Flag of Ethiopia Rank: 17
Score: 65/100
2013 Rank: 15
Leader: Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn
Government: Federal Republic
Main Religion: Christianity (mainly Orthodox)
Population: 90.2 million (52.2 million Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism/Denominational elitism

Christian Persecution in EthiopiaPersecution in Ethiopia originates from a number of sources: religious, political, tribal and communal. Opposition comes not only from within Islam, but from the church itself. Muslims report Muslim-background believers’ gatherings to the government in the hope that they will be seen as illegal activities, while the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has difficulties reconciling itself to the growing number of non-traditional Protestants and reform-oriented groups within its own denomination. Some Christians have experienced attacks on churches and homes – forcing them to flee – as well as job losses and enforced divorce.


  • For Open Doors as it supports widows like Lalisa and Buze, whose husbands were brutally murdered for their faith.
  • For churches in southern Ethiopia supporting Muslim-background believers who have been displaced from their communities.
  • For wisdom and courage for church pastors as they model a response to persecution.

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  • iLotus

    That is a good question.

  • Estibel Negash

    Ethiopian government is a secular. Ethiopian government implements communism indirectly. So that, both Muslims and Christians suffer persecution from the government. Plus, the Evangelical Christians suffer persecution from Militant Muslim groups and illiterate Orthodox believers. Plus, the Orthodox followers suffer persecution from the militant Muslim groups in the place where Muslims concentrated high. The nature of Ethiopian Christians persecution is a little complicated. This is a reality!

    However, I don’t believe that Muslims are dominant in Ethiopia.

  • Ken Palmer

    I agree with my sister. In Jesus Name.

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