Flag of Yemen Rank: 10
Score: 74/100
2013 Rank: 09
Leader: President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi
Government: Republic
Main Religion: Islam
Population: 27.2 million (a few thousand Christians)
Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Christian Persecution in YemenThere is some religious freedom for foreigners here, but evangelism is prohibited, and Yemenis who leave Islam may face the death penalty. Muslim-background believers are forced to meet in secret. If their faith is discovered, they face severe persecution from authorities, family, and extremist groups who threaten ‘apostates’ with death if they do not recant. Insecurity caused by Islamist movements makes Yemen very unstable. Christians are believed to be under surveillance by extremists, and ex-pat Christians can be a specific target for these extremist groups.


  • The number of local believers is estimated at just a few hundred. Ask the Lord to encourage them and increase their numbers.
  • Several ex-pat Christians have been kidnapped in recent years. Pray for protection for foreign Christian workers and NGO’s.
  • Al-Qaeda-linked groups are gaining more power. Pray that Yemen’s leaders will be able to restore peace to this deeply divided country.

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  • E Rowena Allen

    Lord Jesus work miracles in the country of Yemen. Pull down strongholds of satan and bring salvation by Jesus Chris to leaders and inhabitants.Protect your children and give peace. Improve living standards and literacy. Bless the nation and protect those Christians that remain.


      AMEN! I AGREE!!

  • William Dlubak

    May the truth enter the hearts of those in Yemen who deny our Lord and Saviour. I pray that our Brothers and Sisters in Christ find strength and inner peace. I pray for their safety and protection in dealing with this brutal regime who keeps others from finding salvation in Yeshua who is the Way, the Truth and the Life…In Yeshua Ha’Mashiach’s name I pray.Amen.

  • Kevin McMahan

    Thanking God for the limited freedom of foreigners to live out their Christian faith. Asking God to use their lives as witnesses and as encouragers for background believers.

  • Kymberly Parker

    Oh, Savior, more than anything, I pray that the believers in Yemen, know they are not alone. Help them know they stand amidst a ‘great cloud of witnesses’ and these witnesses are not just of history, but are NOW. Oh, Jesus give them strength and endurance.

    Lord God of Heaven and earth, we come to you in Your wonderful name of power, JESUS, praying for believers in Yemem, for Comfort, for a true knowledge that YOU walk beside them and are TRUE, eternally.
    Be Thou God, Lord, Savior, Healer and Comfort and Companion for them. In JESUS name, amen.

  • Patti

    Father God, be with your remnant! Send your holy angels to help fight the battle! Tear down strongholds! Remove spiritual veils and blindness! Help your children to bind demons and cast them out. Convince your church of the authority they have in Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior and the love, mercy and grace that You alone offer. Give them peace in their hearts. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen!

  • Rosebud

    Father, I pray in the Mighty and powerful name of Jesus that you tear down strongholds and every high thing that exalteth itself against the power of God. Help these believers to stand strong against severe adversity and provide for them a place to meet regularly. Show yourself strong Lord – provide ways where there are visibly no ways. Meet seemingly impossible needs for those who profess faith in Yeshua and draw many more to yourself for your greater honor and glory. Praising you for answered prayer. AMEN

  • Amy

    Lord, tonight I come before You to lift up the country of Yemen. I want to lift up every single believer in this nation who is struggling with isolation, a lack of provision, persecution or fear. I pray that You would strengthen each of them. I ask that You would be their provider. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be them – but I know that Your grace is always sufficient. Please strengthen them today… give them wisdom where it is needed… please find a way for those believers who are isolated to have fellowship – even if You have to send angels. I pray that You would somehow connect the body of believers all over Yemen. Lead them to one another in a safe way, as I know that You desire for us to be able to live in community. Thank You for Your amazing grace that You have extended to each believer – and that You will never leave them alone or abandon them.
    I pray that the vocational training that Open Doors provides and supports will be a help to those believers who are having a hard time making ends meet. I pray that You would continue to use that program to strengthen and provide much-needed opportunity for these believers who are struggling so much.
    I also pray for peace in this nation. You see the suicide bombings and other attacks that are taking place due to political dissent… You are the Prince of Peace and You are able to provide peace even in this unstable nation. Turn the hearts of those who are wrong or who are just trying to stir up dissent.
    I also pray against the advance of Shari’a law in this nation. I pray that You would help the government to choose laws and policies that are best for the Yemeni people – not to further some ideology or political agenda.

    I pray especially for the North of Yemen where churches are banned. I know that no law can prevent Your gospel from being spread – so I pray that You would help believers to find creative ways to share the gospel with others. Bless and protect the country of Yemen, in Jesus’ name, amen.

    Suicide bomb attacks killed over 100 in 2012. Pray for peace in this deeply divided country.

  • Wangari Kibe

    Great and Almighty God, our Father, we join together with our brothers and sisters in Yemen asking for peace in Yemen. We pray that the believers in Yemen would stand strong in You and know that You are right there with them, as You always are with all of us, dear Lord. Thank You for the wonderful plan that You have over all the lives of Your children. Lord Jesus, we worship You. You are Lord over all. You are Lord and King over our hearts. Thank You Great God that You hear us when we call upon Your name!
    And now God, nothing is difficult or impossible for You! Lord Jesus, we trust and believe in You. We love You and we wait for You. In Your name we pray, AMEN.

  • Misty Sundbeck Gallahan

    Lord, I thank You for Your church in Yemen! Lord, I cannot imagine the isolation and persecution these people face. I pray that these believers will somehow and someway be able to fellowship to encourage and comfort one another. Lord, I pray that Muslim background believers will someday be able to worship You freely in this country. Lord, I also pray for Open Doors who offer training programs. I pray that they would be a source of strength and encouragement for the believers. I pray that You would advance this ministry in Yemen. I also pray that the country can overcome its severe division. Please allow a way for peace to come for all members of this country. Lord, Please pour out Your Spirit on this land! In Jesus’s Holy and Sweet Name, Amen!!!!!!!

  • Phillip

    LORD God Almighty, our Father in Heaven. You are LORD of all creation and can do all things. You have told us in Your Word when one member of the Body Of Christ suffers we all suffer so I lift up my brothers and sisters in Yemen to You in prayer. LORD protect and sustain them. Give them courage and perseverance to lift by faith where their is so much darkness. LORD strengthen them to be Your witnesses to a land that does not know You. Open the door so the believers can worship together and encourage each other so Your great Name can be proclaimed throughout the land. Fot it is Your desire for all the people to know You and turn to You and be saved by faith in Jesus. Help us to be faithful in standing alongside of our brothers and sisters and to never forget them. It is for Your praise, glory and honor. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

  • Kathryn McClatchy

    Heavenly Father, I thank you for your children in Yemen. Please let them know they are not alone, and that they are loved and prayed for. Please give them peace, safety, and the encouragement they need. You are Jehovah-jireh, and I thank you for supplying the needs of my brothers and sisters in Yemen. In Jesus’ name, amen

  • Katya Pledger

    God you are Lord Almighty, the Great I Am, our Redeemer our King. God I pray for the believers in Yemen to have chances to share their faith and I pray many hearts and lives will be changed by You alone. Lord for the instability that you would give peace to that nation and would give protection to those few who believe in you. I Praise You for what you are doing in Yemen and throughout the world. May Your name be glorified through it all. Amen.

  • S.K.

    I pray, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that the extreme persecution in Yemen and other countries such as North Korea will end now and forever. May the strength, mercy and peace of the Lord bless the persecuted Christians and other minorities in these countries. May they be encouraged to continue witnessing for the Lord, regardless of their circumstances, in complete confidence that He hears their cries of desperation! May the Lord grant them deliverance and freedom from captivity, as well as the abundant life in Him!

  • Carol dugger

    God our Father please strengthen and encourage the hearts of these precious Christians today. Help them to stand strong in their faith and witness. Send your angels ton guard over and protect them and those who serve them in Your name. Oh God let your light shine out in this dark place through the presence and testimony of these saints. Thank you Father that you have a witness even in this country and may it increase day by day. Thank you and in Jesus name I pray. Amen

  • Abigail Renee

    Give the believers there a joy and freedom in Christ, and perfect love which casts out fear. May they have a perfect peace and confidence in God, who will defend their cause, and who has great compassion on those who have not seen the light. May they share with boldness, even to their persecutors, and see God working miracles in the hardest of hearts, and growing the Church by His mighty and outstretched hand.

  • Brian

    Father, I praise you for the spreading of Your Word in Yemen! May Your name be praised no matter what the circumstance! Be with those whose homes have been torn because of war, and bless them with Your comfort, Holy Spirit. Give strength to my brothers and sisters under watch and persecution as they endure for your glory! Would you persevere them and gird them with truth and righteousness! Increase the numbers of brothers and sisters daily by your power! I pray also that your grace, love, and mercy be evident in the lives of your followers, especially toward those who are doing the persecuting. May they see Jesus in the eyes of the ones they kidnap, torture, imprison, and kill. Speak to them in dreams and visions and draw them to your heart! Your name be praised! Amen.

  • Amy

    Lord, I come to You this morning on behalf of the nation of Yemen. And as always, I first just thank You for how much you love the Yemeni people. I thank You that You have put it on the hearts of Open Doors and of people around the world to lift up this nation in prayer before You this week. I thank You for giving Your life so that every Yemeni could come into a relationship with You and that their sins could be forgiven by what You did on the cross.
    I want to pray this morning first for the believers in Yemen. They are so few, they suffer so much and they have very little opportunity to meet and to be encouraged. I ask that You would strengthen them today and that You, as the great I AM, would provide every single need that they have. Whether it’s fellowship or finances or healing in their bodies or minds – I ask that You would grant it to them. I pray that somehow You would create opportunities for these believers to meet and to be encouraged and strengthened by one another… even if it must be in secret. Please encourage them and help them not to give up even though they are living in extremely difficult circumstances.
    I also pray specifically for the ex-pat Christians who are believed to have been kidnapped. Lord, I’m asking first that if they are still alive that You would allow them to escape or be released. And I also pray for protection for foreign Christian workers and anyone who is in Yemen to try to spread the gospel. Give them wisdom and discernment in where to go and where not to go, when to speak and when to be silent, and who to trust. They need Your supernatural discernment in order for a work to be done in this nation – so please grant it to them in Jesus’ name.
    I also pray for PEACE over the nation of Yemen. I ask that that the Prince of Peace would come and would put a stop to al-Qaeda and any other groups that are seeking to bring fear and terror into Yemen. I pray that You would give wisdom to the government and the choices that they make to prevent terror from reigning. I ask that You would diminish the influence of terrorist groups and that You would bring TRUE democracy to Yemen so that the people can live without the bondage of fear.
    Finally, I pray for a revival in Yemen and that so many more Yemenis and even foreigners would come to know You as Lord and Savior. Help those who are believers to be bold and wise in terms of their witness to others and help them to be creative in their methods. I ask that You would please speak to the Yemenis and give them dreams and visions and opportunities to read Scripture so that they can be drawn to You. Thank You for all of these things – for hearing our prayers and responding and moving in the nation of Yemen. In Jesus’ name I ask all of this, amen.

  • Diego Mota

    Today will be praying for this country

  • Pedro Robalo

    Hello, I’d like to donate, but first I have questions, how may I reach someone that will tell me all the specifics about the support provided?