Flag of Qatar Rank: 19
Score: 63/100
2013 Rank: 20
Leader: Emir Sheikh Tamim
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 2 million (90,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism/Dictatorial paranoia

Christian Persecution in QatarQatar’s population is composed almost entirely of migrant laborers who are treated very poorly by the Qatari-born minority (300,000). Migrants are not free to openly practice their faith, and many hardly have the opportunity to attend church. Converts to Christianity from an Islamic background are persecuted the most. They are considered apostates and may face the death penalty. Some have been physically harmed for their faith by family or peers, who view the conversion as harming the honor of the family.


  • For Muslim-background believers who strongly protect their anonymity for fear of betrayal.
  • For migrant workers living in inhumane conditions; being Christian adds to their vulnerability.
  • Give thanks that many discover a living Christian faith while in the country; pray that informal meetings in homes will be kept safe.

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  • Victoria WAGNER

    Yes Father God, may the Breath of Your Holy Spirit flow throughout the land of Qatar. Embrace these people made in Your Image Lord, put a spirit in them that would be receptive to hearing the smallest sharing of the Gospel, and let that seed blossom in a might olive tree which never runs dry and wants to share more of You. Please protect Your children there and let there be the Miracle of being allowed to attend church by those who yearn to come and worship You, in Jesus’ Name we pray. Thank You. AMEN.

  • Blake

    Almighty God, we praise you for your grace that you have poured out on your redeemed people through the blood of your son, Jesus. We pray that you would be glorified in our lives, our countries, and in the country of Qatar. Give the believers there more grace and strength to stand against the devil’s schemes of temptation and discouragement that comes from isolation, and help them to find fellowship with one another even in the most difficult of circumstances. I pray that the country’s government would seek to treat all of its citizens equally, even the migrant workers, and especially the Christians. May the presentation of tolerance to the outside world be a reality inside the country as well. We praise you that some church buildings have been allowed to be built, and we pray that the Gospel would be proclaimed boldly in these places and that true believers would gather there to worship. We also pray for wisdom for believers as they seek to share their faith with non-Christians; give them protection and favor as well as boldness to share the truth of your coming judgment and your amazing gift of grace through Christ. We pray that this process would be aided by the printed and digital Bible resources in Qatari and Asian languages and we pray that more of these would become available. Send workers to complete these tasks, Father, that your name might be glorified more fully in this part of the world. Give foreign Christians opportunities to share their faith also, and help them to seize these opportunities by trusting you instead of fearing what other men may do. These are easy things to say, but very hard things to do, so we pray most of all for strength and comfort from your Spirit, God, and we praise you that you can do “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20) in Jesus’ name.

  • Amy

    Lord, I lift up the nation of Qatar before You you this morning! I pray first for all of the Qatari believers, as few as they are. I pray that You would help them to find a way to have fellowship and to get connected with other believers even though technically this is illegal. I ask that You would especially touch all of the MBBs today – I ask that they would receive fresh grace, fresh strength, fresh joy from You today. Help them to find a family even if their biological family has rejected them. Help their lives to be a light that points to You.
    I pray for the nation – that it would increase in its tolerance of religion. I ask that You would move in the hearts and minds of the leadership of Qatar to become more open to freedom of religion and that Christians would have more freedom and more opportunity. I pray that You would open doors for both foreign workers and local believers so that they can be employed – despite all the obstacles and discrimination that they face, I know that You are bigger and that You are able to create opportunities for them and provide for them.
    So amazing that a new Christian complex is being built right now! I know that You have specific plans for this complex and that You can use it in so many ways to reach the people of Qatar. Let people be intrigued by it and drawn to it so that they can hear Your truth and who You are. Help those involved in the construction to have everything that they need in order to complete the project and please don’t let any government organization or any other group or individual rise up that would stand in the way of this complex being finished. I pray that other places of worship would continue to be built and that You would open doors for new buildings, new churches, new places where fellowship can occur.
    I pray that both printed and digital Bibles in Qatari and other Asian language would become available. I pray that You would raise up translators who would undertake this task. I pray that You would provide the finances, the calling, the confirmation, the ability, the anointing and everything else needed for these tasks to be completed. I pray that once they are done that they would be widely distributed in a wise yet bold manner. Please get Your Word into the hands of Qataris so that they can see for themselves who You are.

    Finally, I pray for all foreign workers in Qatar who are Christians including my friend Amy. I pray that You would anoint and equip these foreign workers, who have more freedom than indigenous Qataris, to share Your gospel. I pray that You would make their lives a testimony that points towards You. I ask that You would help them to shine brightly so that others would be drawn to their light. Help them to have the right words and to have to discernment to know who to speak to and when. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Shinie Rajan

    Father we place this region into your powerful hands you who created the country and its people give them a thirst for you lord help them to realize that you are the living God and we belong only to you father help us who live in the free world to faithfully cry out for our lost brethren to you lord give us the burden in Jesus name we pray amen .

  • Jan Ross

    As I visited Qatar last week, my prayer was for the stronghold of Islam to crumble and the saints of the Most High God rise up as a mighty army showing forth His light in the midst of such darkness. May God reign in Qatar forever and ever, amen!

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