Flag of Jordan Rank: 26
Score: 56/100
2013 Rank: 34
Leader: King Abdullah II
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 6.7 million (172,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in JordanJordan has long been one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East. But the influence of the Arab Spring has increased tensions between moderate and Islamist elements in Jordanian society. The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists, emboldened by their increased influence in the region, have hijacked demands for reform to serve their own agenda of transforming Jordan into an Islamic state. Although traditional Christians still enjoy a relatively high degree of religious freedom, believers from a Muslim background are facing more violence and greater pressure from family, government and society.


  • The spread of radical Islam is a real threat. Pray for wisdom for political leaders in maintaining a just and stable society.
  • For churches working with the large number of refugees from Iraq and Syria.
  • Evangelical churches are not recognized by the government, and face opposition from officials. Pray that restrictions on non-traditional churches would be relaxed.

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  • George Kakish

    Jordan for Christ..we stand in the gap for the jordanian that meny of them come to know Him and also we pray for all the refugees there in Jesus name!!!!

  • Rukudzo T Nyakanda

    Please lord power him through the pain that he receives because of his love for you,keep his family safe and help other christians facing the same persecution

  • Victoria WAGNER

    Thank You Father God for this report. Thank You that this family were able to flee. Please Lord, let their very own leaders be transformed by the message of the Gospel and even seek it out themselves, in Jesus’ Name, out of pure curiosity. May they be changed for ever, reaching the royal family. Thank You God. AMEN.

  • Amy

    Lord, this morning I come to You in Jesus’ name on behalf of the nation of Jordan. First I thank You for the fact that You are building Your church despite persecution and opposition – and that the number of MBBs as well as nominal Christians surrendering their lives to You are both increasing. Thank You for each believer that You have used to witness to others and to be a light for You in this nation. I also thank You that the political situation in Jordan has remained stable despite all the turmoil taking place in the surrounding nations. I pray that this would continue and that You would protect Jordan from uprisings and civil war and conflicts and governmental discord. I pray for the governing officials of Jordan, that You would guide their decisions and lead them in making choices that would further Your plan on the earth. You have proven that You can speak to and influence even pagan kings, and I ask that You would do that in the case of Jordan.
    I also pray specifically for the growing number of believers who are refugees from Iraq and Syria. I pray that they would find You as a place of refuge and of provision, as many of them have lost everything. I pray that You would reveal Yourself to them and that they would find a home in You even if they do not have a home to call their own. I ask that You would send believers to minister to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I pray that You would send more workers into the harvest in Jordan so that more Jordanians and refugees would come to know You as their Savior. I pray for all those who are being persecuted because of their faith in You and I ask that You would give them the grace and strength that they need in order to suffer well… and that they would be strengthened and encouraged by Your suffering and the promise of eternity. Please provide their needs and protect them from harm, as they are the defenseless and I know that that is where Your heart lies. I lift up Jordan today and ask for Your blessing over it and Your protection over it, if only for the sake of Your children who remain there. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    For the growing church among refugees from Iraq and Syria

  • Ernest Zenone

    Dear Lord, protect Jordan from chaos and instability. Defeat any growing presence of Muslim terrorists. Shield your people from those who would seek to stop them from assembly and sharing the gospel. Send thy angels to blind the enemies of the gospel! Provide Bibles and Christian literature for the saints. May many more Muslims see the futility of Islam with it’s endless violence and destruction of life and property! Come Lord Jesus! I pray in your Name. Amen.

More Muslims coming to Christ