Flag of Uzbekistan Rank: 15
Score: 68/100
2013 Rank: 16
Leader: President Islam Karimov
Government: Authoritarian republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 28.7 million (210,000 Christians)
Source of persecution: Dictatorial paranoia

Christian Persecution in UzbekistanThe state heavily controls religion in Uzbekistan. The Russian Orthodox Church has a degree of freedom, but Protestants are branded as ‘extremists’ who need to be controlled, and even eliminated. Church services are in constant danger of disruption, and members face harassment and arrests for holding private prayer meetings or possessing ‘illegal religious literature’. Sharofat Allamova was sentenced to one-and-a-half years of ‘corrective labor’ in April 2013 for handing out copies of the New Testament and DVDs of the Jesus film.


  • For Uzbek brothers and sisters who are detained, fined, and even beaten for owning Christian materials
  • For long-term prisoner Tohar Haydarov, imprisoned in 2010 for ten years
  • For wisdom for Open Doors workers and partners as they strengthen the church through livelihood training and spiritual encouragement.

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  • Herb Hauls

    Praying for this country’s requests

  • Kathleen Chiles

    May GOD bless HIS believers everywhere and show them HIS love. Let them know that we who love HIM also love them and pray for them to be strong in their faith.

  • Felicity

    May you know that the will of God will never lead you where His grace will not sustain you. May you know His peace in all your circumstances and may those who persecute you come to know the risen Christ through your witness. Felicity

  • Grace Kim

    Dear God,
    I praise you for the mighty work you have started in Uzbekistan. I pray You continue to use these people Lord, empower them with your blessings and grace as they go through these situations. It is so admirable and such a honor to see and be praying for believers in the world who suffer for Christ. I pray you pour out your blessings among the people in Uzbekistan. Show them your love for them, let them turn to the truth, and have the full healing through your presence. Lord, heal the believers who are suffering for Your names sake. Heal every bone in their body, replenish them and comfort them. Give them strength and courage to continue on the difficult journey, and give them joy to go throughout their days with a peace of mind and heart. May your love be seen through these people that others whether it be guards or onlookers see the hearts and love of Jesus, and be so crazy and want what that same love in their lives. I ask Holy Spirit come into them and touch the cold hearts who are in need of you. Continue to use Your soldiers and may the work of Christ be ongoing until the day Christ comes back! May justice be served in Your timing, and bless all those who suffer in Your name.
    In Jesus name, Amen.

  • Kevin McMahan

    It’s one thing to read that “God is in control.” It’s another to believe it. And it’s quite another to experience it. So thankful that God saw fit to give us new hearts and to send His Living Spirit to make a garden in the heart of every believer. Praying for those who are advancing the Kingdom where faith costs the most.

  • William Dlubak

    I pray to YHVH in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach’s name, Abba, I pray that all Yeshua’s sheep recieve your beloved Word. I pray that they hold firm in thier belief. I pray You give them the strength to endure all the attacks from the enemy. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Amen.

  • Eve Williamson

    My heart is so burdened for these people…I am praying for God’s intervention on their behalf–for protection, for the freedom to worship, for boldness to witness, for leader’s hearts to be softened toward the gospel and for them to experience God’s love and presence wherever they may be.

    God bless each one of you.
    Jeremiah 29:11

  • Gordon Cotter

    Glorify Your name,Lord!!!

  • Amy

    Lord, today I pray for Uzbek Christians everywhere like the woman on the video. I thank You that they are not turning from You when things get difficult and that they are determined to keep their faith in You despite obstacles and challenges and persecution. I pray that You would strengthened and empower every Christian in Uzbekistan today – help them to keep their focus on eternity when their present is extremely difficult. It sounds so easy to say but I know that in reality it is extremely hard when emotions are involved. I ask that You would be Lord over their emotions and their grief and their pain… help them not to hide those emotions but to submit them to You and trust that You will work through them and in spite of them. Please continue to give them courage and encouragement as they serve You in such difficult circumstances. Please provide everything that they need in every aspect of their lives.
    I also pray for Your strategic wisdom for church leaders and overseers, especially concerning the area of getting believers together to worship in larger settings. This is difficult but not impossible with You and I know that these Christians can use so much encouragement and need to be with one another. Please help these groups of believers to find ways to interact with one another and gather together so that they can sharpen and mutually encourage one another.
    I join my prayers with those around the globe praying for Tohar Haydarov. I pray in the name of Jesus for his release and for justice to be done. I ask that You would strengthen him and keep him in prison until the moment that You have ordained for his release. I know that You have a plan for this situation as terrible as it may seem. Please help his family members and those who love him… I can’t imagine their grief and pain and only You can comfort them and help them. Please have mercy on this entire situation and allow Your love and the fact that You are in control just to be so tangible to everyone involved in this situation – from Tohar to his family members to those working on his case. Please do what only You can do in each heart and each mind and each body. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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