Flag of Colombia Rank: 25
Score: 56/100
2013 Rank: 46
Leader: President Juan Manuel Santos
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
Population: 48.8 million (44.6 million Christians)
Source of persecution: Organized corruption/Tribal antagonism/Aggressive secularism

Christian Persecution in ColombiaDespite ongoing dialogue between the government and FARC rebels, levels of violence in Colombia are high. In areas where the government has lost control of public security, drug cartels and illegal armed groups still operate with impunity. Christians who play prominent roles in social or public life face opposition because of their witness in social and political activities. Within indigenous communities, converts to Christianity are seen as a threat to the indigenous culture and traditions. Many Christians are displaced from their lands, churches are monitored and gender-based violence targeting Christians is on the increase.


  • For courage and protection for church leaders facing threats from armed groups.
  • That talks between the government and rebel group, the FARC, will bring an end to decades of civil war.
  • Ask God to bless the Open Doors Children’s Center, which provides a safe haven for young people targeted by guerrilla groups.

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  • Eusebio Jose Orozco Cera

    before speaking of our country visit us!!!!

    • Kenechukwu Nwene Agwu

      Isn’t there persecution in Colombia? And are they wrong about the children centre?

    • Hijo Desadoc

      I will speak humbly because I love Colombia. It has been part of my life for almost 15 years in a way that has seen the beauty, the pain, the pride of a nation, the greed of man, the apathy of the most. I have lived on the N Coast, Santa Fe de Bogota, and Caquata. I have visited many many cities and always look to the hear of the people because most people do not want to see the truth. I see the truth because Jesus has removed the scales from my eyes yet most Colombians are blinded by the things we in EEUU have. Good life, many things, iphones, fancy clothes, comfortable vacations, good job…Do you even know that to walk by and ignore, or to pretend to go to church and be holy without the heart of Christ is hypocritical? And WILL NOT enter heaven. Jesus said that unless you/we/I DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER IN HEAVEN…

      Your right when you say people who don’t know Colombia should not speak of many things. I agree 100000%. But my reasons are because they don’t understand the people.

      I am not a cachaco/a and not a costeno/a, I am a Christian. Who God gave to Colombia. I don’t have a group small or large to support what we do because I feel that if I need more help then the Lord has empowered me with, I will walk into any church in your country and ask and am certain a body of Saints will answer the call.

      This group of gringos are answering the call to bring attention to those without a voice by staying Christ focused so to get offended even n their ignorance of the rest of the country is to block the work of the Holy Spirit and you should repent and praise God for the work these people do. There are others that follow the persecuted church and the best reason I have seen is to bring attention to Christians to pray for those under persecution for their faith.

      As Jesus said to Saul/Paul on the road to Damascus…Why do you persecute me? Do you realize that that question alone may be the seed of salvation to a persecutor?

      Don’t harden you heart against the work of the Saint in your country. Its bigger than you or I will ever be and is toward something you and I will never fully understand until our day before the judgment. Celebrate but so long because one day the party will be over and we will have to turn on the lights of reality.

      I love you dear brother, te extrano Colombia, Te amo Jesus.

      Dios te bendiga!

    • javypeds

      I have, I am Colombian. There is much beauty in our country and in our people but there is still a lot of violence in many parts of Colombia.

      • Snowflake8

        Amen to that. I visited a couple years ago just for a day (on a cruise) but we took a city tour and I was enchanted by the beauty of the country and the people we met. I fell in love with Columbia and will praying for peace and truth. In Jesus Name

  • Samuel Rivera Perez

    Hello, probably these are isolated cases. In cities teem churches (both true and sects), because of our religious liberty law.

    • Samuel Rivera Perez

      In anycase, thanks for being outstanding

  • Santi Del Rey V

    Its a reallity, the guy below maybe don´t know the real situation at places besides Bogotá, please pray for those persecuted, blessings.

  • Patty Shayler

    I cannot believe persecution is still going on! haven’t we learned from history? what about love and tolerance? Wfe pray for all Latinamerica from England every night with my daughter, specially since I am from Guatemala. #KeepOnPraying

    • He WhoSee’s

      ‘love and tolerance’

      What are you? A revisionist brony?

      • iLotus

        Didn’t know you had to be a brony to care about another’s well being.

        • He WhoSee’s

          Oh lighten up iLotus, I was just making fun…specifically of bronies who mindlessly repeat that fan created mantra…and yes, I am somewhat one…

          I think it’s good that Patty and you care.

  • Barbara

    Father, I pray for the Christians in Columbia who are suffering persecution. I pray that you would give them comfort, healing, strength and wisdom. Protect them, Father, as they shine for you. Help those who have only form and a ritual for religion to grow hungry to know Jesus as their personal Friend and Saviour, He is One who loves them and will be with them through every circumstance of life. In the name of Jesus, Amen

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of Colombia. Despite the level of persecution there, I am thankful to You that the believers are responding with grace and peace and boldness. Thank You for empowering them to stand up against any activity to come against Your name and Your work in this nation! I pray especially for indigenous converts who are enduring extreme hardship for their choices. I pray that today You would remind them about the great reward that is waiting for them in heaven. I know that they have given up so much for You – and I know that You have promised to return it and MORE… but they need that reassurance today. Those who are sad and hopeless – please encourage them. Those who need financial provision – please provide for them! I pray that these converts would be able to somehow get access to the social services that they need, and that those who provide those services would have softened hearts… and perhaps even a door would be opened for the believer to share Christ with the one providing the service.
    I pray also for the Open Doors’ Children’s Center. I ask that You would continue to use it as a safe haven and as a place where children can come and play and be safe. I ask that You would provide all of the financial needs of this center and all of the staff that is needed. I pray that this center would somehow protect these children from being recruited to serve in rebel groups and in the military. I pray that these children would be able to be children! I ask for Your continued grace and strength for the staff there and that Your light would continue to shine brightly. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  • David Cloutman

    Christianity has been destroying indegenous cultures for over 500 years. While religious violence should never be accepable, the indigenous communities in Columbia have every reason to suspicious of converts as well as outsiders attempting to meddle in their affairs.

    • James Hampton

      Hello Mr. Cloutman.

      I ask you to explain how Christianity destroys indigenous cultures. Also, if the Christian culture is superior to the indigenous culture, we should all be happy, shouldn’t we?

      Many “indigenous cultures” are very evil. Just look at history for the proof. Should we practice human sacrifice? Should we pray to demons or spirits we don’t even know? Should we kill people simply because they have a different belief? Christianity does not teach these things.

      Good day.

      • Very Good HK

        May Allah give wisdom to native Americans to know that their acnestors were killed by this evil religion of Christianity.

    • Snowflake8

      It doesn’t sound like that is the fear of those persecuting Christians.
      Also, Christianity has not destroyed anything. Many misguided people, however, have done so.

      • Very Good HK

        Shut up you liar.

  • Christopher Thompson

    Most Colombians are catholic. Catholics are christians.You think your being persecuted because they won’t let you brainwash the natives anddestroy their culture.

  • Very Good HK

    100 million native Americans were killed who refused to accept Christ, the false messiah. May Allah give them wisdom to hate the killers of their ancestors.

  • Gaheret

    I will pray

  • Edith Kurie

    Heavenly Father, I am so grateful to You for Your protection of Pastor Roberto. I pray You continue to protect him, I pray the FARC and militants will be pierced by the precious love of Jesus and their hearts and minds of stone will break, their anger dissipate and their ice hearts melt, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • imdiane

    Colombia is a beautiful country with friendly, gentle people. Father God, bring Your peace and mercy to the people of Colombia. Protect Your children from those who would try to harm them. Draw those who do not yet know You to a real and vital relationship with You and Your people. Grant great grace to those who stand up against the evil, like Pastor Roberto. God bless this nation! Amen

  • Adeniyi

    Lord, I pray you protect Your messengers in Colombia and bless Open Doors in their efforts in Jesus name.

  • Amy

    Lord, today I join my prayers with those around the world who are praying for Colombia! I ask in Jesus’ name that You would bless and protect this nation, especially the believers around the world who live here. I ask specifically for courage and protection for all church leaders who are facing threats. I ask that You would grant them wisdom and boldness. I ask that You would protect them supernaturally unless it is Your will for them to face persecution. I pray for Your discernment for all of the leaders… that they would know how to lead their people in a way that keeps them lined up with what You have for them. Please help them to keep their witness and to continue to press forward for You despite opposition and difficulty.
    I also pray for the continuing success between the Colombian government and FARC groups. I ask that somehow You would put an end to this ongoing civil war and that You would be with the talks of those who have the power to affect change in this country. Please lead them according to Your will and by Your Spirit… even if they are not Yours. You led Cyrus to ensure that Your plan for Israel went forward, and I know that the king’s heart is in Your hand.
    I also pray for the Open Doors Children’s Center. I ask that You would bless this program and continue to use it to provide a safe place for young people who are targeted to become guerrillas. I know that You are using this program to protect and save the lives of Colombian children who would otherwise be recruited and taught a life that is contrary to what You have for them. Please help this group to continue to flourish and prosper in Colombia and that it would accomplish the purpose for which You sent it. Please provide all of the funds necessary and all of the workers necessary, and please keep out any wolves in sheep’s clothing. Bless Colombia in Jesus’ name!

  • Bruce Wayne

    My daughter is leving tonight for Barranquilla, Bogata and Cartagena, for a Christian outreach for two weeks, then to get her certification for teaching English to Speakers of other languages. We covet your prayers for her safety and that of those she is serving with. Thank you. Her name is Sarah.

  • Richard Hausig

    I am an American who has lived in Colombia for 5 years. While I am very concerned about Christian persecution worldwide, I do not believe that the FARC is persecuting people because they are Christian. Many good Christians may be in danger, but it is not because they are Christian, its because the FARC and the cartels are very bad people who will kill anyone in their way. In fact I would suggest that most FARC and more than 95% of cartel members are of some Christian denomination. Colombia has its problems, but it is a strong Catholic country where Christian rights are respected and promoted. I would even argue that Christian rights are far respected in Colombia than in the USA or Europe.

    • Calvin Luther

      I find your post very intriguing, it’s always helpful to hear about a certain country from someone who has in depth knowledge and experience. It really is a sad mark on the US media today. Their reporting is so fixated. Right now it’s ISIL and for a while it was Ferguson, MO, yet all the while there is N. Korea who has been persecuting Christians for decades, Indonesia just had a crucial election which was paramount in terms of freedom vs. tyranny at least that’s what Christians in that country have told me. If anything was said it was probably very minimal on the national media circuit. God bless and spread the word!