mali-flag Rank: 33
Score: 54/100
2013 Rank: 07
Leader: President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 17.3 million (442,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in MaliAfter the French military intervention in January 2013, the threat of an Islamist takeover has been averted, at least temporarily, but the presence and infrastructure of Christianity in the north has been largely destroyed. Building up a Christian presence again will be difficult: the Christians who fled the north are afraid to return. Even though most Malian Christians (constituting less than 5% of the population) live in the south of the country, they feel threatened by Islamists in the north and fear of a new uprising remains.


  • For believers to be built up in their faith through Open Doors training seminars.
  • For wisdom for the new president in steering the country towards peace and stability.
  • For good harvests; the conflict has disrupted farming. In July 2013, 1.3 million people were in need of immediate food aid.

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  • Misty Sundbeck Gallahan

    Lord, I come to You thanking You for Your small church in Mali! Lord, it is so sad and troublesome that the future of this church is very dismal. We do not know what is going to happen but we know that You do. We know that You hold this country in Your hands. Lord, I pray for the people who are providing aid and relief to the refugees of Mali. Give them the wisdom to comfort and encourage these believers. I also pray that You would interevene on the international level and that the world would see how treacherous this situation is and stand against this cruelty towards Christians. Let their be peace and stability. Lord, I also pray that You would intervene in the tendency towards religious radicalization of Mali. If this continues, Your church could be ultimately expelled from this country. Please, Lord, hear our pleas and cries for the country of Mali. Show Your mighty works and miracles in this country so that the people and government of Mali will know that You are God alone! We humbly thank You for hearing and answering our prayers! In the Precious and Powerful Name of Jesus, Amen!!!!!!!

    • Jon Sites

      I am praying this along with you, Misty. And I pray, Father, that you would protect and comfort and strengthen the believers who are still in northern Mali. Blind the eyes and close the ears of those who would harm your children if they were to be known. We ask that, despite these atrocities, your church would grow in this country of Mali. In the name of Jesus and for Your glory, amen.

  • Victoria WAGNER

    Father God, Your children in Mali need You more than ever. Please send them help to providing aid and shelter to persecuted Christians who have fled to the south. I pray that international forces will intervene successfully against the occupation of the north, and restore peace and stability. I also pray that the tendency towards religious radicalization in Malian society would be reversed. I pray that in the western world we would be spared, in our cities, the wrath that some Muslim communities might inflict upon us as an act of revenge. Please Father, send Your Son to take us home to You. Let the breath of Your Holy Spirit sweep all over Mali and bring many into Your Kingdom, in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

  • Sharon Hoshiwara

    Father the wave of change and violence, fear and flight, is made of individuals with stories and needs and faith. I pray that You would have compassion and hear their cries. For the specific prayers they are uttering, I pray Your help in obvious and powerful ways. Encourage them, I pray that they are not alone, not defeated. For those who are able to take them in or offer them aid, I ask Your supernatural provision for the extra needs and burdens this places on them. Father, I pray that you would reach into the hearts of the most notorious enemies of Your children in northern Mali, convict them, call them, turn them to You and to repentance. I pray that Your people would continue there in the most unlikely of places, for Your glory! Amen.

  • Gloria Tomlinson

    The shoe boxes our church sent through Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child went to Mali this year! I will get the news out at our church and we will be praying!

  • Phillip

    LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, Our Father in heaven. You have created all things and LORD of all creation. Nothing is too hard for you and we know You can do all things. Yet You have called on us to pray for those who are suffering for in the body of Christ when one suffers, we all suffer. We lift up our brothers and sisters in Mali in prayer. LORD strengthen them to be strong in You to be Your witnesses to those who would persecute them and drive them from the land. For it is Your desire for everyone to know You and turn to You and be saved through faith in Jesus. LORD Your Church is under attack in the north and we ask that You would intercede for the sake of Your Great Name to let them know that You are God alone! And there is no Savior but You. Protect and provide for every need of the believers and their families. To the only GOD our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord be glory, majesty, dominion and authority before all time now and forever, amen.

  • Larry Lewis

    Almighty Father ,
    I pray that you will hear everyone’s prayers for the persecuted Christians who remain in northern Mali. I pray that you would soften the hearts of the Islamic rebels and terrorists and government officials, as only You can do, and pour out ” your Spirit on all flesh ” in this beautiful country.
    Father, I ask that you protect all Christians and strengthen them to become true witnesses to your Love. ” For love is stronger than hate ” and I believe You can work great miracles in this land that the ‘tides would be turned’ and there would be a Revival and Awakening of all Malians as never was before ! Let the Holy Spirit descend upon Mali with great fire !! In Jesus name I pray….

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning first thanking You for everyone in Mali who has come to accept You as Lord and Savior. You have done a work in this country and, regardless of what it may look like, You have not forsaken these lands. Thank You for continuing to work through difficult circumstances and even for allowing us to pray for Mali this morning so that Your work can continue there.

    First we want to pray for all of those who are providing aid, shelter, food, resources and supplies to persecuted Christians who have fled the North. I know that this is Your heart and that some of them are probably making major sacrifices in order to serve their persecuted brothers and sisters. I pray that You would provide every need for those giving aid – as they give, let it be given to them. I pray that supplies and resources given would bless our persecuted brothers and sisters and bring comfort to them. And I also pray that the watching world would see the generosity and love shown by “strangers” to our persecuted brothers and sisters – and that that love would draw the world around them to want to know Jesus.

    I pray for the Northern region of the country right now and I pray especially for peace and stability. I pray that international forces would intervene successfully and that Mali would be restored to a place of freedom. Give everyone wisdom concerning this situation – how to proceed, what to do and not to do. I pray for a softness of heart for all of the militant Mslms who have taken over the North and imposed Sharia law. NONE of them are too far for You no longer to be able to save them. What a testimony that would be!!

    And finally, we pray that You would reverse the trend in Mali towards religious radicalization. We pray that You would halt this movement and that the dynamic of the country would turn back towards freedom, especially in matters of religion. I know that You desire for people to come to You out of their own free will, so I pray that this would be the case. Please allow for freedom of religion to come back into this country and that militant anything would no longer be the norm and the trend. We ask all of this in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Mary Ann Callahan

    Always remember, dear brothers and sisters, that you are more than conquerors through Him who loves you. He will cover you with His Love and nothing shall be impossible for you…..His Word, with all its promises, is yours …..all of it and it is powerful….and His Joy is your strength, You will not be defeated by the evil around you.

    And always know that there are many praying for you….you are not alone.

  • Sandra Buckner

    Please know that you are not alone. Your prayers are being joined by others who know of your struggle. Dear Father…in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, please be with the Christians in Mali, Lord; please be with them as they stand strong in the faith, Lord. Help them not only to continue to worship You but to bring others to faith in You Lord…Please give them strength and wisdom, as well as the physical needs they request as they go through each day for You. I pray these things in Jesus Mighty and Holy Name…AMEN.

  • gratefulgrammy1950

    You are not forgotten! I pray, continually, for you…my brothers and sisters in Yeshua, our Lord, Savior and Messiah!

  • Bonita

    I pray for all Christians in Mali, who are in danger of, or being persecuted by Islamist extremists. I pray God’s protection, strength, and courage over all who Malian Christians.
    Proverbs 11:5–”The righteousness of the perfect shall direct his way: but the wicked shall fall by his own wickedness.

  • Cary

    Dear Lord,
    Bless the people of Mali today. Bring peace. Shine Your light brightly. Soften hearts to receive the Good News of Jesus Christ! Protect Your church and give them boldness to live out their faith and share You with others.
    In Christ’s Name, amen

  • Amy

    Lord, this morning I come to You on behalf of the nation of Mali. First I just want to thank You for protecting the believers at the church that was mentioned in the opening segment. Thank You that the security team was able to find the bombs and get the congregation out safely, and that no one was injured. I also thank You for allowing the French government to help prevent an Islmic takeover in 2013. I know that You have been working in the nation of Mali!
    I continue to pray first for the small percentage of believers in this country. I can understand why they would be afraid to go back to the north again, after all that has happened. I believe that You have a specific plan for each believer – and that You may desire some to go back to the north while others remain. I pray that You would speak clearly to each believer and show them where You would like for them to go and spread Your Word. I pray that each one would obey You and listen to wherever You tell them to go. I ask that You would help those that You are calling back to the north NOT to be afraid but to walk by faith, knowing that being in the center of Your will is the best place for them no matter how it ends. I ask for Your protection over these believers and that You would continue to grow them in wisdom and in knowledge of You. I ask that You would continue to help them to evangelize and share You with others without fear. I pray also for the Open Doors training seminars and ask that You would use them to help strengthen and equip the Malian believers.
    I also pray for the government of Mali, especially the new president. I ask that You would guide him and guide the government in steering the country back to a place of peace. Help them to make laws and decisions that are beneficial to the nation and the people of that nation. Please help Mali to remain stable as a nation and to continue to take steps more towards stability and not chaos. Finally, I join my prayers with others around the world in praying for the harvest in Mali. There are many without food as You know and I ask that You would have mercy on the land and allow for a good harvest this year. I also ask for wisdom for the farmers in cultivating their land, and also for provision for those who are without food and need immediate aid. Thank You for being so faithful to take care of these needs and for loving the nation of Mali and the people who live there. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Edith Kurie

    Heavenly Father I ask Your great wisdom and protection over Christians who have been decimated and will rebuild. I pray for the hearts of the Islamists that their hatred be replaced by love by the power of the blood of Jesus and Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Sue Randall Wilkes

    Father I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ in Mali. Please give them strength and the hope that only You can give. Nothing can separate us from the love You have for us. We don’t understand what is happening, but we trust You and we love You. We look to You in everything.

  • jjvors

    O Lord of the harvest! I pray You bless the harvests of Mali; first of food, that the population may have enough; and secondly of the gospel, the the word is sown widely and boldly through Your people and many turn toward You. Send forth workers into the fields white with the harvest of souls. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.