Flag of Kyrgyzstan Rank:
Score: /100
2013 Rank: 49
Leader: President Almazbek Atambayev
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 5.4 million (292,500 Christians)
Source of persecution:

Christian Persecution in KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan is the first country in Central Asia to have a democratically elected head of state. Unlike the rest of Central Asia, persecution of believers comes mainly from family, friends and community. In rural areas especially, Muslim-background believers face enormous pressure to recant their new faith. The Islamic clergy have a lot of influence and sometimes pressurize the Christian minority. Organized corruption is widespread and if the persecuted Christian minority is perceived as being in the way, they will run into trouble.


  • For God to inspire the church; religious materials are permitted but very difficult to obtain
  • For churches: in order to register a religious group needs to present 200 members, which is nearly impossible, especially in villages
  • The government has been considering introducing new rules on the censorship of religious materials. Pray for those involved in distributing Christian literature.

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  • Jeanne Smith

    Let us pray that the Kyrgyzstan government will allow these believers to be buried without restriction and may these believers have favor in the eyes of all they come into contact with. Open the eyes of the others to come along side those who mourn regardless of their ethnicity.

  • Georgia Weyant Janisse

    I have several missionary friends in Kyrgyzstan who have recently had to leave the country because they were not allowed to renew their visas. Please pray for the Kyrgyz church as relatively new Christians take up the leadership of recently planted churches.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this afternoon on behalf of the nation of Kyrgyzstan and all of the believers who live there. I pray first for any families who are having difficulty burying their loved ones because of their faith. What a difficult thing to go through. Lord, I pray that You would make a way for them to have a place to respectfully bury their deceased loved ones, and I pray that You would somehow grant them favor so that this is not an added burden on top of their grief. Bring them comfort during this time and remind them that You were hated and rejected in the same way that they were, and that You understand their struggle.
    I also pray for creative inspiration for Your people and those who You have called to minister in any way in Kyrgyzstan. I pray that new methods of sharing the gospel would be inspired and that religious materials would become much more widely accessible. I pray that the internet would be used as a way of reaching more people with the gospel, and that You would help those who live in Kyrgyzstan to think of new ways to spread Your gospel. Thank You that religious materials are permitted here!! I pray that Your church would rise up and take advantage of this freedom!

    I pray for all of the churches in Kyrgyzstan as well. Since most of them cannot register, I pray that You would enable them to be able to function without the help that they would otherwise receive as a registered church. However, I know that this also means that they are free to evangelize and teach Your pure truth without any type of censorship or “checking in” from the government. I pray that, if You will for a church to register, You would bring the 200 members that are required!!

    I also pray specifically that the freedom to distribute religious materials in Kyrgyzstan would remain. I pray against ANY new law that would seek to restrict access to religious literature or materials in Jesus’ name. I also pray for all of those who currently ARE distributing Christian literature – not just for their protection, but for boldness and a continued passion for reaching others through the distribution of materials that tell about You. I ask that they would be allowed to continue to do their important work in Jesus’ name.