Flag of Turkmenistan Rank: 20
Score: 62/100
2013 Rank: 19
Leader: President Berdymukhamedov
Government: One-party state
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 5.3 million (94,700 Christians)
Source of persecution: Dictatorial paranoia/Organised corruption

Christian Persecution in TurkmenistanConsidered to be one of the most restrictive countries in the world, Turkmenistan has no freedom of information or press. The government opposes every group it cannot control, and as a secular regime, it especially opposes religion. Police and secret services keep the church under strict surveillance. Unregistered churches and meetings are raided, material is confiscated – and it is impossible to do youth work or train leaders openly. Islam plays an important role in community life, and families react strongly to relatives who change their faith.


  • For Muslim-background believers who have hardly any freedom to practice their faith..
  • For oppressed believers who need income-generating microloans to help them survive.

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  • Herb

    Praying for this country’s requests

  • Elizabeth

    Heavenly Father, The One and only God. Shine Your light over this country. Save,heal and deliver many from their struggles. Empower the church to minister Your Son to others …Keep them protected..We pray for signs and wonders. Thenk You for the release of this man of God. Continue to protect him.

    We pray peace, blessings, grace,mercy and love over this whole land.


  • http://www.facebook.com/CYNTHIA.GILBERT4 Cynthia Gilbert

    Father God ..you remain the same through the ages..Your love never fails.. Inside i pray that your love will prevail over the brutal evil facing the world of Your children.I pray that your peace special amazing love filled peace will consume each one .. we love and adore you LORD.. IN YOUR NAME ALONE MIGHTY kING JESUS WE PRAY THANKING YOU AMEN…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Larry-Lewis/100002207137412 Larry Lewis


    I know You love the people of Turkmenistan and, You desire that all will come to know Your Son Jesus as their personal loving Saviour. Father, I pray that You will pour out Your Spirit on all flesh that the blinders of politics and religious bondage will be removed so that, all of Turkmenistan will be set free to worship You in Spirit and in Truth . amen.,

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You today on behalf of Turkmenistan. The needs are great in this nation, but You are greater. I pray that You would comfort Mr. Shirmedov and his family as they continue to recover from the attack on their service this past fall. I pray that none of them would be traumatized mentally or suffer emotional distress because of this occurrence. Help them to have peace in their hearts and to continue to serve You boldly.

    I also pray for MBBs in Turkmenistan who face exceptional persecution. I pray for their strength and their physical well-being. I ask that You would provide for them when their country or their family refuses to do so. I know that You will not allow them to be shamed for putting their trust in You. I pray Your special protection against each of them – guard them against those who would wish to destroy them. Help them to stay focused on their purpose and on the tasks for which You have called them. Help them to keep their eyes on the things of heaven and to remember the prize that comes at the end of the race.

    I also pray that You would intervene politically in this country and that the government would be willing to register churches. I pray that those who wish to meet to worship together would be given that right. I pray that You would raise people up inside the government of Turkmenistan who would support freedom of religion and allow people to worship as they please. I ask that You would give wisdom and discernment to all churches seeking to be registered and help them to be wise and cautious in how they proceed.

    We join together in thanking You for the release of Pastor Ilmurad from prison and continue to lift up all other believers who remain in chains. We ask for Your strength for them today and that You would be so close to them. We pray for their release at the moment that You choose. Please use them even in prison to bring glory to You – and please provide everything that they need in order to endure. Be with their families today as they grieve and try to continue to live. Comfort them and provide for them in ways that only You can. Continue to glorify Your name in Turkmenistan through all these things in Jesus’ name, amen.


    Help Christians where the need is greatest! i like this lines:)

  • Katherine Harms

    I pray for Pastor Ilmurad, that he may find strength and courage to be faithful, even as he lives under a microscope. May new believers know the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit when they are pressured by Muslims to renounce their faith. May they and we reject Satan’s temptation to feel discouraged when the pressure and pain associated with faithful testimony build up.

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