oman_flag Rank: 27
Score: 56/100
2013 Rank: 22
Leader: Sultan Qaboos
Government: Absolute monarchy
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 3 million (35,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism/Dictatorial paranoia

Christian Persecution in OmanIslam is the state religion, and Christians face restrictions when their activities are considered a threat to the ruling power. All religious organizations must register, and Christian meetings are monitored for political messages and nationals attending. Foreign Christians are allowed to worship in private homes or work compounds. Although apostasy is not a criminal offence, Christian converts from a Muslim background face legal restrictions, and can lose their family, house or job or even be killed. The deportation of foreign workers involved in Christian activities continues.


  • Almost all Christians are expatriate. Pray that the few indigenous Christians will find ways to meet for fellowship.
  • All public school curriculums include instruction in Islam. Pray that children will have the opportunity to hear the gospel.
  • Ask God to draw people to himself through Christian satellite TV and internet sites.

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  • GilbertDavis

    Father God , please speak to the hearts of these people and open them up to The Gospel of The LORD Jesus . May they be moved to < "repent toward God and place their faith and trust toward The LORD Jesus Christ alone" for salvation . ( Acts 20:21).

  • Cary

    Heavenly Father, shine Your Light into the darkness of Oman. Draw them to the One who can free them from their spiritual bondage, Your Son, Jesus Christ! It’s in His Precious Name I pray, amen

  • Johanna in NZ

    Heavenly Father, thank you for those who have turned to you from Islam in Oman. They have left everything to follow you. Give them wisdom and boldness to tell others about you. Protect them from evil. We ask in the precious name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • Amy

    Lord, this morning I come to You on behalf of the nation of Oman. I pray in Jesus’ name for that country – and before anything else I pray that Your will and Your plans would be done for every Omani and every expat who resides there. Your plans and thoughts and intentions for this country is bigger than our minds are able to comprehend – and we submit to Your perfect will above our own desires and plans. However, we know that You desire us to come to You with our petitions and requests and to pray honestly… so I come joining with my brothers and sisters around the world who are praying for the persecuted church with these petitions.

    I pray for the few indigenous believers in the country. You have shown over and over again that You are able to do so much through just a small group of people. I pray that they would be used mightily by You to bring others into Your kingdom and to spread Your gospel far and wide in Oman. I pray specifically that You would create opportunities for these indigenous believers to meet together and to encourage one another. You have a plan for them!

    I pray specifically for wisdom for all believers in sharing the gospel. You know the laws of the nation and You know Your plans for the nation. I am asking for You to give supernatural wisdom and discernment to each believer – both expat and Omani – in knowing when to publicly share the gospel, when to privately share the gospel, when to pray, when to be silent, when to give literature, etc. Only Your Spirit can lead in this way – and I pray that You would help each Omani submit to the leading of Your Spirit and not question You… but I also pray that You would speak to each of them in a way that You know they will understand.

    And finally, I pray that You would use Christian TV and internet sites as a tool and a venue to spread the gospel. I pray that these methods would reach hundreds and thousands who would not be able to get their hands on printed Christian material. I pray that these TV shows and radio programs and websites would be anointed by Your Spirit and that You would use them to lead people to a saving knowledge of Christ. I also pray against any type of false teaching or false doctrine that would lead people astray. I ask in Jesus’ name that You would shut down any person or program that is trying to deceive in this way – but that You would allow and promote sound Bible-teaching programs and speakers and websites so that the Truth can truly reach the ends of the earth. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Annamae

    Dear Lord, all glory, honor, and power be to your name!! You are the One True God, the Most High! Thank you for your love that endures forever! May the Omani people that know you trust in your love and keep their eyes fixed on you in all things. Lord give them courage and grace to keep pressing on, stir up a hungar for absolute truth and for the people to be longing to know the Most High God and His Son Jesus. Protect them from the evil one! Draw the people to the Living Water that only is in Jesus! Amen.

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