North Korea  

Flag of North Korea Rank: 1
Score: 90/100
2013 Rank: 01
Leader: Kim Jong-Un
Government: Communist dictatorship
Main Religion: Atheism/traditional beliefs
Population: 24.5 million (300,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Communist oppression/ Dictatorial paranoia

Christian Persecution in North KoreaFor the 12th consecutive year, this is the place where Christian persecution is most extreme. The God-like worship of the leader, Kim Jong-Un, and his predecessors leaves no room for any other religion, and Christians face unimaginable pressure in every sphere of life. Forced to meet only in secret, they dare not share their faith even with their families, for fear of imprisonment in a labor camp. Anyone discovered engaging in secret religious activity may be subject to arrest, disappearance, torture, even public execution.


  • For the 50,000-70,000 Christians imprisoned in labor camps. Ask God to sustain them.
  • That God would change the heart of Kim Jong-Un, and use him to reform the country.
  • For protection for Open Doors workers and contacts bringing practical and spiritual support to believers.

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  • Alina Bayhon-Campos

    Thanks for this. This caused me to pray even harder for the Christians in N Korea and for the leadership to find that they too need a Savior. Praying for a hedge of protection around Open Doors workers and the N Korean Christians and for them not to lose hope for the Lord is coming soon to give them the physical rest that they are hoping for, Praise the Lord for the faithfulness of these Christians and God’s faithfulness to them!

    • Very Good HK

      North Korean communist regime uses the same brainwashing techniques as Christians. So their brainwashing is very strong in North Korea. So false religion of Christianity will never be able to increase its numbers there.

  • Betty Edwards

    As we pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ each month being persecuted around the world, please pray for
    the church here in the west. Pray God would open their eyes, they woud seek God,s heart for those suffering and in masses join God’sArmy of intersessors for the persecuted

  • Ian Mason

    Having seen reports of this country in the papers and news Lord we pray that you will break through the emptyness that we see in the people there and that the message of Jesus will break into that land. Amen

    • Very Good HK

      May message of Allah break into your heart.

  • Doug Titus

    I’ve been watching some videos & reading some on this country in recent months. The brainwashing & the cult worship of the Kims, especially in Pyongyang, is utterly beyond the pale. I believe there needs to be a spiritual breakthrough in this area.

  • sherma

    Father i lift up the country of North Korea to you, open every blind eyes, deaf ears so that they can see you for who your are Lord. There father , faithful friend, comforter and counselor Father for every Christians in this country i decree your strength, your favor, your grace, your protection and your blessings. father every door that is close i decree they be open in the name of Jesus, father just as in the days of Daniel you let King Nebuchadnezzar know that you are Lord God Almighty. So shall it be for North Korea Leader Kim Jong-Un and his loyalists. Father declare a change is happening right now in the name of Jesus. thank you Lord, thank you Lord, I give you praise. Amen

    • Faith Ukwuomah


    • C. Gabriel Ramirez

      Amen! Lets keep them in our prayers

    • A Million Halleleujahs


  • Rebeckah Cook

    God bind the enemy. Loose the unbreakable kingdom of Christ. Bring liberty to the captives. Throw down tyrant kings. Make Satan fall in this nation in the holy name of Jesus.

    • Rita Campbell


    • Very Good HK

      Allah please bring followers of false messiah to you. Ameen.

  • Rebeckah Cook

    The Holy Spirit just spoke, “It is so ordered.”

  • Barbara J Ferraro

    My heart is truly breaking to think of all the people in these camps, not just in Korea, but in other countries where they are treated like animals. I will continue praying for them all until our Lord returns, or until I leave this world otherwise. I am reminded daily that in my life, no matter what problems or trials I am having, I am so well off compared to those in other parts of the world, I am truly blessed by God to live where I live.

  • Barbara J Ferraro

    I am praying for our country to turn back to God and as requested below, I also pray for those of us in the West to do what we can to place these people in our hearts and prayers.

  • Esther

    Our hearts and prayers are with you! You are not alone! You are His body.

  • Kathy Hooks

    Father God, these are your precious children. Help them to stand strong in the face of persecution, ridicule, starvation, beatings, torture, and death. Be their warmth in winter and their food and drink. Be their friend when they are friendless. May their courage and forgiveness forever be impressed on those who hate them. May the image of faces be burned in their minds until they turn to you. May Your sweet Spirit comfort, guide, help, sustain and convict. You are Lord and You will snatch them unto Your bosom when their final breath is gone. Praise You, Lord, that nothing can separate us from Your love!

  • Sheri Camarda

    We pray the evil strongholds in N. Korea will be torn down by the powerful Name of Jesus Christ as the prayers of the saints go upward to Your Throne of Grace and mercy Lord God almighty and You, Lord Jesus Christ will come and rule and reign over N. Korea. That the veil of deception the devil has put on them would be lifted and eyes & hearts prepared to receive You as Lord and Savior. And pour out a greater amount of grace on our brothers and sisters in captivity. Standing up and not giving in. Send dreams, visions etc. and encourage them with a glimpse of what You have prepared for them. Reveal how precious they are to You Lord Jesus and help the week and faint of heart who believe in You but are weak. Help them grow stronger in their faith and be their strength. We know You have a plan O’ God. May Your plan go forth in N.Korea and pour out the Holy Spirit. For Your Names sake Lord Jesus. In Your Name we pray. Amen and Amen

  • Suzie

    When our brothers and sisters suffer, we suffer with them. We cry out to God to strengthen and empower these suffering servants – and we ask, Lord, that they boldly, like a lion, or gently as a lamb,

    let their light shine to their oppressors. In Jesus’ precious name we pray.

  • Andi

    Heavenly Father, I am asking for your protection for the Christians living in North Korea. May they continue to seek your will even under persecution. Supernaturally protect them, Father, as they grow their faith in you. May all your servants that help them gain freedom in surrounding areas be safe as they do your work in this fallen world. It is in your precious name I pray. Amen.

  • Robert Allen

    Lord, I pray for my Christian brothers and sisters in North Korea that God would grant them peace and favor with the authorities that the Holy Spirit would open the hearts and minds of their oppressors to the message of the gospel…and help me to never take for granted the freedom we possess in America and to never forget our current Christian brethren who indeed are going thorough a time of tribulation.

  • Phillip Bozarth

    LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, You are sovereign and in control of all things and yet You call upon us to pray for those who are suffering. And when we align our hearts with yours and pray according to Your will, You will answer our prayer. I lift up my brothers & sisters in North Korea to You that you will keep them strong in their faith and strengthen them to be Your witnesses in a very dark place. That You would open the hearts of those who persecute them because it is Your desire for everyone to know You and be saved by receving JESUS as their Lord and Savior. Comfort and heal those who are suffering. Help us to be faithful and standing alongside of them. LORD it is for Your praise, glory and honor. In JESUS name we pray, Amen.

  • Cassandra Adrienne Mulligan

    Jesus, may it be done on earth as it is in heaven in North Korea. I pray that the heads of the kings there would be turned towards you and that every knee would bow and every mouth confess that Jesus Christ is Lord in North Korea. Lord. I pray Lord that you would visit those imprisoned and tortured for your name sake and fill them with your Holy Spirit. I pray that those who battle on for Jesus would not have a spirit of fear, but one of power, love and a sound mind as they do Your work. Keep them safe Lord in every way.

  • Sheri Matsumoto

    Lord, God Almighty, may Your Name be lifted up in these camps as the only way to peace. May You relieve the suffering of my brothers and sisters in North Korea and give them the grace they need to remain faithful to You. Thank You for their faithfulness, Father and the example they are for me. Bring many unbelievers to Yourself, Lord, as they see the witness of those who hold onto You in the midst of this horror. Break through, Lord Jesus, the barriers of hate and ignorance. In the name of Jesus, I pray….

  • Darell Torland

    I have read Soon Ok lee’s book “Eyes of the Tailless Animals” many many times. If you read this comment then I challenge you to read this book about My Brother’s and Sister’s in North Korea. Our Brothers and Sisters, in Christ suffer extreme sufferings for their faith. Prayer affects Heaven so Please read the book and then start praying for our family in North Korea. I pray for them and my prayers affect Heaven and yours will too.
    God Bless you for being here right now.

    Brother in Christ

    • lisa davis

      I just went to amazon and ordered the book. I really don’t look forward to reading this but know that I must. The more we know and understand the more we will pray.

      • Gloria Tan

        ‘Nothing To Envy’ talks about lives in North Korea. A not-to-be-missed title that opens up a whole new world about the prison camps would be New York Times bestseller ‘Escape from Camp 14′ by Blaine Harden.

    • yesterdayschild

      “Nothing To Envy” – Barbara Demick is another eye opener.

  • Kathy Gizowski

    I pray for God’s comfort and love to surround my fellow Christians in these prisons

  • Amy

    Lord, I lift up my brothers and sisters in North Korea. I know that there is absolutely nothing impossible with You and that there is no one who is beyond Your reach. I pray for the souls of Kim Jong-un and all those in leadership in North Korea. I pray in Jesus’ name that You would open their eyes to the truth of who You are. I pray that they would be given the faith that they need to believe in You and that they would be given every opportunity to turn to You. I pray that You would turn Kim Jong-un’s heart towards Christians and that there would be more freedom of religion under his rule. I ask that Christian literature would be allowed to be distributed throughout the country so that more people can have an opportunity to learn who You are and accept You. I pray that You would strengthen and protect every single one of the around 400,000 believers in this country. For those who are in prison, I ask for Your grace to cover them and for You to do supernatural miracles to help them endure and to even find joy in the midst of their suffering. I ask for Your will to be done in their lives – whether that means release for them or whether that means having them remain in prison. I ask that You would embolden believers supernaturally so that they would not be afraid to share the gospel with other North Koreans. I ask that You would present divine opportunities for this to happen and that You would give the believers wisdom in who to talk to, when to talk to them and what to say. I pray for You to break the power of the principality over North Korea so that Your light and Your spiritual truth can find solid ground in that nation. I pray that all of those in North Korea who do not yet know You will have the opportunity to come to know You. I pray that not one North Korean will perish without being given the opportunity to come to know You. I pray for Your protection for all believers specifically against any spies sent to expose them. I pray that You would naturally or supernaturally warn believers if someone has infiltrated them or is coming to expose them. Please keep them protected in Jesus’ name. Thank You for the amazing strength and grace that You have given to my brothers and sisters, and for the amazing work that Open Doors is doing to aid North Korean refugees and to deliver emergency aid into the country. Let Your will be done in North Korea!

  • Matthew Wagoner

    Lord, I am so sorry that I have turned a deaf ear to my brothers and sisters around the world who are persecuted for their faith in Christ. My life is one of little stress, many comforts, and the daily blessings of a home, family, job, etc. Please wake me up to the realities that exist around the world. Help me do all I can in the future for my brothers and sisters who suffered silently as I looked on as if their pain, beatings, imprisonment, and martyrdom were not real. God forgive me and change me to forever remember them in action and not just in empty words.

  • Sarah John

    Father God in Jesus name may your comfort peace and joy be with our brothers and sisters in North Korea as they face the test of their faith and may Your name be glorified through their lives to bring so many more into your Kingdom. Amen.

  • Tom Rupp

    Kind Heavenly Father, I pray for the country and leadership of North Korea. Open the eyes and the hearts of all those people who have yet to come to know you. Allow them to see that the strength and love for You that the Christians there possess and are currently suffering for, is what they are missing, and want in their lives. I pray for Kim Jong-Un and that he may come to know Christ and make changes in the country that would allow for the growth Christianity. I specially want to pray for the Christians in North Korea. Please give them the strength to endure the hardships, torture and persecution that they now are subject to. I pray that our prayers give encouragement and strength to their convictions as their perseverance of their love for You encourages us. I pray that for every life that is lost for their steadfast belief and love for You, someone is saved who will lead others to know of your promise.I pray for Open Doors and for their efforts in getting aid to those suffering. I pray all of this in the name of Your Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

  • S.m. Harris

    Lord, I simply pray that you give my brothers and sisters the strength, courage and boldness that they need to withstand this onslaught. Give them your faith and hope and make them brave. May they always feel your presence beside them, may they always keep their eyes and hearts on you. Make other Christians aware of them, that we can all pray for and help in anyway, as many Christians are not aware of their plight. Use us, Lord, to help them, in Jesus name, amen.

  • Misty Sundbeck Gallahan

    Lord, I come to you today giving thanks for the church that You have raised up in North Korea. Thank you that it continues to grow and that more and more people are coming to know and love you. Lord, I pray that You would give these believers strength and courage. It is hard to imagine the deplorable conditions that these Christians live in and face on a daily basis. Lord, give us all a heart of burden to continue to think of and pray for these believers. I ask, Lord, that political and economic change would come to this country. I ask that Christians would be given more freedom. I ask that there would be a love and respect for human dignity. I also pray that You would thwart the attempts of the spies that would do more harm to You church and its movement in North Korea. I thank You that Open Doors is able to minister there. We thank You for all that You are doing for these believers. In Christ’s Name, Amen!!!!!

  • Emma

    Lord, forgive me for complaining or feeling self pity over my small problems when I have freedom to worship you and all that I need to live comfortably,
    I ask You to give an extra measure of Your presence to Your North Korean children who suffer because they follow You.. Give them the blanket of Your love when they are cold. Give them the power of Your strength when they are weak. And give them Your courage that they might not deny You.
    And Father, shorten the days of this regime of evil. Let Your people go.

    • Mairi Catriona MacLeod


  • osama

    God protect refugees and those helping them

  • Beth

    Lord, give our North Korean brothers and sisters that perfect love that casts out fear. Protect and strengthen them to stand firm for you. Thank you for the opportunity to minister to them in prayer and to be part of the Gospel ministry.

  • eileen

    Heavenly Father, I pray for your protection & comfort of these courageous believers! May they never feel isolated or abandoned, but only surrounded by your great love & assurance! Hold them fast, Lord Jesus, and help them to persevere under the persecution and be a testimony to your wonderful glory!

    Above all, Lord, I pray for their persecutors, that they may be brought to a saving faith in you. May the brave testimony & witness of these blessed believers draw others in, Lord, and may this country be transformed by the transformation of people’s hearts for you! Amen.

    • A Million Halleleujahs


  • shelby olson

    Father God we proclaim as your body that you are sovereign and in control. We lay this situation down at the cross.. with North Korea. I pray that all of these horrible things that are happening in North Korea will somehow bring glory to your name. I pray for an increase in perseverence of the NC people.

  • Osagie Omere

    I pray that the gospel of Christ Jesus will find entrance and prevail in the heart Kim Jong-Un of in Jesus name.

  • Phil Coleman

    Lord, keep yourself real to them. Let their faith abound! Let discouragement be met with powerful faith. Without faith it is immpossible please you. Wtihout it nothing can be accomplished. Let faith produce miricles and miricles produce believers. Blind the evil men who would stand against them, let them fall into their own ditch…Faith in Christ will prevail! “and the darkness could not comprehend it”

  • Elizabeth

    Lord our hearts are broken for the pain our brothers and sisters suffer from. I cannot even imagine what it would be like. Praying for a mighty miracle to happen and change the heart of Kin Jong Un to have mercy and empty this prision…
    For there is nothing too hard for Him.

  • Willie Hunt

    Father We ask that you touch our Christian Family that they will be strong we pray for the enemy and we stand in the gap for the christian servents help us to be thankful for your blessings Jesus you will make all things right when you return to get us so help us hold on till then in Jesus name We pray Amen. We love you our Christian Brothers an Sisters

  • Heather

    We prayed today in my Suffering Church class at Bethany College of Missions for North Korea. We have several students gathering regularly to pray for North Korea. You are not forgotten.

  • Glorya Va’a Evalu

    Almighty God of Abrahama, Isaac and Jacob. Who am I to complain about the things I dont have when I live in a country of freedom? I pray for your forgiveness, Lord, and uplift my brothers and sisters who face death everyday just because they love you. Father, I pray that they remember to know who you are and what you’ve done. I pray for endurance, Lord, and I pray you comfort them in the name above all names, Jesus the Messiah.

    You are always worhty to be praised, Abba Father. I commit the 400,000 christians into your hands, Lord. The safest hands in the galaxy.

  • braden12

    I pray that the Christians being persecuted in North Korea hold firm in their faith. In your holy word it says, “pray for those who persecute you.” Give these Christians the strength to pray for their persecutors, in your precious and Holy name, Amen.

  • Geraldo Ferreira

    Lord our Father, I praise your holy Name, I humble myself before and ask that you at this may be renewing the faith, the strength, the courage and the hopes of your children in North Korea, Lord that they may not stumble in the path to eternity, that their aim continues to be Christ and that the hope to be eternally by your side grows each day, that you may continue to give them strength to share the gospel, fill them with your Holy Spirit, that they may be renewed with gifts of the Holy Spirit, Lord reveal yourself in some way to the leaders of North Korea, cause a revival to occur there, I ask that you may be pouring mercy and grace, we adore You Lord and thank You once more, in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • Ross Ballard

    Oh God how we love you! We cannot ignore the needs of these people! People are dying; families are being torn apart; kids are robbed of hope; the leaders are blinded by their transgressions and need You to remove the scales. I pray God for the salvation of Kim Jong-Un and his fellow coworkers! I pray they will meet Jesus and will become valuable agents in the sharing of the Gospel. I pray Christianity would no long be banned there but that it would be welcomed with all enthusiasm. Thank You God that others are praying for this nation. I pray millions of Christians would pray for this nation. I pray there prayers would lead to revival. I pray for dreams and visions to fall upon the people of this nation. I pray people would fear You in North Korea. I pray for nation-wide repentance. I pray for hope to be given to the widow and orphan. I pray for sick people to rely on You. I pray that the physical needs of the people would be met by Your strong right arm. Drop the blankets of love and grace on this weary, desert land. Make them thirst as a deer thirst for water. In the name of Jesus. Amen! Hosanna in the Highest!

  • Mike Langkammer

    My hope is that with NK so much in the news now, that somehow their atrocities might get noticed so that somehow there could be an intervention of some type. These people are counting on us to pray for them, to publicize their plight, and to get them the help they need.

  • tech4Jesus

    Adonai Jehovah Father God lift up the nation of North Korea father to your throne. We declare that where sin has abounded in this nation that your grace much more abounds. Father in the name of Jesus we pray speak to those who are oppressing your people in this nation, speak to the oppressors in dreams and visions of the night in the name of Jesus. Silence thousands of lies that they have believed silence them with truth. We pray for Damascus road type encounters for them turn Saul’s into Pauls by your grace. Release the fear of the Lord upon this nation. Holy Spirit we pray fill christians in this nation fill them. Give them grace to cry out to you Father and grow in intimacy with you. Strengthen them with might Holy Spirit in their inner man. Strengthen them to pray and endure. In your name Lord Jesus we pray. Amen

  • bultak23

    You be their voice because they have none.

  • Josh Fronduti

    Let it be!

  • Alisi Kivalu

    Dear Heavenly Father, Almighty God I pray that You strengthen these Christians in North Korea to stay strong and keep faithful and I also pray the same for all Christians being persecuted all over the world. Heavenly Father I pray that You protect them and keep them safe Heavenly Father. In their times of trial I pray that You help them recover and heal and that their faith is strengthened even more. I pray that You bless them Father and that You let them know and tell them that they are not alone and to keep the faith and to keep fighting the good fight. Heavenly Father forgive me for my selfish ways, i have it easy out here and yet i sin and give up every other day and yet Christians who are being persecuted physically/mentally and emotionally all around the world are hanging in there fighting for You. Almighty God please forgive me. I pray that light is shone on all the non-believers who are ruling all the countries that choose to persecute Christians. I pray that their eyes are opened to see that You are the Almighty God who sacrificed His only begotten Son for us to get a second chance. I pray that the persecutor hesitates to persecute right before he was going to. I pray that Christians won’t give up on you.May the Holy Spirit be sent to their assistance when needed. I pray that you open the eyes and ears of the deaf. Heavenly Father thank You for Open Doors, thank You for blessing me to live a day with ease and less trouble may I use my opportunity to advantage to work hard to serve You Almighty God. I pray and ask all these things in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ our Lord, Savior, Redeemer. Amen.

  • Filipe Kramer

    Oh Great Lord… we know that you are able to give freedom to each inch of situations that North Korea has come through… First of all.. forgive us for we , in many times, make little of your kingdom and our duty! Jesus, may the Lord full us with your Spirit and make we see as you see, feel as you feel, love what you love and despise what you despise ( that is our flesh, our ancient person, …).. Give FREEDOM to our Brothers, may you, oh Lord, give the real and true sight about you and you words to those who govern the North Korea… that you rip out their eyes band and sins!! that you provide all the necessary stuff, material and spiritual, mainly spiritual, to our brothers so that they can be cheerful to win with you! may you, Lord Jesus, take out every fear, every anxiety, every sadness and every pain of our korean brothers….
    WE wanna see the korean miracles!!!
    in the name of Jesus, who we can put our burdens on, I beg, rather, WE beg it to you, Oh Lord! Amen!

  • Nouman Prince

    Join us to help the persecuted Christians ….

  • James Hylton

    The NK people have been on my heart ever since I was a Marine stationed in SK. I have been praying for NK for twenty years. I pray for God to save the leaders; to free the prisoners; to strengthen the saints; to fill them with joy, peace and patience; to give them favor in the eyes of their captors and to reward them richly in this life and the one to come.

    • Snowflake8

      Amen to that.

  • nicholette dusseau

    Dear Sweet Jesus your Holy Spirit comforts us, speaking your truth of life and joy in you, may my brothers and sisters be comforted in their persecution knowing you are with them, and they are glorifying you today. Oh, if only all would come to know Jesus and desire Him above all else. Amen

  • Marcy Burke

    I pray that the Guardian Angels of the Persecuted Christians may protect them and comfort them as they carry their crosses as Jesus carried His.

  • Tobias Wakhungu

    Lord, God, in the name of Jesus Christ I lift the little flock in North Korea in your able hands. Lord, protect them. I bind every force of wickedness in heavenly places in the name of Jesus. Lord, bring down the ungodly regime in this country and raise up the godly ones. In Jesus’ name. AMEN

  • Carolyn Hope Herndon Byrd

    Lord please be with the persecuted in North Korea. Father lift your mighty hands and cover each one of them. We in the USA have no idea of what they are going through. May we pray everyday for them.

  • Lynne Harper

    Father God, we give you Glory and honour and give thanks for Jesus your son. We thank You for His sacrifice on the cross for our sins, and we thank You for The Holy Spirit which enables us victory in Christ Jesus.
    I proclaim freedom for my brothers and sisters in Christ, and that “No Weapon Formed against them shall prosper and every tongue that rises against them we do condemn, this is our heritage in the Lord.
    I thank you also Jesus for the South Korean Christians that we have just had over here, what a blessing they were and what unity in the body we had as we all worshipped and prayed together. As i was praying i felt God say that the prayers of the saints for Korea is rising up like a Spiritual tsunami wave, and when it is Gods time He will release this Spiritual Wave to flood North Korea, and bring to nought the oppressor, but He will flood the nation with His Spirit of love that the oppressor will be swept off their feet by the love of Jesus.
    This Spiritual tsunami will cleanse and save this nation, it will wash away all the pain and hurt, and bring in a tide of rejoicing in Christ Jesus right through the land, and the evil will be swept away.
    Praise God, we give You all the Glory, we give You all the praise. Amen

  • joshua

    i will be praying

  • Kim

    Lord my brothers and sisters in North Korea are suffering because of your Name. All I can do is pray and pray. Lord let them be comforted by your love and grace. Let all South Korean Christian pray and pray for North Korean brothers and sisters. Lord please get rid of every politician who favors North Korea and ignore the pains of starving North Koreans.

  • Jeff

    All last week, Nov 3-9, the first week following the IDOP for the persecuted church, our church lifts you up before the Lord, our dear brothers and sisters in North Korea. Thank you for praying for us against the “persecution of prosperity” that OUR walks with the Lord would not grow cold. Blessings to you in Jesus’ Name!

  • oceanreaction

    I pray for all these people being persecuted in North Korea. I lift up those people in camps, that you may give them courage to keep their hearts thankful and always joyful in afflictions. That they may find a way to nourish their hearts with the Word and find wisdom from those like Paul that endured persecution. One day they will receive the crown of glory and lay it at Jesus feet. They will say “Here is my life. I gave it all to you and did not deny you in-spite of torture.” I pray for those helping those in need, keep blessing them Lord. I also pray for protection over those spreading the Good News. May the workers continue the work and find great, great courage in You. Amen.

  • Sioraf as Na Cillini

    May God bless and protect the Christians of North Korea, Catholic and Protestant alike. Amen.

  • Karen Hosier

    Abba Father, I lift up this country to you, knowing that your love for all of the Koreans is deep and committed. You sent your son to die for them and to offer them hope. I pray that you will influence the leadership toward true change. I ask that you not only reveal the spies that are sent to expose networks but you bring those spies to faith in your Son. I thank you for Open Doors and their ability to deliver emergency aid and ask that it get into the hands that will distribute it justly. I ask that you strengthen those believers within the camps and give them courage to share you with their tormentors. I thank you Lord that your Word is true and the day will come when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that you are Lord. In your mighty Name I pray. Amen

  • MichaelIganga

    Lord God Almighty remember your children in North Korea and give them relief through granting North Korea a new government that will love and fear you in Jesus name. Remember how you overthrew stubborn Nebuchadnezzar who resisted you. Please do the same to the North Korean leader so that your kingdom can be establish there.

  • mark dodgson

    Dear Lord

    In February 2016 this current regime will have lasted 70 years. Your ancient Jewish people were in captivity for 70 years. As you freed your chosen ones of long ago we pray that you may free those you have called and will call at or before this critical juncture to know human freedom as well as the spiritual freedom found only in Christ. We thank you for the publicity you have brought surrounding the visit to this nation by Mr. Denis Rodman and pray that you will use this to open the eyes of multitudes of people worldwide as to the true situation in this country that a righteousness will be established that will portend the righteousness you will one day establish when you return to rule on the earth.

    In the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ before whom every knee will one day bow and every tongue will confess


  • Lori

    Lord,our hearts cry out for our brothers and sisters in North Korea. May your presence in their hearts sustain, strengthen, and comfort them and give them hope. Bring the nations leaders to to You, Lord, or make a way, we ask, for better ones to take over. Glorify yourself in this nation and in these who suffer. amen.

  • Andersonszkan

    Strange that Israel is not on the list – I have a Christian friend who was there a couple of years ago and got beaten up by fundamentalist Israelis.

  • Wille Wictor

    Jesus, my Lord, thank you for that you care of the little sparrow, and take the christians in North Korea to your heart.

  • Ron Cooney

    Dear Lord,

    We pray for the country of North Korea. We ask that the leaders starting with Kim Jung Un would put their faith and trust in you Lord Jesus. We pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who face constant persecution asking that you would strengthen them and watch over them and bless them even now by the power of the Holy Spirit. We pray for the children of believers that they would be protected and that they would be comforted. We thank you for the church there and look forward to the day when we will be in the presence of God praising Him with the angels. We pray for the poor and starving – that they would see your provision in the midst of their poverty. Lord, raise up people who have plenty to share their resources and to give with generous hearts beginning in our home. In Jesus name, Amen.

  • GershomFuller

    Lord, they know not what they do! Let your will be done to those who persecute the brothers and sisters in the faith. Lord i ask that you give them strength to endure until your return, In Jesus name…Amen

  • Georgia Weyant Janisse

    Father God, we come before you and plead for our brothers and sisters in North Korea! Work in their lives through miracles of provision and protection. Be in the prison camps letting the light of your love shine into their hearts – bring your presence in the suffering. Let them know a joy and peace that are beyond anything this world can give. Enable them to be witnesses of the truth of Your gospel – and hide them from the eyes of those who would betray them. And bring more Christians to pray for them.

  • pjmerc

    Lord I don’t know how to pray for all who are persecuted for believing in You, when all I feel is rage for the leaders of those areas and countries. Sometimes I think that prayer for truly heartless is so futile and instead I want the entire structure to be destroyed from the top down. When the Word is sown on rock, where does it go? Right now, Lord I pray for Your powerful justice against those who harm Your children. I pray for comfort and strength for those in harms way and who have suffered so much just for believing in You. Save them Lord with your strong arm.

  • Daniel

    Lord, open a door for North Korea. Father, make a way for those suffering souls. They need Your help. Father, You can make a way in deserts, now it’s time for Your working. They are your servants, your sons and daughters. Strengthen them, comfort them, give them wisdom, endurance, patience, and hope. Lord, we all need You!!! In Jusus’ name, we proclaim this country. And move the leaders there, soften their hearts. Lord Almighty, we place these souls in Your palms, in Juses name!! Amen!

  • Sis D

    Take care of your children Lord, they need you.

    • Snowflake8


  • Kevin McMahan

    Heavenly Father, Your Word gives us numerous examples of how the world’s leaders respond to your commands. Proverbs 21:1 tells us “the king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord; he guides it wherever he pleases.” I praise You for your work yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You will turn the evil directed at Your children in North Korea to good – to accomplish Your purposes and to the benefit of Your children. Father, please encourage and strengthen those who are suffering for You while they wait. Please glorify Yourself, Lord.

  • Andrew Wheeler

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on the believers in North Korea. Keep their faith strong in the midst of persecution. Grant them hearts of love and grace toward their persecutors. Hear their prayers for the salvation and safety of their families.

    Father, please open doors for the Gospel in this difficult country. Turn back the hands and change the hearts of the persecutors. Grow your church in depth and in numbers. Raise up leadership for North Korea who will bend their knees and bow their hearts to you. Your kingdom come, your will be done in North Korea.

  • Debora Makower

    I just want you to know that my husband and I pray for you daily. We pray for strength, boldness, that you will experience His love in the midst of horrible, trying times. We have not forgotten you. Our church prays for you also. I am learning how to pray for you more specifically. Our love, in Christ Jesus

  • Bola Banjoko

    “O Lord God of our fathers, are You not God in heaven, and do You not rule over all the kingdoms of the nations, and in Your hand is there not power and might, so that no one is able to withstand You? O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.” And he said, “Listen, all you Thus says the Lord to you: ‘Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s. You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, who is with you, Do not fear or be dismayed; The Lord is with you.” (II Chronicles 20:6, 12, 15, 17 NKJV)

  • sam

    Lord, you know the number of hairs on my head. I can pray for political reform, I can pray for a radical change for Christians, I can pray for your humble followers to grow because Lord I know you can do this through the Holy Spirit, I know you can move mountains and turn water to wine, and so I pray for North Korea, for your spirit to work, like it can be seen in Acts, like it can be seen in sub-Saharan Africa, china and south America, that you Lord, pure wisdom would help your servants in North Korea, that you Lord would help the people who do not know you, who oppress you name, who would kill even for hearing you mentioned. Lord, North Korea, Lord, North Korea. Amen.

  • Tax Srvcs Income

    Hebrews 10:37-39

    37 “For yet a little while,
    And HE who is coming will Come and will not delay.
    38 Now the just shall live by Faith;
    But if anyone draws back,
    My soul has no pleasure in him.”

    39 But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who Believe to the saving of the soul.

    Hebreos 10:37-39

    37 Porque aún un poquito,
    Y EL que ha de venir vendrá, y no tardará.

    38 Mas el justo vivirá por Fe;
    Y si retrocediere, no agradará a MI alma.

    39 Pero nosotros no somos de los que retroceden para perdición, sino de los que tienen Fe para preservación del alma.

  • Jan Worthen

    Dear Father God, how I lift up in prayer these persecuted Christians in North Korea. Lord Jesus, open the doors for all of us that are Christians, especially open the eyes of those of us in the USA. Protect them and anoint them Lord, and supernaturally let them know that the eyes of the world are upon them. USE each and every one of us, God in whatever small way you can. Thank you Jesus for giving me boldness to leave a message on Dennis Rodmans Facebook page. REACH HIM oh God…REACH him and call him to salvation, that this friendship he seems to have with Kim will accomplish glory for your Kingdom Lord not the leadership of N. Korea! Thank you Lord Jesus for touching many, giving thanks and remembering how precious our freedoms are in the US and protecting those freedoms at all cost. Thank you Jesus for all you put in our hearts.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning in the name of Jesus and on behalf of the nation of North Korea. I am so thankful that You have placed this burden on my heart for this nation, and that we as the body of Christ have the privilege of planting prayer seeds in this nation. I have no doubt that there will be revival in this land – no matter how long it takes – and that North Koreans will one day have the opportunity to freely bow before You as their one true King and God. It seems impossible – but You said that what is impossible with man is possible with God.

    Firstly, I pray specifically for the salvation of Kim Jong-un. I ask that the Holy Spirit would continue to literally assault him… from morning to night… that he would be given dreams, visions, prophecies or even a random scrap of paper that could bring the truth of the gospel into his heart. You said, and showed, that there is no one too far gone that Your mercy cannot reach them, and I know that this is Your will because You said that You desire ALL to come to repentance. I pray that You would open his heart to even consider the claims of Christ, that You would humble him as You did Nebuchadnezzar, and that You would grant him saving faith that he can apply in order to receive You as Lord and Savior. I ask that the blinders and scales be removed from his eyes and that something so supernatural would happen around him and inside of him than he has no choice but to bow before You. This would be one of the greatest conversions – if not the greatest – since the apostle Paul, and it would be the catalyst for complete and total revival in this nation. I ask this in Jesus’ name and will continue to believe until it is finished or he perishes – and if he perishes then my prayers will continue to the next leader and the next until this has come to pass.

    Next I pray for the 50,000-70,000 Christians who are right now being imprisoned and tortured in labor camps. I’m not even worthy to pray for them, but I am compelled to because they are in such desperate need of You. Anything that I need from You completely pales in comparison to what they are in need of. I am so sure that they are experiencing supernatural miracles daily inside that Camp that keep them alive and filled with the Holy Spirit for just one more day. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around why this would be allowed, but I know that that’s not my job. But I pray specifically for supernatural strength and grace, for healing from anyone who is sick or hurt or mentally troubled, for them to use any and every opportunity that they have to share the gospel until that opportunity is cut off, that You would make each one of them more like Christ, and that if it be Your will You will allow each of them to break free. Without You, none of them will survive – and I pray that even those that You choose to take to heaven would be taken with great joy. I pray for the families of all of these imprisoned believers and ask for such grace and strength and wisdom for them. They need a special touch from You… not just today, but every single day.

    And now, Lord, I pray for the Open Doors workers and ANY other humanitarian or Christian workers who are able to get into the country to bring aid. First, I ask for their complete and total protection and that favor would be given to them by the government. I ask that they would be able to accomplish the task that they were sent to accomplish – whether that is bringing food or medicines or spiritual resources. I ask that the resources would end up in the hands of the PEOPLE and not the corrupt leadership. I ask that You would help especially those who are in the country to encourage believers. I can’t imagine the lack of encouragement and fellowship that they experience and I am asking You to somehow miraculously link people together and pair them up so that they can have a brother/sister in Christ that they can walk through life with… as difficult as that life may be. Please just have mercy – and also please continue to allow and make ways for others to get into the country to help and to bring resources and to bring the gospel.

    And finally, I pray specifically for revival for North Korea. I am not interested in statistics or what’s possible or why this “can’t happen.” I know that I serve a God who created the entire universe, and He can sovereignly move wherever and whenever He wants. Revival cannot be contained by prison camps or even torture – it supersedes all of that. I ask that You would begin – or continue – to burn a spiritual longing inside the hearts of North Koreans. Help them to just know, deep down, that this worship of the NK dynasty is just wrong and there is Someone greater than Kim Jong-un. I pray that You would appear in dreams, give visions, create “coincidences,” connect the right people at the right time, drive people to their knees to pray all over that nation and around the world, allow the grace for repentance and full sell-out… and then move by Your Spirit in a mighty rushing wind all across that nation. I am believing mighty and amazing things for North Korea and will not stop praying until I’m no longer on this earth or I see it happen with my own eyes! I ask all of these things in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Serah Njambi Njeri

    Father I pray for Christians in North Korea. I pray you wrap them in your arms of love. May they be a light to others who don’t know you.
    When they are discouraged and cannot feel you..Lord remind them of your word.
    Go before them. Help us Christians who have freedom to worship you to pray for them and not take things for granted.
    I ask for forgiveness for doubting your love because I don’t have very petty things.
    Lord protect the open door workers. Bless them as they reach the Christians in N. Korea with supplies and resources they need. In Jesus name. Amen

  • Walter Smith

    Where sin abounds, grace does much more abound. Heavenly Father I pray that every persecuted believer would experience the sufficiency of Your Grace. I pray they would feel the nearness of Your presence. Please fill them with power to endure the great persecution they are under. I pray that even in these extreme circumstances, they would be able to keep their minds and hearts stayed on You, and You would keep them in perfect peace.
    May the testimony of your people under dire conditions be an undeniable witness to Kim Jong-On. Open his eyes; turn him from darkness to light, from the power of Satan unto God.
    Lord, I pray that You would continue to protect the Open Doors workers in North Korea.
    I pray in the precious and mighty name Jesus. Amen

  • John

    Father, please help us to love each other and to pray for our brothers and sisters in North Korea. We need to hear their stories of faith. We need to cry with them. We need to pray with them in one accord. If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together. Praise be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • C. Gabriel Ramirez

    Genesis 18:14a
    Is anything too Wonderful for the Lord?
    God, we know that you are all sovering, and all knowing. We believe in your mighty power. We see in your word that we should not question how wonderful you are, or limit your ability. We know that you can work all things for good for those that love you. We know that nothing is to hard for you. We thank you for loving us, and giving us life. There are people in N Korea who do not know the truth about you. We ask that you give those who are able boldness to present your truth. We know that your word never returns void. So we ask that you assist those who have a passion to spread your good new. We also Ask you to help those who are doing the persecution to see the truth and dedication being lived in these N. Korea Christians lives. Like Paul and the jailer. We ask that there witness will bring them to repentance and to salvation. God please prepare those who need to be sent out and take care of those who put there life on the line for you. In Christ name i ask!

  • steve cluxton

    AMEN. I STAND IN AGREEMENT WITH THIS PRAYER PRAISE JESUS..Father i lift up the country of North Korea to you, open every blind eyes, deaf ears so that they can see you for who your are Lord. There father , faithful friend, comforter and counselor Father for every Christians in this country i decree your strength, your favor, your grace, your protection and your blessings. father every door that is close i decree they be open in the name of Jesus, father just as in the days of Daniel you let King Nebuchadnezzar know that you are Lord God Almighty. So shall it be for North Korea Leader Kim Jong-Un and his loyalists. Father declare a change is happening right now in the name of Jesus.

  • Texas ParentsCare

    We pray, Father God, for the country of North Korea, may stronghold be broken, evil defeated as Your Salvation is proclaimed! We decree that North Korea will be loosed for Your Glory! We thank You for Your Victorious Work through Jesus Christ who lives and reigns forever in the hearts of the North Koreans. May many bring the message of hope and good news to these captives in 2014! In Jesus Name we pray, amen!

  • Nick Nash

    I had no idea that North Korea was number 1 for Christian persecution. This will become a priority for my prayer life, and I will bring this fact to the attention of others. May God deliver His people because He is a faithful God! In Jesus’ name I declare His power and provision! Amen.

  • daleetaylor


  • Sue Randall Wilkes

    The book “These Are the Generations” was very eye-opening to me for beginning to understand the suffering that our brothers and sisters in Christ are enduring in North Korea. I highly recommend the book. I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering in North Korea.

  • Cristina

    Lord Jesus, bring peace to the people of North Korea. May your light shine through darkness and may their soul find rest in you. Amen.

  • Kevin Simmons

    Lord, thank You for the courage of my brothers and sisters in North Korea. RIght now, I pray you strengthen their knees to stand against the fiery arrows of the devil, namely persecution. God, I ask that you humble Kim Jong-Un so that his knees may bow to the one true God and His Anointed One, Jesus of Nazareth. May Kim Jong-un repent of his pride and come to faith in Christ.
    Finally, Father, I pray that you sustain the thousands of believers in the kwanliso camps. In Your Word, O Lord, You are called Jehovah-Jireh, meaning that You provide. Make provision for their bodies as well as their souls. Allow these believers to even spread the Good News in prison so that more may taste and enjoy eternal life with the Triune God. All these things I pray to the Father, through Jesus Christ, and in the power of the Holy Spirit, amen!

  • Cathryn Lam Quintero

    Lord Jesus, send spiritual & physical provisions to our Sisters & Brothers there. Be a shield for them and help the spread of your saving gospel, Amen! <3

  • Aaron

    Heavenly Father, I pray for the nation of north Korea and lift them up to Your Sovereign will, Lord. I hold fast to your promise in Acts 17:26-27 which says, “And he made from one man every nation of mankind to love on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him.” I earnestly pray, and ask in the name of Jesus, that you would protect your church in North Korea. That you would strengthen their faith that it may not fail, and grant them a supernatural boldness in the midst of such terror and persecution in this nation. Help us to trust in you, Father. I pray, Holy Spirit, that you would move through the hearts and minds of all the people in North Korea, whether they are in government’s leadership or not, and I ask that you would greatly increase the number of your followers, whom you have chosen before you laid the world’s foundation. Please help these people in every area of need and mightily bless them, God. Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers in the very best way possible. You consistently work for our good, and I praise you for that, Father. All these things I lift up to you and pray them in your Holy name, Jesus. Amen.

  • Paola Sandoval

    Señor, oramos por los hermanos y misioneros que se encuentran en Korea del Norte, envies mas obreros y que no les falte los recursos fisicos, materiales, economicos y sobretodo Espirituales; dales aliento de lo Alto para que puedan seguir adelante en tus caminos y protegelos de todo mal. Amen

  • Paulo Ü Rebolledo

    Hallelujah! Hallelujah Jesus!
    Hallelujah! Come Holy Spirit!
    We thank you Jesus for the blood that washed away our sins.
    Indeed Lord! Your grace is bigger than our sins.
    We thank you Father God the life that you given to us,
    For the blessings that we cannot see, for the salvation oh God!
    For the Grace! For redeeming us!
    For breaking our chains!
    Thank you Jesus! For saving us! For giving us the VICTORY 2,000 YEARS AGO!
    Thank you for the victory that you given to us!
    By faith oh God! We will overcome all the deceptions! All the temptations! All the trials! Struggles! Problems in our life!
    We have decided to follow You!
    We have decided to follow Jesus! NO TURNING BACK!
    We will stand by our faith! No matter what cost Father!
    Help us Father! Let Your Holy Spirit dwell on us!
    Filled us Father! Filled us oh God!
    You are worthy! You are so able and just!
    You are Mighty to save Jesus!
    Thank you for the Forgiveness!
    Thank you for the eternal life!
    Thank you for your Holy Spirit!
    Father God! I prayed for my Brothers and Sisters around the world!
    Oh God! Indeed Lord! You truly hear our hearts!
    That we Love you! That we need you Jesus!
    Lord! We keep your Promises!
    Lord! We experienced persecution! condemnation! discrimination Oh God!
    But Lord! This is not our battle! This is yours!
    Cover us with your Most Precious Blood!
    Hallelujah! Your so worthy oh God!
    We glorify Your name Jesus!
    We ask for your guidance and protection Jesus!
    Comfort all the Christians around the world!
    Protect all your followers Jesus!
    We believe in you! We put our burdens and cares into your hands!
    Because You cares for us!
    I speak good health!
    I speak financial breakthrough!
    I speak blessings oh God!
    Abundant blessings! A hundred folds blesngs Jesus!
    We thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord! Thank Father!
    Thank you God! Thank you Holy Spirit!
    You are the Jehovah Rapha!
    You are the Jehovah Jierah!
    We bring back all the Glory! All the Honor, Praises and Adoration because You alone deserved it! In Jesus Mighty name i pray! AMEN!

  • Richard Goodwin

    I pray for divine intervention, Lord protect those Christians and thank you for their witness to our Lord Jesus Christ. Protect and strengthen your Church in this place.