Flag of Malaysia Rank: 40
Score: 49/100
2013 Rank: 42
Leader: Prime Minister Najib Razak
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 29.3 million (290,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in MalaysiaThe main form of persecution affecting Christian in Malaysia is Islamic extremism. Prime Minister Najib Razak support of human rights has limits, saying the rights should fall “within the boundaries set by Islam.” It is almost impossible for a Malay Muslim to convert to Christianity. All conversions have to be affirmed by a Sharia court, and the process demands three months of time for reconsideration in a re-education center. Proselytizing Muslims is forbidden. In five states — Perak, Malacca, Sabah, Terengganu, and Pahang — conversion is a criminal offense punishable by a fine or jail term. In Pahang, convicted converts may also be punished with up to six strokes of the cane. Several Muslim Background Believers had to leave their families and communities.


  • For several Muslim Background Believers who had to leave their families and communities. Pray for them to remain strong in their faith.
  • The government has allowed mainly ethnic Malay organizations to make radical comments against Christians. Pray for their protection.
  • For Prime Minister Najib Razak to be more tolerant towards the small Christian minority.

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  • John

    And Sharia courts never allow a Malay to convert, so ‘having to go to Sharia court’ basically means ‘no’.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of Malaysia and all the people living there. I ask for Your help in even praying this morning. I begin by lifting up the Malay people. Being Malay is synonymous with being Mslm, and that will take supernatural intervention to open hearts enough for Malays to even consider conversion. Please open the hearts of the Malay people to realize that they DO have a choice, and show them how You are the only true God. Lead them in such a way that they are drawn to You and that they have every opportunity to confess You as their Savior. Help them to see Your love for them and how they need a Savior to save them from their sin and give them access to heaven. Bring evangelists into Malay and use the Malay people to speak to their countrymen and women and children so that Your gospel is heard by every ear.

    I pray now for all of the MBBs in Malay, especially those who are native Malays. They need Your wisdom in everything they do – when to disclose their belief and when to wisely refrain from speaking out – how to obtain employment despite their “illegal” activity – how/when to tell their family members or close friends, etc. You know exactly what they have given up in order to follow You, but You promised not only to provide every need that we lack, but You promised to return one hundred-fold everything that we lost for Your sake. I pray that this promise would comfort the MBBs and that they would continue to be given the grace to stay strong for You despite enormous pressure and persecution.

    I pray for the leadership of churches throughout Malay. Despite the fact that many of them are being watched, I praise You for their courage and their boldness in continuing to preach Your word. I even pray that some of the “spies” would be converted as they hear Your word preached with power by these church leaders! I ask for favor over them; that they would not have their churches closed down or attacked, and that they would not alter their messages or hold back because of fear. Give them courage, boldness but also wisdom, and lead and direct them. Help them to comfort their congregations and lead them by example when it comes to taking a stand boldly for You.

    Finally, I pray for the children and youth of Malaysia. It is illegal to proselytize anyone not “of age,” which means that these populations are missing out on hearing the gospel, which is truly a shame. This is the population group most likely to make a commitment to Christ and this age is being passed by. Lord, I pray for creative opportunities for the gospel to be shared with children and teens. I ask for Your boldness and for Your wisdom to be given with anyone who shares the gospel with children and youth, and that there would still be many conversions despite the “illegality.” Bring Your children to You, Lord – and send those into Malaysia with a heart for children. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Andrew Wheeler

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on Malaysia. Have mercy on the believers there, protecting them from harm and growing their faith. Especially have mercy on the MBBs, providing fellowship for them, encouraging them and keeping them strong in the faith.

    Have mercy on those far from you – prepare the soil of their hearts to hear and receive your word and send your word among them with power to save.

    Change the hearts of the judges, drawing them to you and altering theircstance on conversions. Grant a Damascus Road experience to the leaders in Malaysia who are resisting you as Paul once did. Change the trajectory of this country to be more open to the Gospel.

    In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Shaun

    I live in Malaysia and it is sad too see so few problems highlighted, what about the ban on Bibles with the word Allah in them?

    • Rebecca

      Shaun, what other problems for Christians do you know about? Ban on Bibles with the name Allah? That’s crazy! That’s the Malay word for Almighty God. “Allah” is the Malaysian name for the one supreme God. The Christians there borrowed that name from the Arabic because there was no word in the Malay language to designate our one and only God. 2 Samuel 7:22.

  • Edith Kurie

    Heavenly Father, You are the ultimate power in existence. No court or designated man-ordained religion has any power over You. I pray Your perfect will would rule in Malaysia and the many countries who contest and contend with Your people’s rights to worship You freely. I pray Holy Spirit will move mightily in their hearts and lives, and I pray Your strong protection over all Christians in the name of Jesus, amen.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of the nation of Malaysia. After reading this short articles and excerpts, I see how hard it is to become a believer in this country in terms of being “official.” I see the blockades that the government has put up in order to prevent conversions to Christianity. But I also know that there is no blockade that can keep Your elect from coming to You, following You, serving You. I pray for those in Malaysia who are already Yours, and I ask that You would give them strength, perseverance and diligence. I pray that You would open doors that no man or government can shut for them to be able to practice their faith, meet together, share the gospel. I pray for the MBBs who have had to leave their families and their communities – I not only pray that You would be their provider and sustainer and best friend, but I also pray for those who remain behind… and that their loved one’s willingness to give it all up would prick something in their own hearts that Jesus is really worth it all. I pray that each MBB and Christian in Malaysia would remain strong in their faith, wearing the full armor of God to be able to stand against the devil’s schemes. I pray that Christians would be able to stand strong agains the comments made about them, sponsored by the government. I pray that they would not succumb to peer pressure, or financial pressure or family pressure. I pray that the government would be moved to protect these believers and allow them to practice their faith. I also just pray your protection in general over these believers and ask that You would keep them from harm and from those who would hurt them. I also pray specifically for Prime Minister Najib Razak, and that he would be more tolerant towards Christians. I pray that You would turn his heart just as you did with kings of old, and that if he is one of Your elect, he would turn to You. And if not, that You would turn his heart in Your hand so that the decisions that he makes allow Your will to go forth. I pray for the gospel to continue to spread in Malaysia and that more and more people would turn to You and know You as their Savior. In Jesus’ name I ask all of this, amen.

  • Sue

    LORD, please, somehow in Your supernatural power, bring millions of Malaysians to a knowledge and acceptance of the forgiveness and lordship offered to us through Christ. I pray for all of these dear people, citizens as well as those in authority in the government.