Flag of China Rank: 37
Score: 51/100
2013 Rank: 37
Leader: President Xi Jinping
Government: Socialism
Main Religion: Atheism
Population: 1.36 billion (85 million Christians)
Source of persecution: Communist oppression/Organized corruption

Christian Persecution in ChinaThe Communist government continues to keep a close watch on Christian activities. Some churches are state-approved and controlled, some are illegal and the state fights against them, and the majority are not registered, but tolerated.  Unregistered churches are still ‘managed’ according to certain guidelines, which includes reporting activities. The most restricted areas for Christians are in Muslim and Tibetan regions. Christian converts from a Muslim background also have to deal with persecution from their own family and friends, so they hide Bibles and Christian materials.


  • For God’s guidance for Christians ministering, below the radar, to Muslim and Tibetan-background believers
  • That Open Doors materials will strengthen the church in China’s minority groups with training in discipleship and church leadership
  • That the Han Chinese church will play its part in supporting its persecuted family.

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  • Christian Kalafut

    Godbless Chinese Christians, 300 million and growing in the millions every year. There will be a Christian revolt over there at one point.

    • Mac Seigel

      I sincerely hope you are wrong about the Christian revolt. If it were to happen, it would not be something ordained by God.

  • Debbie Chen

    May God richly bless those of you who have been and will be persecuted for faith in the salvation through Jesus Christ. We have you in prayer from Aliso Viejo, California. We are actively praying for your safety and for the spread of God’s word. May faith abound among you and your people.

  • Victoria WAGNER

    The Lord is China’s God, He made it, land and people, ALL of it! He is able to redeem it all at any point as well. Let us continue to lift China and North Korea in prayer before the King of Kings, never forgetting that God loves all peoples, made in His Likeness. Praise the Lord! Glory to Him as to the Salvation of the whole of Asia!

  • Gideon Thompson

    God is in control. No one can control his Children. Onece I heard a testamony from a Chinese friend that if Church got some check by the rulers to the children then they stopped teaching but continued after the inspector left. This is in a three self Church in a big town

  • Gail Rowan

    Pray for Junli, our Chinese home stay Eli student. She lived in the USA with our family for 6 months. she attended church and was seeking Jesus. She asked me to find Christians in her Chinese hometown so that she could attend Bible study in China. I found no one. Pray that God will lead her to faith from reading the Bible that we prayed passed through customs. God is working in her heart. She is married and has a daughter.

    • C. Gabriel Ramirez

      I will

      • Gail Rowan

        Thankyou, C. Gabriel

  • Caleb

    China is grossly misrepresented here. What does Muslim and Tibetan regions mean? You realize one is a religion and one is a territory, right? From my experience in China, owning a bible and identifying with Christianity was completely legal. This is westerncentricism at it’s finest.

  • John Moos

    I lived in several cities in China for years. I attended church regularly. As long as you don’t try to promote it, you are O.K. I was instructed as a professor that I could answer if asked but I was not to bring up the subject. The Chinese people seem to have a hunger for Christianity. It is in part the old tell me I can’t do something and then I must do it.

  • LukeQ

    I really think it depends on the region of China. The handful Catholic Churches I visit in Southeast China where it’s more open than the rest of the country, the bishops said while they don’t have absolute freedom (they have to follow certain guidelines as mentioned above), they are not really restricted as well. A few churches themselves are even listed as cultural protection sites.

    • JohnLou

      Oh, Lord Jesus Christ ,thanks for your grace to our Chinese, Your kingdom come and your will be done on China as it is in Heaven, In Nanjing city,where i lives will have a Youth Omlypic Games from June 16 to 28th.May God help all Christians use this this opportunity to preach Gospel to all nations. Please pray for me and all house-churches and goverment churches in Nanjing to evangilze the city during this occasion. As a brother in the Lord Jesus Kingdom, i plea that your prayers support to win this spiritual battle for God. Glory to Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ, In Jesus Holy Name, Amen!

      • JohnLou

        Sorry,wrong typed the time:I shoud be: The second Summer Youth Omlypic Games from August 16 to Aug.28thYouth Omlypic Games from June 16 to 28th,2014..

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