Flag of Kuwait Rank: 38
Score: 50/100
2013 Rank: 33
Leader: Emir Sheikh Sabah
Government: Constitutional emirate
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 3 million (420,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism/ Dictatorial paranoia/ Tribal antagonism

Christian Persecution in KuwaitThere are only a few hundred Kuwaiti Christians, all of whom are Muslim-background believers; harassment and pressure for them emanates more from family than government. Nevertheless, Islam is the state religion and the government requires Islamic religious instruction for all students in public and private schools. Teaching Christianity is prohibited, even to legally recognized Christians. The Christian community mostly consists of foreign migrant workers who are relatively free to worship informally, although requests for additional or expanded facilities have been unfulfilled.


  • Praise God that the number of Kuwaiti believers is growing
  • Give thanks that they are becoming bolder in sharing their faith
  • For converts from Islam: they risk job discrimination, being monitored by police, as well as physical and verbal abuse.

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  • Shirley

    Father God, we thank you and praise you that many are coming to you. We praise you for giving them boldness in their witnessing for the sake of bringing them to salvation and the blessed hope in you. We pray for wisdom and guidance for your children. We pray that you would provide for them and shelter them as they follow you. Let them have peace in the midst of abusive attacks. Protect them under your wings. May your Word be available for the believers and nonbelievers that they would be instructed and uplifted. Psalms 3:3 & 4″But You, O Lord, are a shield for me. My glory and the One who lifts up my head. I cried to the Lord and with my voice, And He heard me from His holy hill. Selah.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/crazydays44 crazydays4444

    Greeting is Christ, my fellow family in Jesus Christ.
    Let me say, America will most likely fall as Sodom and Gomorrah!
    Being American is not very great.
    We have chueches and and all kinds of Bible materials and Bibles… But most *Christians know little.
    I would like to stop here hoping the right person views this, and say I your brother Joshua am behind you, love you, pray for you, and weep over you as well. Not because you don’t know Christ. But the restictions (but as I type, I think maybe this works in their **Spiritual advantage!)
    Look at the USA. We are dying and look more and more as the days of Noah “doing what we feel is right in our own eyes “so much so, it GREIEVED GOD! Tha He had made man! And the Flood pursued.
    It is no accident that we were born to live in this period of history. God chose you! Chose me!
    Let us continue to keep our eyes on Jesus, as His Holy Spirit leads us, and provides ways we never knew.
    Worry not. I can not express the love and Joy of the Lord in meeting you all someday!… Blessed be the Name of Our Lord God Almighty!
    In Christ, I bare witness God has His remnant spread all over the earth! There is One Church/Body of Christ. One Faith. One Lord. One God and Father over us all!….. May we seek out in prayer those The Father has made our clay vessels into vessels of honor! Fit for the Masters use!…… brotherly love from a most wicked and conspiring Nation. Where are leaders hate all the people, not just Christians.
    But we shall be rounded up first!… Then I would ask for your prayers, as The Holy Spirit leads!…. Faith, Hope, & Love!~ 1 Corinthians 13:13

  • Margot

    Oh Father, how can I pray for the persecution of my brothers and sisters? But Jesus said that we would face persecution for following Him. You have also said that You will never leave us or forsake us. So, as your chosen are sifted, I pray that their faith may be strengthened and that they may be found worthy. Thank you Father that your word is true and that Your promises will never fail.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning in agreement with my brothers and sisters from around the world in lifting up the nation of Kuwait. I rejoice along with them in knowing that the number of believers in Kuwait is growing and that many of them are becoming bolder in sharing their faith. I pray that this boldness continues and that they continue to be led by You specifically when it comes to evangelism.
    I pray specifically for any MBBs in Kuwait, especially indigenous ones. I ask for Your mercy on the, and for Your favor to follow them despite all of the persecution and difficulty they may face. I pray that You would provide a source of income for them if they are no longer able to work… companionship and fellowship for those who are isolated… a new family of God for those who are being rejected by their own families. I ask for Your protection over them as well since many are being monitored and tracked.
    I pray for the law that was mentioned making “blasphemy” against Islam/Muhummad punishable by death. I pray that the law would remain overturned and not be reinstated. I ask that freedom of religion in Kuwait would become more “actual,” even if it is true in policy.
    I continue to pray for boldness and wisdom for the believers in sharing their faith with others despite the risks – please lead them and guide them specifically by Your Holy Spirit. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Bonita

    I pray for the country of Kuwait, and also the persecuted Christians, that God will strengthen their hearts in Christ Jesus, Our Lord, and protect them throughout this perilous time. “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper;and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”–Isaiah 54:17

  • Edith Kurie

    Heavenly Father I pray Your Holy Spirit will move mightily in the hearts and minds of Muslims who attack and persecute Christians in Kuwait. I thank You for the wisdom of the Emir who supports freedom of faith and belief. I pray Lord by Christian example of Your love and grace that many will come to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and His saving power, in His name, amen.

  • Sue

    Father, I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ in Kuwait. You know the difficulties that they face. I pray for your Presence and Strength in their lives. I pray that many, many Muslims will be awakened to a saving knowledge of Christ. And I do ask for courage and for relief for these dear brothers and sisters. We love You, Lord.

  • sulaiman numan

    I am a kuwaiti christian and most of that is a lie. 1. The kuwaiti christians do not ALL have a muslim background. 2. The government defends christians being pressured by their families and can help you file a court against anyone for pressuring or harassing you because of your religion (what ever it maybe). 3. I never studied islam, in all schools islam is an OPTION if you don’t believe me ask the ministry of education. 4. There are church schools in kuwait where you guessed it they teach christianity. 5. ALOT of churches are coming up including the mother of arabia cathedral in kuwait which is being funded by the kuwaiti royal family mainly. 6. We do get asked a lot of questions when people know your a kuwaiti christian but the truth is most don’t even know we exist and they shouldn’t because religion in between you and god no one else has the right to know how you pray or anything else religious.

    Please do not judge without proof i felt really angry and hurt by the fact that even my own religious community and degrading my country.