Flag of Brunei Rank: 24
Score: 57/100
2013 Rank: 27
Leader: Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah
Government: Constitutional Sultanate
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 427,000 (41,300 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in Brunei

Islam governs all spheres of life in Brunei. The Sultan recently declared himself Prime Minister and President, and presents himself as the defender of the faith. Islamic law has been fully implemented since 2011. By decree, contact with Christians in other countries and the public celebration of Christmas is banned. Christian pastors and workers are considered ‘enemies’ and their activities are monitored by government spies and police. Changing religion on one’s identity card is impossible, and Muslim-background believers face hostility – even violence – from families, friends and neighbors.


  • It is difficult for church leaders to get access to good theological training. Ask the Lord to provide.
  • The printing and import of Christian materials is forbidden. Pray that Brunei will open up to God’s Word.
  • Islamic religious studies were made compulsory in all schools in January 2013. Ask God to strengthen the faith of Christian children and use them to spread the gospel.

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  • Lost City Adventures

    Before this list, I didn’t even know there existed a country named Brunei. I am carrying you in my prayers.

  • Amy

    Lord, I pray this morning for the country of Brunei and all of the believers that live in this nation. You see that they are living in a high level of fear and anxiety, and even though it’s understandable I know that fear is not what You desire for any believer. I know that You have the ability to give Your peace that goes beyond understanding… where it doesn’t even make sense… even in the face of death and discrimination and suffering. You are able to calm the fears of those believers and help them to put their complete trust and faith in You to provide for them and protect them according to Your will. I pray that You would grant each of them courage even despite their fears – that they would not waver in their commitments to You and that they would continue to stand strong in their faith.

    I pray that You would open new doors for seekers as well as believers to gain access to Your Word and for sound instruction. I ask that You would use the internet, radio, TV and any means necessary to provide people in Brunei with Bibles and other Christian literature. I know that You can make ways even when the government doesn’t permit a thing or even when it looks impossible… and I ask that You would do that even today so that Your people and those who are lost can have access to the power of Your Word.

    I pray over this decision that Islamic studies will now be taught in every school. Firstly I pray that You would somehow shield the hearts and minds of these children against teachings of hate. I ask that as these teachings are being taught, the children would feel empty and have a sense that real truth is still out there. I ask that they would not become indoctrinated and close off their hearts to any presentation of the gospel, no matter what is taught to them. I also pray that these children would have an opportunity to HEAR the gospel – that they would be able to hear about the unconditional love of God and salvation by grace and loving one’s enemies… alongside of the teachings of ‘earning’ salvation and good works and loving only those who obey. Help them to see that Christianity is the answer and that only Christianity can fill the void in their lives. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    • Barbara

      Thank you for posting such a wonderful prayer. Will be praying this daily.

  • Shinie Rajan

    Abba father placing this country into your hands you made all the people for your glory we belong only to lord father we pray for Brunei touch each one living there touch their ruler lord give him wisdom and understanding open his eyes to the truth touch him lord visit him with your salvation lord let there be light in the mighty name of the living god who came to save us I humbly request you father to hear the prayers we offer unitedly for this great country you created amen .

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