Flag of Bhutan Rank: 31
Score: 54/100
2013 Rank: 28
Leader: King Jigme Wangchuck
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Main Religion: Mahayana Buddhism
Population: 774,000 (20,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Religious militancy/Tribal antagonism

Christian Persecution in BhutanBuddhism continues to play a dominant role in Bhutan, especially in remote and rural areas. Christians in these regions can also be pressured into observing the rituals of the traditional animistic Bon belief. They are excluded from local decision-making, and urged to renounce their faith. In May 2013, a Christian was released from prison after three years for showing the Jesus film. Believers are able to meet in private homes regularly on Sundays without interference, but meetings continue to be monitored and disrupted.


  • For itinerant house fellowship leaders who have to arrange meetings without drawing attention to themselves.
  • Thank God that persecution in Bhutan never has been very violent, and it is rare for Christians to be beaten or physically harmed.
  • That encouraging signs of democracy would mean better treatment for Christians and religious minorities.

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  • Amy

    Lord, this morning I come to You to lift up the nation of Bhutan. While I don’t know very much about this country, I know that You intimately know every soul that lives there – and You are passionately in love with each one. So I pray for salvation for the people of Bhutan. I pray that more opportunities would come in order for the people of Bhutan to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ. I also ask for Your protection and guidance for the current believers in Bhutan. Thank You that the persecution is not as bad in this nation as it is in other nations – but I know that there is still trouble and it is still not easy to be a believer.
    I pray for a change in the attitude of the media towards believers. We know how powerful of a medium the media can be, and I pray that somehow there will be a shift in how Christianity is portrayed by this powerful source. I ask that the media would present Christianity in a way that would make people curious or drawn to finding out more about Jesus Christ. I ask that You would prevent negative media coverage from keeping people away from the gospel.
    I also pray for the leadership of the churches in Bhutan. I pray that You would continue to provide training for pastors and leaders, and that You would bring them to a place where they realize that only complete dependency on Your Spirit will allow them to be able to lead their people effectively. I ask that You would prevent false doctrine from infiltrating the church and that You would do whatever it takes to remove it. I pray that You would send skilled teachers and trainers into Bhutan to help provide additional education and instruction for church leaders and church workers.
    Finally, I pray for the recent change in government for Bhutan. Thank You that the government has become more “of the people” and less in the hands of one individual. I ask that You would leverage this change in government so that there would be more religious freedom in the country and so that Christians would be able to meet freely together and have fewer restrictions against them. Please move on the hearts of the new government leadership to be compassionate and sensitive towards Christians, and I ask for Your favor in this nation for Your people. I ask these things in Jesus’ name, amen.