Flag of Tunisia Rank: 30
Score: 55/100
2013 Rank: 30
Leader: President Moncef Marzouki
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 10.9 million (24,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in TunisiaThe very promising revolution of 2011, which sparked the Arab Spring, turned out to be a disappointment for both liberals and Christians in Tunisia. The situation in the country is rapidly deteriorating. Christians face persecution both from the moderately Islamic government and from aggressive Salafist groups who operate with impunity in the country. While expat Christians experience a relative amount of freedom, Muslim-background believers face increasing pressure from family and the authorities. A number of violent incidents against Christians were reported this year, breaking with a trend of relative religious tolerance. 


  • Radical Islamic movements within Tunisia are growing in strength. Pray that their influence would decrease.
  • Praise God that many Muslims are coming to faith through Christian satellite TV and internet programs.
  • Elections are due in 2014. Ask the Lord to raise up a stable government that will rule with wisdom and justice.

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  • Felicity

    My friends, put on the whole armour of the Lord and stand firm for He is with you and has promised never to leave you. Grow in grace and walk in His peace. May those who persecute you be confronted by the risen Lord through your steadfastness.

  • Shinie Rajan

    Abba father this country you did create for your glory we place the people and their rulers into your powerful hands bless this country their rulers with your divine wisdom give them a heart to love & obey you eyes to see mind to follow you remove all hatred protect your sheep father in Jesus name we pray amen

  • Amy

    Muslims are organizing violent demonstrations that the weakened
    security services find difficult to contain. Pray for wisdom for the
    A local church leader had to flee the country after his family was
    threatened. Pray for protection for Christian leaders
    Foreign Christians have reported increased surveillance by the
    authorities. Pray for courage and discernment in sharing the gospel –
    See more at:

  • Andrew Wheeler

    Father, please have mercy on Tunisia. Thank you for the emergence and strength of the church there. Thank you for those whose hearts you have opened to the gospel. May your kindness to them lead them to repentance and to salvation.

    Raise your mighty hand on behalf of your church in Tunisia. May your works among your people draw in those who are far from you. Reveal yourself to those who have set themselves against you. As you did with Paul, change the trajectory of their lives.

    Bring about a new revolution in this country, Lord – a revolution in the spiritual realm. Equip your people by your Word and by your Spirit to break down the strongholds of Satan. Win a great victory in this country as you draw many more to yourself.

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