Flag of Egypt Rank: 22
Score: 61/100
2013 Rank: 25
Leader: President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 86.8 million (10 million Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in EgyptPressure is increasing both on Egypt’s indigenous Coptic community and on those who come to faith from a Muslim background. Muslims who convert to Christianity have long faced persecution from family members, who punish them for abandoning the Islamic faith. But in recent years, Egypt’s historical Christian communities have increasingly been targeted, as well. In August 2013, following the ousting of President Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for the burning of 38 churches and the damaging of 23 churches, in an upsurge in sectarian violence against Coptic Christians.


  • Muslim-background believers face severe limitations within their homes and extended families. Pray for strength to persevere despite the challenges.
  • Islam is gradually taking over the country’s culture. Pray that Christians will have courage to continue to be a light to their nation.
  • For Egypt’s political leaders. Pray that political and economic stability will be restored.

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  • Justin Jurek

    Father God, protect the Coptic Catholic and Orthodox Christians from the savage persecution leveled against them by Islamists. May the blood of Egyptian martyrs be the seed of faith in the country.

  • James R Dyer

    Brother, Justin. The Coptics are Orthodox. There are Roman Catholics as well as a vibrant and growing underground Evangelical movement.

  • Ray

    There are Coptic Catholics and Roman catholics christians in egypt. Coptic Catholics were former orthodox but they had decided to except the Roman Catholic Pope some decades ago. but as a coptic orthodox christian i can say that christians in egypt have no problems with denominations. we feel that we are one body of christ together. Plz pray for us as the situation become more and more worse during the last weeks.

  • Beckah Cook

    I pray especially for women, let them have the freedom and support to follow Jesus. Let all who call upon His name have his banner above them even if they have headship over them that deny Jesus is the Christ.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of Egypt. The eyes of the world are on this nation this morning and so many lives are at stake. I agree with my brothers and sisters all over this country and I ask for your absolute peace to prevail. I ask for minimal bloodshed. I ask that this dictator would be removed from power if that be Your will and that You would raise up a regime that will govern the people of Egypt with fairness and justice. I pray for the disenfranchised and for those who are simply victims of others’ desire for power. Although no one is looking out for them, I ask that You would look out for them and help them and provide for them. I ask for Your solution to this problem and that You would give wisdom to anyone who is in a position to affect change. Help the military to do what is necessary to achieve peace and stability without causing undue violence. Be with those whose everyday existence is being affected by something that they have nothing to do with – help them in whatever way they need help today. Please just intervene in this situation and allow Your peace to be the answer to all unrest. And please bring as many people as possible to You in the process.

    I also pray for true democracy to be established in Egypt so that the people have a say in their own rule. I ask for the right leaders to be raised up to lead the people by serving them and not lording it over them. Please facilitate this and allow for the people of Egypt to have a voice that doesn’t need to end in taking to the streets.

    I pray for Tawadros II, the new Coptic Pope. Only You know his heart and the extent of his relationship with You… but he has great power over a vast number of people who call themselves Christians. Please draw him closer to You and help him to lead Your people with wisdom. I pray for unity among the Christians in Egypt and that You would use this man to promote unity in as many ways as possible. I ask that You would lead him into right doctrine and right teaching and that You would give him a genuine love for the people that he serves.

    I pray for all ex-Mslm believers who are experiencing persecution and I ask that You would please help them in Jesus’ name. Please give them the grace that they need to endure the pain of suffering for You. Please provide for them when their families turn their backs. Please give them opportunities for fellowship and encouragement and help them to not give up in their relationship with You even when things are nearly unbearable. I ask that You would provide for each one of them – all of their needs. I ask that You would grant them wisdom in where to go and who to talk to. I ask that You would make them bold and still able to be used as evangelists. Please grant them Your comfort that only You can grant.

    Finally, I pray for the Open Doors partners who are working with local churches to provide training and community development programs. I pray for the finances of these programs – that they would have all that they need to continue their work. I pray for wisdom for the leadership in every decision that they make. I ask for many new leaders to enter this program and be raised up to lead the people of Egypt and better communities and provide opportunities for the gospel to be shared. Bless those who labor so hard for You in the nation of Egypt and please allow their efforts to bear fruit in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Thabisile Mkhwanazi

    God is faithful. his ears are always attentive to the prayers of the righteous. he will deliver Egypt from this situation, we pray in Jesus name.

  • Tom Bozikis

    Over the past couple of weeks, I have
    become aware and concerned about the situation regarding our brothers and
    sisters in Christ. I admit to being
    angry with our own government because of its silence in the face of such
    horrific persecution in Egypt. Since the
    military takeover, Christians have become the main target of violence. I pray especially for the women who are
    facing terrible treatment for their faith.
    Unfortunately, it also appears that the military isn’t doing much to
    stop the violence against believers. At
    times it is difficult to say to those who commit such atrocities, “Father,
    forgive them for they don’t know what they do.”

    Even though the US government doesn’t seem to care, I, for
    one, want our fellow believers to know, that I and many others pray for their safety,
    security, and even in the midst of tribulation, that God’s peace is in them and
    surrounds them. I wish more could be
    done in addition to our prayers.

  • Seth

    Lord God, I pray for the empowerment of your people in the nation of Egypt. May you provide each one of them your Spirit and fill them with love, power, and self-control. I pray that even in the midst of persecution that the people may have the power to love a people that hates them and does not seek to understand them, that you would use those very people to proclaim your light and turn from destroying life to saving it.

  • Ernest Zenone

    We are all called to suffer for Christ. “For unto you it is GIVEN in behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake”. – Philippians 1:29. It is a gift. It purges us as Jesus said (John 15:2) that we may “bring forth more fruit” and to witness no matter what the cost. Despite what is happening in Egypt, many are coming to faith in Christ. Lord, I pray that you will grant peace in Egypt and religious freedom for worship and preaching for your saints. I pray for the complete defeat of Islam and that all Muslim nations would submit to Christ as King, Lord and God. Please comfort your suffering saints in Egypt, provide safe houses for those fleeing persecution, and save those who persecute the church. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen. May we imitate the example of these persecuted saints in suffering for Christ and sharing the gospel, no matter what the cost!

  • Ernest Zenone

    Dear Lord, I thank you for the faithfulness of thy people that have chosen to remain in Egypt despite great cost. May you grant stability and peace and the return of Christians who fled Egypt. Please defeat the Muslim Brotherhood and all terrorist efforts to deny freedom to Christians and to all the people of Egypt. Grant needed funds for the repair of churches that have been bombed and attacked. May Egypt come under the rule of Christ alone and the light and love of Jesus in your people made abundantly evident to the Muslim people. I pray this in Jesus Name. Amen.

  • Mark2014

    I love Open Doors and I would love to work for them someday.

  • Nina

    Dear Heavenly Father, may You strengthen those who are in danger, may
    You lift up who are afraid. May you angels protect your faithful ones
    and may You turn all the evil plans of the enemy around to do good for
    people. May those who shoot repent, may their aching hearts turn to your
    light and may they know that no matter what only in You there are love,
    unconditional acceptance and forgiveness. When people in Egypt face the
    violence, may they somehow supernaturally see You and Your light and
    that no matter what this evil world keeps in mind, You are still God
    forever and ever and that You never change and You are definitely the
    one who no one has a power to stop from being and being Who You are. May
    your supernatural power of extra protection and angelic presence stir
    up in that region, amen! May your Word be really a living and
    experiencing Word for your sons and daughters – may they know how great
    You are and how absolutely greater and much much more merciful You are,
    Lord, to us! Be the light in that darkness and the Way when seemingly
    there is no way! Amen!

  • Robin

    Father God, please make a way for unity to begin and to connect all Christians in Egypt to You in peace; let the operation of the Holy Spirit give our Egyptian family strength, wisdom, and sensitivity through the work of Jesus in their lives.

  • suzy

    I pray Jesus for strength in Egypt right now in your holy name lord

  • Edith Kurie

    I pray Almighty God for impressionable children like Yusuf in Egypt and all over the world who are persecuted, tormented and mocked for being Christian. Help them stand strong in Your love, protect them, their families and friends I pray and I pray Father of Truth that their persecutors will come to see Your Truth in Jesus Christ, in Whose name I pray, amen.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of the nation of Egypt. Firstly, I pray this morning for the initiative called “I Know And Am Not Afraid.” I pray that You would use this mightily both as an apologetics tool to help believers better understand their own faith – and also as a witnessing tool for unbelievers to see the gospel clearly spelled out. I pray that You would anoint the teaching of this material and that those who hear it would truly receive it and that it would be planted deeply in their hearts.

    I also pray now for the MBBs in Egypt who are facing severe limitations and persecution. I pray that You, Lord, would be their protector and provider. You know the plans that You have for each one of them – plans to prosper them and not to harm then, plans to give them a hope and a future. Whether it’s Your will for them to live long and prosperous lives… or to be taken into Your arms as martyrs – You have promised to give grace that is sufficient to meet every need and every trial. You have promised never to leave us or forsake us, and to provide every single need that we have – and it is no different for my former Mslm brothers and sisters. I pray that You would be their support when there is no one else around… that You would be their comfort when they are grieving the loss of family members or friends or jobs… that You would be their provider when they cannot make ends meet because of the persecution that they face… that You would be their refuge when they feel like they have nowhere to run. And I pray that You would grant them perseverance to continue to run their race and not to look back…. knowing that what You have done for us is worth any and every sacrifice. It’s so much easier said than done though… so I pray that these prayers will help them and that You would grant grace to them each day.

    I pray also for all believers everywhere in Egypt… as we get closer and closer to the return of Christ, I pray that You would unleash revival across this nation and across the world! I pray that You would impart boldness to believers, so that they might become bold evangelists just in like the book of Acts, despite extreme persecution! I pray that there would be resistance to Islam’s overtaking the country and that, even if that is ordained to happen so that the end can come, believers would stay strong.

    And lastly, I pray for Egypt’s political leaders. I don’t know enough about politics and government to really know what is needed in the country… but I just pray that Your will would be done for Egypt. I pray that You would move the right people into the right places at the right times so that the people in the nation can live freely and have access to the gospel. I ask also for economic stability for the country – and for the leaders to know what to do in order to move the country into a position where that is possible. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Adina DeVine

    dear Jesus God of all please help the people who are being persecuted live in your kingdom as royal because they were not treated well in our world