Flag of Tajikistan Rank: 45
Score: 47/100
2013 Rank: 44
Leader: President Emomali Rahmon
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 7.1 million (73,600 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in TajikistanChristians are heavily affected by persecution in the church sphere. No church has been able to register, and even if churches are able to meet and conduct services, they always face monitoring. Their meetings can be interrupted and believers interrogated. A law introduced in 2011 restricts the work among youths. Another law introduced in July 2012 prohibits Tajik citizens from going abroad in order to receive religious education, preach and teach religious doctrines or to establish ties with foreign religious organizations. Though this law is aimed at every religion, including minority Muslim groups, Christians are greatly affected by it. There is no domestic Bible school or religious training center in the country. Any learning course on local or church level must be reported to the local authorities.


  • Six Christians were given heavy fines in 2013 for owning, printing and importing religious materials. Pray for God to provide for their financial needs.
  • Although the Communist era in Tajikistan ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the legacy of the Communist religious bureaucracy remains. Pray for Christians targeted by these laws.
  • It is almost impossible for religious groups to register, yet those that do not register are considered illegal. Pray for their protection as they meet together.

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  • Angie M

    Heavenly Father, let them stand firm in their faith and persevere under tribulation. Teach them to increasingly trust You. Enable them to share the Gospel with boldness, authority and power — and wisdom. Protect them from their enemies. Provide shelter in which to minister, worship and meet. Cause eyes to be blinded to their activities. Protect those who are delivering Your Word. Cause Your Word to be distributed in ways that astounds those who see it. Pour out salvation like rain. Multiply faith. Soften the hearts of hardened, corrupt men. Cause justice to increase in the land and those who are in places of power to be replaced with believers. This is a supernatural work that only You can do, Father. Increase the fear of the Lord, even amongst those who declare themselves to be Your enemy. Provide shelter and clothing. Multiply food. Pour out healing, miracles and signs and wonders for those who do not believe. They need spiritual maturity and understanding. Teach them, Lord. Protect them from the evil one. Encourage them! In spite of the law prohibiting religious activity for teens and children, cause the greatest soul harvest (and the greatest faith for a supernatural lifestyle) to supernaturally explode and abound more amongst this age group than any other. Cause persecution to simply be a fan to their fire. Cause them to fearlessly, unflinchingly, set their eyes on the prize of Jesus Christ and reap a gigantic harvest of souls in this land where no one would ever dream that it could be done!

  • Andrew Wheeler

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on your people in Tajikistan undergoing persecution. Strengthen their faith, develop in them perseverance and maturity, and use them as you used Paul and Silas in prison to change the hearts of their persecutors. Provide for those who have had to leave their homes; take care of their material needs and draw near to comfort them. Lead your church in Tajikistan much into prayer, and so grant them the peace that comes from you and passes our understanding.

    Please open doors for the spread of the Gospel, for the importation of Christian literature and materials, for work among the youth, and for evangelism. Reap a rich harvest among the people of Tajikistan, to your honor.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of the nation of Tajikistan. Even though it seems that the government and other outside sources are putting systems in place to prevent the spread of Christianity and to control “religious activity,” no one and nothing can control the move of Your Spirit, Lord. I pray that You would continue to move sovereignly in the nation of Tajikistan and that You would bring many souls to Yourself.
    I pray this morning for all churches that have experienced direct governmental interference – whether it be raids or violence or refusal to have its permit renewed, etc. First I ask that You would grant wisdom to all who are leadership over these churches. Help them to know what the right course of action to take is… the one that will give You the most glory. Help the people in each of these churches to submit to their leadership as their leadership submits to You. I ask that You would also bring comfort and protection to these churches – that they would be able to rebuild and grow stronger as a result of this persecution, just as in the days of Acts. I ask that You would provide for every believer who is exiled from their home and who is forced to leave their village. I can’t imagine what that must be like but I do know that You are strong enough and big enough to provide their every need. Please give special peace and grace today to Christian who experience physical harm. Please heal both their bodies and their hearts and give them PEACE. Don’t let them be afraid or be ruled by fear, but help them to continue to boldly walk forward and to trust You.
    I pray for special protection for anyone who is attempting to bring needed religious literature into Tajikistan. I pray for supernatural wisdom and for You to make paths that are impossible in the natural so that the people of Tajikistan are able to get Your Word into their hands! I also pray for the government of Tajikistan and that the regulations against importing literature would be lessened.

    I also pray for the youth and the young believers in Tajikistan – who seem to be the majority! This is exciting because there is an amazing future ahead for the Tajik church, but also these are the people who need the most development and training and encouragement. I pray that You would raise up people to train these youth… that You would raise up places where they can go to be trained… that You would raise up people who would be willing to disciple and live life with these young believers and teach them through daily living. I pray that You would protect their faith and protect their hearts from sin and from discouragement. I pray for continued revival in the youth of Tajikistan and that all of Your future plans for this nation will go forth! In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  • Ernest Zenone

    Lord, I thank you that you have your witnesses in this land, who are witnesses of Jesus! May thy Word continue to grow despite the restrictions. Please shield and protect Bibles and Christian literature provided for thy saints. Bless the saints to be faithful to confess Christ and share the gospel and shield them from exposure to those who would stop them. I pray that this land would come under the rule of Christ. Please raise up a stable government that would countenance the church, and rulers who fear Thee and thy Word. I pray in Jesus Name. Amen.

  • Andy

    I pray that God Will bless them, amen.

  • Kay Remillard

    I pray for you believers who are young and unsure just what your future holds. I encourage you to hold tightly to your Lord, Jesus Christ, as He cares for you and wants you to become mature in Him. It is frequently very difficult, but I pray that you stay in His Word and rely on Him, for He can be trusted.

  • Taylor

    God, please protect Your church in Tajikistan as they meet and witness to those around them with their words and actions. Unite Your Church and help them to know for a fact that they are not alone, that their brothers and sisters around the world and praying hard for them. Please stop the persecution, please provide for all of their financial needs, especially those six Christians who were fined last year (and others who were affected by it.) Please do not let any more Christians be arrested or harassed, but please cause this church to be bold, strong, and courageous for You. Cause them to speak out truth and love to their neighbors, coworkers, and relatives. Open the hearts of the unbelievers in Tajikistan to You and reap a harvest in this nation like never before! Oh God, teach them Your Word and provide them with all of their material and spiritual needs. Cause the young generation to give themselves wholeheartedly to You and follow Your ways. Please open the doors for the Christians to be able to make connections with outsiders and with those who are targeted by evil laws. Break the laws that are against Your people and soften the hearts of the leaders. In Jesus’ Name Powerful Name I pray, Amen!

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of the nation of Tajikistan. First I pray specifically for the six Christians who were fined heavily in 2013. I don’t know what their status is right now, but I ask that You would please provide for them financially. I pray that You would restore to them everything that was taken from them because they sought to spread Your Word. I ask that You would take care of them and provide for them in every way. I also pray specifically for Christians who are targeted by bureaucratic laws that seek to restrict Christians leftover from the Communist era. I don’t know enough about the politics to know everything that’s happening, but I pray that You would make a way for Christians to live freely and have the same rights and privileges as other Tajiks… primarily so that they are not restricted in their callings and in their ministry. I ask that You would overturn these laws and allow for freedom of religion in Tajikistan. I also pray for the protection of believers who are meeting together illegally. I do pray that You would make a way for churches to be registered if this is Your will… but if not, then I pray that You would protect all bodies and local gatherings and conceal them from those who wish to bring them harm. I pray that these local fellowships would be a source of encouragement and community for believers and that strength would be drawn from one another. I also pray for the youth and children of Tajikistan, which make up such a large part of the population. I pray that somehow ways would be make to reach them with the gospel. I pray that You would raise up children’s ministers and youth ministers and people specifically called to share the gospel with the Tajik youth and children, despite the risks. This population is so young that without this, it will be an uphill climb for the future of Christianity in Tajikistan. Please find ways of getting to the youth and children despite the regulations against it. And finally, I pray for more training to be provided for pastors and leaders and laypeople. As was said, the law is making this difficult – but You are able to open doors that no man can shut. I pray that You would raise up teachers and trainers who are willing and able to train those who will then train others. I pray that You would protect the nation from heresy and false teaching, and that You would equip and provide for trainers and teachers to be raised up both from within Tajikistan and from the outside. I pray Your blessing over this nation today in Jesus’ name, amen.

  • Bonita

    I pray for all these people, and those persecuted Christians there and around the world. May God bring peace, stability, and prosperity to you and your land.