Flag of Morocco Rank: 44
Score: 47/100
2013 Rank: 39
Leader: King Mohammed VI
Government: Constitutional monarchy
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 32.6 million (22,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in MoroccoIslamic extremism is the main persecution dynamic in Morocco, and even more so since the government is led by an Islamic party. Victims of persecution are mainly Muslim Background Believers (MBBs), though the same restrictions apply to the small historical Catholic and expat communities in the country. Pressures seem to have increased, particularly in the community sphere. It is also increasingly difficult for foreign workers to enter the country. In this reporting period, few violent incidents against Christians were recorded. Without doubt, the most important change affecting the church is the arrival of the Islamist party in government. Many Christians are pessimistic about the future, with the Islamist party and other Islamist movements rapidly gaining influence in the country.


  • Many of the social reforms from the government since the Arab Spring have been in favor of Muslims.
  • Islamic forces are becoming more visible in the country. Pray for local Christians to remain strong in spite of this trend.

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  • Nancy Robinson

    May our Lord Jesus Christ dwell in your hearts and minds in your most hardest of days. Brothers and Sisters in Christ We must remember God will never leave you nor forsake you. Trust in Him in ALL your ways and He will direct your path.

  • Joe Fontanetta

    Heavenly Father I humbly beseech You to protect the Moroccan Christians and converts and please send Your Holy Spirit to give them courage and strength. This I pray in our Savior’s precious name. Amen

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of the nation of Morocco. Firstly, I want to pray for Youseff. i thank You for revealing Your truth to him and for the heart that You gave him for others to know Your truth as well. I pray that he would be an example and a light to his family, and that the changes that they see in his life will be the thing that draws them to You. I pray for the friend that was mentioned who is expressing an interest in the gospel – use Youseff to water that seed that You have planted and bring this young man into Your kingdom in Jesus’ name. Please be a help to Youseff when he is rejected by others or if he is ever still mistreated by his own family.
    I pray for all Moroccan Muslms who find Your truth – as so many of them are completed rejected by family members and friends. I know it sounds cliche, but You really can become their family and their closest friend… and I ask that You would do that for all Moroccan Mslm converts who are now left alone. I ask that You would provide for them and protected them, reassure them and comfort them. Help them to continue to fix their eyes on the things of heaven and not on the things of this world. Give them hearts to evangelize and to share with others the good news that they have received for themselves.
    I thank You and praise You, Lord, for the hope that the Arab Spring has brought to the oppressed believers and even for some of the changes that have taken place in the nation so that people can have more freedoms. I especially thank You for the hope that it has brought to the young people – that they would realize that freedom is possible and that pressing on and continuing to endure difficulty will have its rewards. I pray that violence would not become the perceived “answer” but that freedoms would continue to be “fought” for through education and through programs like those sponsored by Open Doors. I lift up the work of Open Doors in Morocco and ask that You would continue to anoint it and direct it and use it to reach more people for Christ and help more Christians who are struggling or who need discipleship. I pray that You would provide absolutely everything needed for these works – finances, personnel, opportunity, the right people to enter the program, wisdom in buildings and locations, creativity. I pray that You would make these programs a blessing to the nation of Morocco and that they would be used to reach as many people as possible for You. Strengthen the leadership of these programs and keep them humble and constantly looking to You and seeking You for direction. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name, amen.

    For discipleship training and women’s training programs organized by Open Doors.

  • Toni Poharcyk

    Praise You, Heavenly Father, for Youseff’s decision for Christ and his salvation. I pray in Your will that You will hold Youseff’s safety in Your hand, as well as other Moroccan Christians. Please, in Your abundant, enduring love for these people, guide them towards their brotherssisters in Christ, to teach them Your Word, lift them up, and encourage people such as Youseff, who will surely face consequences from family, friends, authorities, and others for their Christian faith, learning, worship and witnessing to other Muslims who have a heart and soul that is seeking You. I beseech, you, Lord to, in your will, for Your provision of opportunities, fellowship, supplies & Christian teachers for Open Doors, everything necessary, You know, Lord. My Savior, please in Your will, make Your way known so the Church Body in Morocco, & everywhere else that You will thrive and be an example by their faithfulness & witness, to Glorify You. With God, nothing is impossible. Thank you and praise you, Heavenly Father, Jesus my Savior, The Holy Spirit, Amen.

  • Ernest Zenone

    Our greatest weapon is to persevere in prayer for the persecuted church in Morocco. Also for the salvation of both the secular and Islamic authorities. Persecution refines the church and from what I have read (“Operation Wordl”) this has given much attention that Muslims are more and more aware of Christians who have left Islam to become Christians. This can encourage the lost Muslims! “Lord, please bring Morocco under thy rule! In Jesus Name, I pray”

  • Edith Kurie

    I pray Heavenly Father You will keep Your children strong as they may begin to face extreme opposition to faith in Jesus Christ. I pray Your grace and peace in their hearts and that all those who oppose the love and salvation through Jesus Christ may be awakened by the power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Nates Nana

    Father God I lift up our brothers and sisters in Morocco before your throne of grace asking that you protect them from all harm and evil . I pray about that you would grow them in your grace and knowledge of your truth. I ask these things in the name of our most wonderful and powerful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Kevin McMahan

    Praying for our family in Morocco; for strength and wisdom to be effective Ambassadors for Christ in spite of the circumstances. Praying for pastors in Morocco; for endurance and wisdom to know how to shepherd God’s flock. Praying for those persecuted our family members; that God will bless them with the ultimate gift – knowledge of His Son. Praying for those lost in Morocco; that as they seek the divine in their daily prayers that Christ will reveals Himself to them and draw them close. It is in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of the nation of Morocco. I’m thankful to hear that the reports of violence against Christians have been minimal and that overt persecution is not incredibly strong. However, there are still many issue that remain and I want to bring those issues to You today. I pray firstly for the MBBs in Morocco who are facing social pressures and family/community persecution. Lord, I pray that firstly they would be able to stand up under the pressure and be an amazing witness for You despite all that they are facing. I pray that Your Holy Spirit would empower each one of them and give them grace and strength and wisdom as they navigate through their lives. I pray that their witness would soften the hearts of those who wish to persecute them, and that even through this evil those persecutors would have seeds planted in their hearts that would make them want to turn to You. I pray that You would also take control of the Moroccan government, which has shifted towards Islm. I pray that You would place the right people in the right positions and that the heart of the king would truly be in Your hand. I pray that the pastors and leaders of Morocco would have divine wisdom in knowing how to lead their congregations and how to shepherd their people, as well as how to disciple new believers. I ask that You would also help laws to be passed that will enable Christians to freely share their faith and for Moroccans everywhere to have the opportunity to hear about and receive Christ. I know that You are moving in Morocco and I ask that You would continue to do a mighty work there. May you receive all glory from this nation and the believers in it! In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  • Taylor

    Father God, please be with the MBB’s and the Christians and others who are under attack because of their faith. Please cause the Christians to reach out to the MBB’s and be a powerful witness to them. Save all the MBB’s and make Morocco’s government Your agent. Please cause my fellow believers in Christ in Morocco to remain strong in spite of the present circumstances and sweep this people with Your mighty Spirit, convicting and saving at all social levels and ages. In Jesus’ Mighty and Awesome Name I pray, Amen.