Flag of Kazahkstan Rank: 39
Score: 49/100
2013 Rank: 48
Leader: President Nursultan Nazarbayev
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 16.7 million (2.5 million Christians)
Source of persecution: Dictatorial paranoia/organized corruption

Christian Persecution in KazakhstanBelievers most affected by persecution are the non-registered, mostly Protestant, Christians. They are monitored and hemmed in by laws restricting the right of assembly as well as the production and use of religious literature and training. A court verdict in March 2013 ordered the destruction of 121 religious books, including Bibles. After a public international outcry, the court reversed its decision. Nevertheless, the situation is worsening for Christians, with even the largely untouched Russian Orthodox Church beginning to face challenges.


  • For 66-year-old Bakhytzhan Kashkumbayev, imprisoned in 2013 on charges of poisoning a church member with communion wine
  • For converts who are strongly pressured by family and neighbors to recant their newfound faith

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  • Amy

    Lord, today I come before You on behalf of the nation of Kazakhstan. I pray firstly for all persecuted believers – for Your strength and comfort and provision for each of them in Jesus’ name. I agree together with my brothers and sisters around the world in praying for WISDOM for them – that they would know when to speak up and when to stay silent, when to tell others about their faith and when to pray and allow the Lord to work, etc. You promised in Your Word that You would give wisdom to anyone who asks without finding fault – and I ask for wisdom for all persecuted believers in Kazakhstan. I pray also for the Kazakh believers who are being persecuted by their own friends and family members. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be for them to endure, especially knowing that their friends and family members are still lost in their sin. I pray for Your comfort and also for You to use these persecuted believers as a light to their friends and family members, even in the way that they respond as Jesus did to persecuted by not fighting back. Help them to stand firm and walk in grace and love for their enemies and for those who persecute them. Finally, I pray for all of the churches who are trying to register with the authorities. I pray for Your will to be done and for Your favor to rest on every Bible-preaching church who truly desires to follow Jesus. I pray that You would use this process to close down any church who is not trying to represent Your name or who is bringing shame or dishonor on You. But I pray that You would help the leadership of each church navigate the difficult waters of trying to register while still holding true to Biblical principles and not compromising. Only You can give the wisdom needed here, Lord, and I pray that You would do so. Bless the believers in Kazakhstan today, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Katya Pledger

    God almighty I pray for the believers of Kazakhstan that you would show them your grace and give them the rights to worship You freely in public. Lord I also pray for the leaders that their hearts will be softened toward you and your gospel. Lord guide our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in your mercy, wisdom,love and truth. May their lives reflect You and may they shine your light.

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