Flag of Kuwait Rank: 38
Score: 50/100
2013 Rank: 33
Leader: Emir Sheikh Sabah
Government: Constitutional emirate
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 3 million (420,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism/ Dictatorial paranoia/ Tribal antagonism

Christian Persecution in KuwaitThere are only a few hundred Kuwaiti Christians, all of whom are Muslim-background believers; harassment and pressure for them emanates more from family than government. Nevertheless, Islam is the state religion and the government requires Islamic religious instruction for all students in public and private schools. Teaching Christianity is prohibited, even to legally recognized Christians. The Christian community mostly consists of foreign migrant workers who are relatively free to worship informally, although requests for additional or expanded facilities have been unfulfilled.


  • Praise God that the number of Kuwaiti believers is growing
  • Give thanks that they are becoming bolder in sharing their faith
  • For converts from Islam: they risk job discrimination, being monitored by police, as well as physical and verbal abuse.

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