Flag of Mauritania Rank: 36
Score: 51/100
2013 Rank: 23
Leader: General Mohamed Abdelaziz
Government: Islamic republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 3.8 million (5,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in MauritaniaMauritania is one of only four official ‘Islamic republics’ in the world; its constitution recognizes Islam as the sole religion and Islamic law is the only officially recognized source of legislation. Because of harsh government restrictions, Christian activity is restricted to education and development projects. It is impossible for Mauritanian Christians to register their churches, so they must meet in secret. Pressure on Muslim-background believers from family, tribe members and local mosque leaders is very high. Government and al-Qaeda are increasingly monitoring Christian activity.


  • Fear among Christians is very great; ask God to give them courage and assure them they are not forgotten
  • For opportunities to offer literacy courses; more than 50% of the adult population is illiterate
  • For Christians who suffer discrimination or job loss; Open Doors supports them with microloans.

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  • GilbertDavis

    Father God , please speak to their hearts and open them up to hearing and believing The Gospel . Please protect your children and all who have been saved through , “repentance toward God and faith toward The LORD Jesus Christ ” ( Acts 20:21 )KJB.

  • Susana OPPONG

    Father, you are a Perfect God who can save perfectly.
    Please let your Spirit move in Mauritania and save souls to your Kingdom. May the Holy Spirit glorify Jesus in this country. Thank you for those you have already saved in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • Johanna in NZ

    Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you on behalf of the people of Mauritania. Father, we love you and are so thankful for what you have done in our lives. We long for the people of Mauritania to be reconciled to you through the blood of Jesus. Open doors for the gospel so that they can hear the Word and open their hearts so that they may believe.

    Thank you for those who already believe in Jesus. We ask that they will lead lives worthy of you. Increase their knowledge and spiritual understanding so that they will bear much fruit and bring glory to your holy name. Make them strong with all the strength that comes from your glorious power so that they are able to endure everything and joyfully give thanks to you. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You today on behalf of Mauritania. I pray specifically along with others who are reading these prayer reports and agree together with them on behalf of the believers in this nation. I pray first for both protection and perseverance for God’s people. I ask that You would shield them and guard them from any type of attack that may come against them – and there are many in this region. I ask that You would give them grace and strength to stand against anything that You may allow to come their way. – and that they would remain faithful to You despite the difficulties that they face. Please help them to know that they are earning themselves eternal rewards that will last forever. I pray also against the al-Qaeda organization and their monitoring activity against Christians in Mauritania. I ask in Jesus’ name that this organization be shut down and prevented from deterring Your plans in the surrounding countries. I ask that its influence will continue to diminish and that nothing it tries to do will get in the way of Your plans. I also pray for more people to be raised up to translate the Bible into languages that the Mauritanians will understand so that they can gain access to Your Word. I ask that You would make a way – whether it is through written word, audio, someone teaching… that people would hear Your Words that would inspire the faith that they need to believe in You. Please move in the nation of Mauritania and let Your will be done there, and please use those who do already know You to make a lasting impact that will remain throughout all of eternity. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    That literacy and translation projects will give more Mauritanians
    access to the Bible in their own language.

  • MAK

    Lord, we ask that you send Your Holy Spirit to protect, nourish and strengthen Your people in Mauritania. Also, ask cry out for miraculous signs and wonders to break out all over this land so that whose who are deceived will see and know that Lord, You are the living God. Bring many to saving knowledge of You, Jesus. Send visions during the day and dreams during the night of Your love for them. Bring all these together to strengthen one another in Your unending love and saving grace. Help us as the rest of the world’s body of Christ to be obedient in helping our brothers and sisters in this land. Greater is He that is in us then he that is in the world. We praise and thank you, oh Lord, God, for this people which You have made in Your image.

  • Andrew Wheeler

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on the believers in Mauritania. Protect them from the evil one, provide for their needs, and strengthen and purify their faith. Have mercy on those far from you. Draw them to yourself; please do not leave them in darkness. Have mercy on those who persecute your church by changing their hearts and minds and turning them around.

    Please raise up leaders for this country whom you can use to open doors for the gospel.

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