Flag of Sudan Rank: 11
Score: 73/100
2013 Rank: 12
Leader: President Omar al-Bashir
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 45.7 million (number of Christians unknown)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism/Dictatorial paranoia

Christian Persecution in SudanSudan is a poverty-stricken Muslim country that lost many of its Christians to South Sudan when it became independent in 2011. The regime’s leaders are mainly radical Islamist, and the ruling National Congress Party a means to further an Islamic agenda. Incidents against Christians include faith-related killings, damaging Christian properties and forced marriage as well as arrests, deportations and raids on church offices. Sudanese Muslim-background believers suffer particularly: one believer’s family burned his house down when they discovered he had turned to Christ.


  • That God will strengthen and unite Christians as they face increasing pressure from the state.
  • Praise God for strong civil rights bodies fighting for the oppressed, including Christians; pray that the government will pay attention to their requests.
  • Give thanks that Open Doors is supporting the small but courageous local church in Sudan with discipleship training and community development projects.

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  • Isaac Juliano Ufur Rihan

    I pray that God lord our heavenly father may help Catholic Christian all over the world and specially during this time of lend it’s we pray may help those who are presecuiting the christian around the world.lord Jesus hear this prayer .

  • Jeremy Baty

    Lord Jesus, thank you for the freedom my family enjoys here, but please be with those who suffer because of their faith in You!

  • William Dlubak

    Persecution of our brothers and sisters in Christ has been increasing. We need everyone who is truly in Christ to pray. We are use to our freedom and quickly forget our family who is being jailed, murdered and persecuted!!! We are all part of the same Body, the Body of Yeshua! We all have our own special gifts but one thing we all have, love for one another. So PLEASE lift up your prayers to the one that all things are possible! Love and blessings…

  • Victoria WAGNER

    Father God, I praise You our blessed King and Redeemer that the number of Muslim Background Believers in Sudan is rising. Help them to walk in Your Perfect Will in all that they do and everything that they say for You are all they need, and so it is with the rest of us. Please also protect Christians in the disputed border regions, where churches and schools have been attacked senselessly in the name of satanic Islam. I give thanks that Open Doors has been able to offer humanitarian assistance as well as discipleship and outreach training. May the students and pastors be protected and continue to have faith in the Blood so they can bring many of the lost sheep back to Your Kingdom Father God. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

  • Pam Heckman

    Oh Lord, how are hearts break for our beloved brothers and sisters in Sudan. We do praise You for the MBB’s that now love and serve You. Please comfort and strengthen those under attack. Thank-You for the great work Open Doors is doing there. Please, Dear Jesus, continue to grow Your Church in Sudan and all over the world. May Your Kingdom come and may Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Worthy are You, Jesus, to receive the reward of Your suffering!

  • Felicity

    May the Lord be your all in all your circumstances, May you know His peace and strength in whatever your day might bring. May your persecutors be amazed at your witness and realise they are in the Presence of the Risen Christ and seek Him for themselves.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of Sudan. I thank You along with other who are praying for how you have reached out to Mslms living in the Sudan. Thank You that there are now so many MBBs who have found You as their Savior in this area. I pray for them – for their continued growth in their relationship with You, for provision and protection for them, and that You would use them to continue to spread Your gospel to others who don’t yet know You.

    I pray specifically for the believers in the disputed border regions where a lot of persecution is taking place. I pray for Your protection over these individuals. I pray that You would prevent buildings from being torn down – but that even if they are torn down, that You would make the people resilient and not allow them to give up meeting together. Help them to continue to persevere in their faith no matter what is done to them externally. Please give them wisdom in their actions and in who they talk to, and please provide for their every needs according to Your riches :).

    Lord, I’m grateful today for Open Doors and the way that they have been able to provide humanitarian assistance to the people living in Sudan along with discipleship and outreach training. Thank You for all those who work for Open Doors in this capacity – continue to bless them and give them the words to say and the lessons to teach to the Sudanese people who are receiving the training. Help the Sudanese to be able to absorb everything being said and to use that training to equip them to go out and share Your gospel. Please also give wisdom in the distribution of humanitarian aid so that those who are desperately in need are the ones who are receiving the aid. Please don’t allow corruption or any type of underhanded anything to prevent aid from getting to the people who are truly desperate. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Karen Hosier

    Abba Father, My heart breaks when I read these stories while I live so comfortably in the United States. Show me how to share this news with those around me so they too can see this great need. We are all one with you Lord and it is so easy to forget this. Continue to provide for these brothers and sisters by first giving them hope and restoring their faith as you meet their needs financially, emotionally, and spiritually. As hope arises so does our spirit giving voice to the goodness of the One True God, the Messiah, the Redeemer, the King.

    It is so exciting to see how you are moving int he midst of the trouble, affliction and persecution they regularly endure. Nothing is impossible with you and you have promised that one day every knee with bow and every tongue confess that you are Lord. May those persecutors and tormentors who have bought the lies of Islam have their eyes opened to the truth, so they too can join the Kingdom before it is too late.

  • Tracy Morgan

    Lord we ask you for the nation of Sudan to be radically transformed to reflect Your glory. Hide Your people under the shadow of your wings and give them the courage and the wisdom to bring forth true and lasting change. We declare freedom over Sudan, thank you that you are always working for the greatest good and that your eyes do not miss those who call upon you in times of trouble and hardship. Bring those from outside with great courage and great blessings for their brothers and sisters in this great nation. We thank you that you have an amazing plan for Sudan and that you will see that plan supersede all the plans of the enemy that ravage her today. Bless your people Lord with healing, provision and the amazing gift of your manifest presence….In Jesus Name we pray….AMEN

  • Tamara Longman

    Father God, thank you for the prayers of your saints, here, and around the world. I stand in agreement with them today for my brothers and sisters, and their children, in Sudan. I stand in agreement with these prayers and ask that you would surround your children with protection, and your mighty warring angels, today and every day. Please shine the light of Christ, and the joy of forgiveness, through your children in Sudan. May they be united as one, with love and grace overflowing for one another, and for their enemies. May their enemies see this love and unity, and want it too! Visit the lost Muslims in visions and dreams, King Jesus, as you have done so many times. Thank you for your amazing love and mercy for them! Make yourself known to them. I pray that You will bind up the Strongman in Sudan, and ransack his house! Many many, many, many people experience true salvation in Sudan, In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. Glory to You, Lord our God!

  • Cathy Hoelzer

    So many of us in the past 6 months have been kicked out of Sudan. We are really worried about our Sudanese brothers and sisters we left behind. Please pray for their safety and that they will boldly walk with the Lord even in the midst of persecution.

  • Christina Uduefe

    Lord transform their grief to joy by the stripes of our dear Savior.

  • Texas ParentsCare

    Father God, we lift up the country of Sudan to YOU. We know that you Are working in the hearts of the people there to know Jesus is Lord and Savior and we ask for protection from for your people from the evil one we pray that this country would become a country for Jesus. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

  • Andrew Wheeler

    Father, please do not abandon Sudan. Protect and grow your church there, even in the midst of persecution. Change the hearts of the persecutors as you once did for Saul. Build and unite your church as you did for your people enslaved in Egypt. Bring hope to those who are suffering, and may your grace shine through their lives.

    Father, all authority comes from you. Take away authority from those who abuse it, denying your grace and mistreating your people. Take their authority from them and give it to others who will be worthy stewards of it, servants of the people.

    Open doors for the Gospel to be proclaimed where you are not yet named in Sudan. Raise up church planting movements; multiply your people. Reveal yourself to the lost in Sudan in just the way they need to see you, so that their hearts will be turned. Gain glory for yourself in the saving of multitudes in Sudan.

    In Jesus’ name,

  • Carol dugger

    Heavenly Father, God of the Angel armies, rise up and defend your church in Sudan! Strengthen their faith provide for their needs, fill their hearts with peace and joy. Send your angels to battle in their behalf. For the glory and praise of our Lord Jesus I pray. Amen and amen.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come this morning before You on behalf of the nation of Sudan. Firstly I pray for “Moses.” I pray that You would give him direction in terms of his family and where he should go/what he should do. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for him to be persecuted by his own family and his own wife, but I know that You are the God of all comfort and You can give him the strength and the help that he needs to get through this situation. I also pray for his family, that You would turn their hearts and that You would speak to them and reveal to them who You are. I pray that they too would be saved and that “Moses” would be able to reunite with them and serve You alongside of them. Please do this for Your glory, Lord, and also for the sake of Your servant “Moses.”
    I pray for all of the believers in Sudan. I ask that You would keep them strong and that their faith would not fail despite all of the persecution that they face and all of the difficulties that they endure. I pray that You would unite them together as one Body and one unit in this nation, that they could work together to do Your will and to support one another in these difficult times. I ask that You would find ways for Christians to connect with one another so that they would not be isolated and would be able to have fellowship and strength in numbers, especially when so many of them have been rejected by their families. Give them wisdom and boldness in helping them to share the gospel with others as You lead them, so that their numbers may increase and so that You may have new sons and daughters entering Your kingdom. I pray especially for the MBBs in Sudan and ask Your special blessing on each one of them today as they go about their business… help them financially, emotionally, physically. Protect them from those who would seek to bring them harm and guide them in every decision that they make today.
    I thank You for the various groups in Sudan who are fighting for the needs of the oppressed and I ask that You would continue to help them to do this and provide everything that they need. I ask that You would lead and guide these groups and cover over their leadership so that the mission would remain untarnished. I ask that no corruption would be able to infiltrate these groups and that You would keep out anyone who seeks to bring harm to them or to the Sudanese people that they are serving. Please direct these groups and help them to continue to fight for those that You command us to fight for… orphans and widows and those who don’t really have a chance. I also pray specifically for Open Doors and the work that they are doing in Sudan. I ask for Your continued guidance, Your continued provision of workers and finances, and Your continued direction for the leadership and each worker who is serving. I pray that You would use Open Doors to accomplish Your mission in Sudan… that people would come to know You as their Savior and would be strengthened and equipped to do Your work in leading others to You. I ask all of this in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • fudge

    the new and old testament was written first, the muslims twisted the bible around for there own purpose they have sinned