Flag of Maldives Rank: 7
Score: 77/100
2013 Rank: 06
Leader: President Abdulla Yameen
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 333,000 (Several Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in MaldivesTo be Maldivian is equated with being Muslim, so officially there are no Maldivian Christians, only ex-pat Christians. The government sees itself as the protector of Islam, and the law prohibits conversion to other faiths; those who do so face losing citizenship. There is extensive social control over all individuals to correct any deviation from the path of Islam. This pressure is mirrored within families and communities. Consequently, there are no church gatherings or buildings, and the few Maldivian Christians hide their faith to avoid being discovered.


  • For encouragement and fellowship for the very few believers, who are extremely isolated.
  • Christian literature is forbidden. Pray that doors will open to God’s Word.
  • That the new president, elected in November 2013, will bring greater freedom to the people of this island.

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  • Victoria WAGNER

    Father God, thank You for the very few Maldivian believers confined to this island of hatred in the Indian Ocean. Please Lord, let the tsunami breath of Your Holy Spirit blow all accross it and for the handful of secret believers to grow in the love of God, for young people who seek education outside the islands to come into immediate contact with the Gospel of Grace and receive it in full joy and return to share it with their communities. I also pray that the translation of the New Testament into the Dhivehi language would be completed and would glorify You all over the land. Remove all satans in high places and reduce them to dust. Please establish leaders with a heart for the Lord. Satan, you are defeated in Jesus’ Name, you are under our feet. Thank You Father God. AMEN.

  • Kevin McMahan

    Heavenly Father, thank you for this beautiful creation called the Maldives. I pray that this unparalleled beauty stands as a reminder to Your children there that You are with them. While the Muslims are enjoying the right to believe, after formerly being repressed, I pray they come to realize that the right to believe extends to those of all faiths (including those of no faith). That You, Father, gave us the right to choose and the governments on earth should do the same. Thank You for your witnesses in the country; those worshiping, praising, and following You regardless of the consequences. You promise the Crown of Life to these believers and I pray they daw comfort, strength, and encouragement from that today. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • eileen

    Abba Father, We know that you see all that is happening in Maldeves and that you know those whose hearts would be open to you, if only they could hear the Gospel. And we know that NOTHING can prevent those you have predestined to know you from recieving salvation through Jesus. I ask you, Abba Father, to provide means for these people to hear the Gospel in a way that would truly be miraculous and a witness to others. I also pray for the few who are already believers, that you will keep a strong hedge of protection around them and provide for their every need. May they find grace, peace and all comfort in you, Almighty Father! Amen.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You today on behalf of the Maldives and all of the believers that live in that land. I pray that You would somehow make it possible for them to grow deeper in relationship with You even when it’s basically impossible for them to meet together and everything they do has to be done secretly. I pray that the Holy Spirit would be their teacher and that they would grow in love for one another and in love for You. I pray that You would give them wisdom about when and where to meet and how to interact with each other, where to go, etc.

    I also pray specifically for all of the young people who seek education outsides of the Maldives- that they would be exposed to Christ and then take that message back inside the island and share it with their friends. I join my prayers with those of others who are agreeing together that You would use this as one of the ways to reach the population of the Maldives.

    I also pray specifically for the work that’s in progress to translate the New Testament into the Dhivehi language. I pray for Your complete covering over this process. I pray for the translators – that they would be constantly praying and seeking You for each word so that Your Word can remain uncorrupted and that the translations would be accurate. I pray for the work – that You would protect the work and that no plans of the enemy to bring it down would be able to succeed.

    I pray for Your gospel to infiltrate this nation and that as many as possible would come to receive You as Lord and Savior. I pray that everyone would be given a chance to receive You and to make their choice after seeing the ‘options.’ I don’t know how You can do that, but I know that You can. I pray for an opening of the heart in this nation to Your truth, starting from the leadership all the way down. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Nicholette Dusseau

    God Almighty our Father creator, I thank you for the Madive people and ask that your breath of life come upon this land in the freedom of Jesus Christ in whom eternity is.

  • Larry Lewis

    Father God,
    I give praise to Your Holy Name and thank you for my brothers and sisters who are trying to follow Your Son , Jesus Christ !!!
    May You bless their attempts to worship You in Spirit and in Truth and Father, I ask that you pour out Your Spirit ” on all flesh ” of those who live on the island of Maldives that will bring every soul to know Your Son, Jesus as their Lord and Saviour !!!
    Father, I ask that all of this be completed in the Name above every name, Jesus , Our Lord and King . amen.

  • Debi White

    Father, I cannot imagine this level of oppression. It is so hopeless apart from Your Holy Spirit. I pray that He will be at work in the hearts and minds of believers in the Maldives giving them courage and an intense desire to pray and share the gospel of hope.
    I pray that you would speak truth into the government leaders and thy would turn away from the legalistic enforcement of Islam.
    I pray for a speedy completion of your word into Dhivehi and that word would be placed in the hands of the hearts You prepared before the foundation of the world.
    Let any believing youth rise up in the power of Your Holy Spirit and live intentionally to make disciples, trusting You for protection.
    May all of these things bring You glory and honor.
    In Jesus name. Amen

  • Elizabeth Hiveley

    Father of light …send Your light to this nation…nothing is too hard for You!
    Allow the completion of the Bible to happen soon.
    Strengthen the believers and release many young people to leave this land to go to school and lead them to salvation and cause them to take the gospel back to their country.
    Bless them and keep them safe.
    In the Name of Yeshua we pray.

  • Misty Sundbeck Gallahan

    Lord, I come to You today thanking You for the believers that You have raised up for Yourself in Maldives. I pray that despite the small number of believers and almost impossible fellowship with one another Your people will grow in love and trust and continue following You Lord. I also pray for the people who travel outside of this country to seek education that they would encounter Christianity and hopefully become followers and bring back the Gospel to their homeland. Also, grant these people who leave the country favor and acceptance of Christians and Christianity so that the future leaders can make a change to freedom of religion in Maldives. I also ask Lord that You would raise up the right people who can complete a translation of the New Testament into the Dhivehi language so many more will have access to coming to know You! Lord, I pray for Your work to be done in this country to make more disciples. Please encourage these believers and help them to know that their brothers and sisters in Christ are praying for them. May they draw comfort from that! In the Holy and Precious Name of Christ, Amen!!!!

  • Phillip

    LORD GOD ALMIGHTY our Father in Heaven. You are Sovereign and in control of all things. We lift up our brothers and sisters in Maldives to You in prayer. Strengthen them to be strong in You and be Your witnesses where there is so much darkness. Raise up more of Your witnesses on the island so the people will hear of the gospel for it is Your desire for everyone to know You and turn to You to be saved through faith in Jesus. Protect the believers and provide for their every need. Help us to be faithful in standing alongside of them and keeping them in our prayers. And may You be glorified as we remain faithful in being Christ’s light to those who do know know You. It is for Your praise, glory and honor. In Jesus precious name we pray, Amen.

  • stephen houghton

    what does the bible say if they wont receive the gospel then its up to GOD who will judge them .but speak to them lord through dreams and visions tell them jesus is the messiah may they find the way

  • elizabeth sadler

    In the midst of all this beauty,but where you are not known……Lord make yourself real.,

  • disqus_o8IvQjT8lg

    As light that lightens a dark room, may Your Spirit enlighten the people of Maldives and the love, hope, and endurance of the Gospel of Christ encourage the believers who live in this very difficult culture. To Christ be honor, glory, magesty, and praise.

  • Francois du Plessis

    Holy Father,you are the creator of everything in the universe. Lord you made this beautiful island for all to share,enjoying the beauty and nature,bringing you the glory.I pray for all those Christians,please protect them from persecution,give them inner peace that comes only from our Lord Jesus and protect them from the evil one.Open the eyes of the rulers so they may see you as the Creator,and bow their knees to the God they have rejected.Lord i pray for salvation to come to the Maldives though the Living Word and by the Power of the Holy Spirit.Let your Name be Glorified in Jesus name Amen.

  • sidjames

    A sad unfortunate, backward attitude by these people who rely on Christian money to survive. Also sadly, you have the state of Israel that mirrors these policies against Christians (that also relies on US Christian foreign aid money), with it being illegal for a Christian to try to convert an Israeli to his faith, or even worse than the Maldives: it’s illegal for a Christian to marry a Jew. Christians wearing crosses on the street are regularly beaten and spat on in Jerusalem by Jews.

  • Denise Hansbury

    Father, we lift up the Maldivian Christians to Your throne of Grace. Lord, may they be soldiers in the cause and not be afraid. You are the Lord our Protector. Please Lord give them supernatural protection and guidance while they are worshiping You, and allow them to meet and not be disturbed by forces they cannot see. In Jesus’ Holy name, I ask this for the brethren of this country

  • faithever

    Keep your joy in the Lord everyday. Anything you suffer for the Lord will bring you a reward from Him, so have rejoicing in your heart! He loves you and is on your side.

  • Jack Yegon

    Gracious and everlasting Father, we humble in your awesome presence. You are lifted up high above the heavens. You rule the world by your Mighty hand. You are the creator of everything and everyone. Our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters in Maldives need you. May their devotion to you and your works be manifested in their very lives. May their Prayer, Praise and Worship rise up to you like a sweet aroma.

    May 1 Chron 4:9-10 be their portion. May they find peace in you. May your joy be their strength. We also pray for the government and the authorities of Maldive, that they will harken to the voice of God. We pray for the arms of government that they will execute justice for all. Maldivian martyrs’ blood is the seed of the Gospel that fuels it in the hearts of the believers. We pray for a change in laws to allow for your Word, the Bible and other Christian literature penetrate into Maldive. We cover all Maldivian believers and their loved ones with their property with the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Have your way in Maldive and all other places where believers are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ. Harken to our prayers Lord, for we pray this trusting and believing in the name that is above every name, the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. AMEN!

  • Robin

    Lord God, thank you for your protection of your precious children in the Maldives; thank you for imbuing them with your strength and wisdom. We ask that you will make a way for them to safely connect with each other and for the president to relax religious restrictions. Help our Christian family there to persevere despite the uncertainty, hardship, and persecution. We ask that the Muslim population will continue to find you and thirst after the life you can give them. Thank you for all you are doing for the Maldivian people.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of the people of Maldives. I pray today in Jesus’ name for each and every believer on this island and I ask for Your strength and Your encouragement for them today. I pray in Jesus’ name that You would fill the many gaps that are missing in their life – their lack of fellowship, lack of teaching, lack of encouragement. I ask You to supernaturally fill that void. I also ask that You would help these believers to find a way to find one another secretly so that they can mutually encourage one another as it says in Your Word. I ask that You would bring comfort to them and bring peace to them as I am sure many of them battle with anxiety and with hopelessness. They have no one to turn to but You, and I ask that You would help them to do just that.
    I also pray for there to be new open doors for Christian literature to spread throughout the country. I pray that the literature that currently exists in Maldives would be supernaturally protected against destruction and that they would be able to be circulated to bless as many people as possible. But I also pray for new literature and new materials to make their way into the country by whatever means necessary. Help that literature to train and strengthen and encourage the believers in Maldives in Jesus’ name.
    Finally, I pray for the government of Maldives, especially for the new president who is now in office. I ask in Jesus’ name that You would move on his heart to begin to allow more religious freedom to the people of Maldives, and I even ask that You would save his soul. I absolutely believe that Maldives can be completely turned around and could become a Christian nation, following the lead of their president. I ask that You would move in the hearts of the government to allow for more religious freedom in this nation and that the people would respond to that new freedom by exploring and seeking the Lord. I ask all of these things in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Debi

    Praying from Deuteronomy 31:6 that believers in Maldives would be strong and courageous and stand firm in their faith, not being afraid of the terror of their enemy, but remembering that the Lord God is with them. He will not fail nor forsake them. His love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on those who are called by His Name.

  • Shahin Rahman

    We are also praying that some people can feel burden for this nation to go and serve…..

  • Family4Christ

    Praying for Maldives 10/22/2014