion: 1.4 million (65,000 Christians)
Population: 1.4 million (65,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Totalitarian paranoia

Christian Persecution in BahrainThe Bahraini constitution declares that the religion of the State is Islam, and Sharia (Islamic law) is a principal source for legislation. This mainly Shia-Islamic country is quite tolerant in general because of its international position in banking and trade. A considerable number of expatriate Christians (mainly from South Asia) work and live in Bahrain, and are relatively free to practice their faith in private places of worship, but proselytizing Muslims is illegal. Christian converts from a Muslim background (MBBs) are under considerably more pressure than the few historical Christian communities and expat communities. Traditionally, society is not tolerant towards converts from Islam to other religious groups. Pressure is highest in the private, family and community spheres for MBBs, though government also imposes restrictions on national and church life.


  • For MBBs who are still considered Muslims by the state. Pray for them to be able to grow in their faith in spite of the restrictions they face.
  • Proselytizing Muslims is illegal. Pray for Christians to find ways to share the gospel.
  • Many converts face persecution from family members. Pray for them to stand strong.

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  • Amy

    Lord, this morning I come to You to lift up the nation of Bahrain. I pray for all of the believers in that nation firstly. I pray that they would see the dark land that they have been placed in, and that they would purpose themselves to be a light for You in that place as much as they are able to. I pray that You would grant them wisdom in who to speak to and who to pray for and where to go so that those who don’t know You and haven’t heard of You will have that opportunity. I pray that You would protect them from danger and harm as they go out and minister, and that again You would help them to make the most of every opportunity.
    I pray for the secret Mslm believers in the nation who are not able to publicly announce their conversion. That’s such a tough situation and only You are able to grant the wisdom needed for each person to let them know whether or not to share and with whom. For those who are truly not able to share publicly, I pray that You would provide for their every need and that You would bring comfort and fellowship by Your Holy Spirit since they are not able to fellowship with others. I pray that You would allow them to still be a light for You even if they cannot speak Your name directly to others.
    I pray for the distribution of Bibles in Bahrain – especially since it is not illegal to do so! I pray that those in the nation would prioritize the spread of Your Word and that they would get Bibles into the hands of as many people as possible. I pray that Arabic literature and Bibles would be widespread in this nation and that You would anoint the reading of Your Word so that those who do not know You would come to know You through that Word! I pray these things in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Sherry

    Lord, we do pray for wisdom, boldness, and protection for our Christian brothers and sisters in Bahrain and for courage for those whose conversion if secret. Please shine the light of the glorious Christ who is the image of God into Bahrain. I pray they would turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God. Please let the gospel have free reign in this country. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  • Aaron

    Lord, I pray that you would bring courage and boldness to your people who live in the country of Bahrain. Please protect them and their families from persecution and the pressure that their society puts on them. Provide for them ways to share the truth, the faith that You have given them, with those around them even though it is illegal to do so for them. Please open the hearts, minds, eyes, and ears of their neighbors that they would come to know the truth, Lord. But ultimately, Heavenly Father, I ask and pray that your will would be done in Bahrain. I’m calling upon the Lord of Heaven and Earth, and declare that you are able to do far more than we could ever hope for and ask. Let your will be done, Jesus. In you holy Name I pray. Amen

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You today on behalf of the nation of Bahrain. Thank You for the privilege of being able to intercede for this country and to join in prayer with believers around the world this week to focus on this nation. First I think You that there are opportunities for believers to worship here, and that they do not have to remain completely secret. Thank You for the Christian community that does exist and for all that You have done to preserve Your name in this nation despite the opposition against it. I pray today especially for the MBBs who seem to have it the hardest. I pray for each of them – though I don’t know them by name, you do – and I pray that You would be their comfort and strength today. I pray that, although they may have been kicked out of their families, that You would give them a new family in the body of Christ and that You would allow the brothers and sisters in Bahrain to supply for those who are without because of their faith. I pray that they would be able to grow in their faith and that they would not be tempted to return to Islm or to leave… and I know that You will keep those who are truly Yours. I pray that each of them would find a community to live in and that they would be surrounded by those who will support them in their journey with You.
    I pray also that You would give wisdom and discernment to Christians so that they can think about ways to witness to Mslms, since this is illegal in Bahrain. I know that You desire that we keep the laws of the land, but only when they do not conflict with Your laws. Since You make it clear that we are to preach the gospel, this seems to be a law that must be disobeyed. However, since there are consequences to choosing to break this law, these believers are in need of serious wisdom to know what You would have them do. Help them to use creative methods not only so that they don’t end up taken out of “the game” but also so that those who hear their message will be able to respond to it and receive it. Creativity is absolutely needed!!
    I also pray that the believers who do experience some degree of freedom in this nation would not sit on it or only circle the wagons, but that they would be strong witnesses for You and would use their freedom to help others who don’t have the same.
    Finally, I pray for the government and the leadership of Bahrain – that those in power would firstly come to know You – but if they will not, that You would turn their hearts so that decisions would be made and laws would be passed that further Your plans in this nation. In Jesus’ name I ask all of this, amen.

  • Edith Kurie

    Lord I pray Your protection over the Bahraini Christians and all those in the area of the Levant who worship and praise You with their lives. I pray Your Holy Spirit will give them mighty poer to serve You in witnessing and that many Islamic and all other souls will be brought to the saving grace in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in His name, amen.