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Score: /100
2013 Rank: 47
Leader: President Yoweri Museveni
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Christianity
Population: 35.6 million (30 million Christians)
Source of persecution:

Christian Persecution in UgandaAlthough Uganda has an 85 per cent Christian majority, Muslims are spread over the whole country. They live in pockets, and in these areas extremists present a serious threat to the church. Local authorities add pressure by not assisting Christians properly, barring them from public office or denying them promotion. There has been a strong push by Muslim leaders to ensure that the majority of lawyers in Uganda are Muslims and have entrenched Islamic family courts (kadhi courts) in the constitution.


  • For Muslim-background believers who are most pressurized in Muslim-majority areas
  • For the future: the increase in Muslim youth receiving radical teachings is an indicator that in the next five to ten years Christians may face severe persecution
  • That Open Doors’ leadership training seminars will strengthen the church.

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  • Letasi

    I have been in Uganda for only one year but i experienced my faith in a new way.. God really touched my heart through simplicity. i have never noticed any persecution but i was shocked about the fact that bibles are incredible expensive and that therefore only a few christians got one.

    • casadaxx

      wow! sad!

  • claudia tolentino

    I prayed for Susan Ithungu, for Pastor Joseph Baluku and all the Christians in Uganda and in all persecuted places and countries that they stand strongly and grow stronger in their faith in the Lord JESUS. Bless them exceedingly Lord JESUS.

  • Barbara

    Lord Jesus, I pray for Susan. Give her wisdom and strength, peace and healing. I pray for all the Christians in Uganda. Help them, Lord to go deeper in their faith, stand for you, and have wisdom and guidance to know how to face opposition with your Spirit. Father, seek out hungry hearts of those who don’t know you. Lead them to where they can find you. In Jesus name, Amen

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of the nation of Uganda and the believers there who are being persecuted. I pray in Jesus’ name that firstly You would guard and protect and comfort Susan. I pray that You would truly be her peace and her joy and her strong tower as she recovers from the abuse that she suffered from her father. I pray that her faith would be strengthened and not weakened because of this experience. I ask in Jesus’ name that You would lead her on the path that You have for her – to have an amazing future filled with blessing and joy. Keep and protect her, Lord, and please renew her mind so that she is able to see You clearly and keep her focus despite the anxiety and fear and sadness that would seek to pull her away.
    I pray also for all MBBs who are [as usual] the ones experiencing the most pressure and the most persecution. Lord, You alone know what they need – whether it’s financial provision or protection or fellowship or healing. I pray that You would visit every single MBB today in Uganda and minister grace and healing to them. I pray that You would help them to remain strong in their faith even when the pressure is so strong all around them. I pray that You would lead these MBBs into families – that when their own families deserted them, they could find refuge in Your family of believers all over the nation.
    I pray in Jesus’ name for the youth and young adults in Uganda. You see what’s happening and the war that is being waged against them by the Mslm extremists. You alone have the power to stop this wave and to raise up on-fire evangelists from this group of youth who will challenge it. I ask that You would give them zeal AND knowledge so that they can be wise but also be bold. I ask that You would cause revival to sweep over the youth and young adults of Uganda and that they would be burdened with a passion to keep Christianity in Uganda alive.

    I pray for the work of Open Doors in Uganda, especially the training seminars that are held. I pray in Jesus’ name that these seminars would be beneficial and spiritually edifying to all who come. I ask that they would help to keep false doctrine out of the teachings of the Ugandan church. I ask that they would be equipped with all of the financial resources and personnel that are needed in order to keep the work going, and that You would give wisdom to the leadership and the teachers of these seminars so that they would know each day how to proceed. I ask all of these things in Jesus’ name, amen.

    That Open Doors’ leadership training seminars will strengthen the church.