Flag of Libya Rank: 13
Score: 71/100
2013 Rank: 17
Leader: Chairman Nouri Abusahmen
Government: Provisional government
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 6.5 million (35,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in LibyaThe situation for Christians deteriorated in 2013, making this the most difficult North African country in which to be a Christian. In an absence of the rule of law, violence against Christians has increased. Previously, the main source of persecution was the government and its secret services. Now it is Islamist extremist movements, such as the Salafists. Most Christians are afraid to meet with other believers, as any kind of non-Islamic religious gathering for Libyans is forbidden; ex-pats can have their own churches, but Libyans are not allowed to attend.


  • That God would strengthen and encourage isolated and secret believers
  • For Open Doors as it supports efforts to reach Libyans through TV, radio and internet programs
  • For stability and good government in Libya; persecution of Christians has been observed to flourish in ‘failing’ states.

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  • hope for Libya

    While MBBs are beaten, abused and harassed, they are joyful. There are new believers every month. We are encouraged by how the light of Christ is shining in the darkness in Libya. Pray for the Grand Mufti, who is full of hate and is a modern day Saul. Ask God to lead him on his own road to “Damascus”.

  • steve horton

    i pray lord that you convict this man of hatred towards you farther my your believers increase and are able to have fellowship and intercede for the country to be libberated and great awakening and latter rain to be pored out christ is in you hope of glory

  • Victoria WAGNER

    Jesus said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Satan is ruling that poor country, so extremely rich in oil. Lybia must be boycotted at many levels, and western leaders must quit being wimps. Doing business with such a country means that we have blood on our hands, our lawmakers who look the other way are bringing judgment upon our nations. “Father God, please bless the people of Libya. Holy Spirit, please sweep the country with Your Powerful Breath. Lord Jesus, please reveal Yourself in visions and dreams as it has been reported in the Muslim world. Sear the hearts of unbelievers and persecutors by Your Holy Revelation. Have mercy oh Lord for the people in this country and for those who wish to escape it, let them find shelter and protection elsewhere. Father God, please touch North African Maghreb with a revelation of You and permit that Bibles enter these lands. Oh Jesus, please come soon and deliver this world of the evil in it. Show the true colour of Islam, which is a political system bent on world dominion. We are far too silent. Please forgive us for being cowards. Help us to witness effectively to the Muslim people and the lost that live in our nations. Thank You Father, in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.”

    • Devorah

      Amen and Amen to this Prayer!

  • William Dlubak

    My spirit and prayers are with all Believers. I pray that the Light reaches the many that are in darkness, for satan has blinded billions to the Truth, wether by complete darkness or perversion of Scripture! In YHVH through Yeshua Ha’Mashiach’s name…

  • Kevin McMahan

    The stories coming out of Libya – like the Egyptian arrested for running the Benghazi bookstore – sound like something right out of the Book of Acts. Turning to that book for my prayer today. “And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness.” (Acts 4:31)

  • Jenni

    ” There is one body and one Spirit… ” Ephesians 4:4. I pray that we will never get to focused on our personal lives, minuscule problems, that we forget our brothers and sisters in prison, because of their faith in the One true God! Praise and glory be to our precious God and Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

  • disqus_7llgNOL1MM

    I pray that God would open the eyes of Chairman Mohamed Magarief, to see the true light which is in Christ Jesus. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of the nation of Libya. I can’t imagine the pain and the difficulty that those wrongly imprisoned [and their families] are going through. All we can do is look to You for strength and protection and wisdom. I pray especially for those mentioned specifically – for Sherif and for the Egyptians and three non-Arabs that have been arrested and horribly mistreated. I know that they are experiencing a level of grace that most of us will never get to experience, even through their suffering. I pray that You would continue to pour out that grace upon them and help them through the most difficult times of hurt.

    I pray also for strength for all persecuted believers in Libya. I thank You that, as awful as it is, You have given them strength to obey Scripture and even forsake their families for Your sake. I pray for Your strength and Your protection for all of them today…. they all need You very desperately. Please give comfort to the families of those imprisoned… help them to lean completely and totally upon You. Also I pray for wisdom for all of the leaders of these persecuted believers. Since they are forbidden to meet together, help the leadership be wise in their decisions of when to gather and when not to and how to continue to obey Scripture while still not exposing themselves to undue difficulty and additional persecution.

    I pray for a stable government to rise up in Libya that rules wisely and with justice!! This will take a supernatural miracle, as right now things are lawless and chaotic and no one seems prepared to take leadership of this nation. I pray that You would raise up leaders who care for the people and who are capable of governing this nation in a selfless way. Help them not to be swayed by corruption or power, but to accept the humble responsibility of making choices that will impact the future of the nation and the future of the people who live there.

    I also pray that You would continue to use Christian TV, radio and internet programming to reach more people with the gospel. Thank You for all of the success that these different types of media have had! I ask that You would prompt even more people to check out the Bible series on TV or websites where sound doctrine is given or to turn on the radio to a Christian station. Just use this media in whatever way possible to reach those who otherwise would not have heard of You or been given the chance to know You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Amy

    Lord, I love reading about how You move and reveal Yourself to people in “impossible” circumstances. I love knowing how there is no way that You or Your Word will ever be exterminated or pushed out of any nation… that You will always have Your remnant there and that You will always find a way to let people know who You are no matter how the government or other religious groups try to prevent it. You are an awesome God!
    I come to You this morning on behalf of the nation of Libya, thanking You for the story that I read in the email about the driver who had become a Christian. I am praying for more and more stories like that to continue to pop up all over Libya and that Libyans would have an opportunity to come to know You as Savior. Whether it’s through dreams, through Spirit-led evangelism by other believers, through media or the internet… I just ask for opportunities to pop up all over Libya for native-born Libyans to hear the gospel.
    I pray especially for all of the isolated believers who are living in secret around the nation. It must be so lonely for them. I pray that firstly You would be their constant companion and their comfort and their best friend. I also pray that You would help to make a way for these believers to get connected with each other so that times of fellowship are possible. I pray that You would prevent them from being discovered when they meet together and give them such wisdom in doing so. I ask that You would continue to provide every need that they have in every area of their life.
    I pray also for the work of Open Doors and other groups like them in Libya. I pray especially for their efforts to reach Libyans through media like TV and radio – I pray for their resources to get into the right hands and be heard by the right people. I pray for these resources to be widespread and to flourish in the country even in an underground grassroots sort of way if the government bans them. I ask for Your protection over those who are disseminating the information and for those who are reading it.
    I lastly pray for the government of Libya and pray for stability and the right leadership. I ask in Jesus’ name that You would get a hold of the leader of Libya and save his soul. I ask that he would be given every opportunity to know who You are and to put his faith in You and turn Libya around. I ask that the heart of the king would truly be in Your hand and that You would lead and guide his policies and direction and governing. I know that sometimes You allow things to happen for a reason, but I pray that whenever possible You would literally turn his heart to make policy and to govern in a way that protects Your people and that creates more of an opportunity for the gospel to be spread throughout Libya. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Andrew Wheeler

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on Libya. Have mercy on your followers there; protect them from violence and persecution. Give them a testimony like you gave Paul and Silas, and through that testimony change the hearts of the persecutors.

    Lord, you are the God who both sets up and removes kings. Plesse raise up a stable, authoritative, and righteous government in Libya – leaders who will serve the people with wisdom and compassion.

    Father, please open doors for the spread of the Gospel in Libya. Thank you for the media ministries of Open Doors and others; please bring fruit from the seeds of the Gospel that they plant.

  • benahm

    I’m a Libyan Christian apostate from Islam!! And i need help serious help ! Contact me here